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Holiday Clutter

Don’t let the holidays stress you out!

We all love the holiday season. Family we haven’t seen in a while, the decorations we put up with care, the delicious foods, it’s both joyful and triumphant. We cook and bake ourselves into a wonderful holiday frenzy. Days are spent shopping and thinking of our loved ones. Evenings are spent watching our favorite movies, attending parties and sipping eggnog and champagne.  It’s fun but exhausting and stressful.

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When the dust settles and the seemingly endless parade of holiday visitors leave, we find ourselves in a post apocalyptic size mess. Empty bank accounts, refrigerators, and pantries now replaced with, full credit card statements, mounds of trash.


Well, not this year. Here are some great tips to keep you sane:

1. Stick to a Budget – It’s really not the amount you spend on someone, it’s the thought. Don’t overextend yourself and regret it later.


2. Toss the Junk: Holiday decorating often involves rearranging the house. Make sure you organize and store items properly or you will get claustrophobic. Clean every day. A little tedious but with busy schedules it’s so much easier to pick up every morning before you leave for work, rather than waiting until the house is a chaotic mess. Get rid of the junk! Nothing will make you grumpier than going into every room of the house and seeing clutter. If you don’t need it, toss it.


3. Organize the Kitchen: Cleaning your fridge and pantry before the Holidays will help you stock up on real food, not just snacks and processed foods.


4. Get Some Sun: Some people suffer from depression due to a lack of sunlight. It may be cold outside but on sunny days go for a walk, or do an outside activity. It will help take a minute to breathe and de-stress, while getting some much needed Vitamin D.


5. Post holiday-pocalypse clean up: If you are just too tired to deal with it let Junk King help get the bulk of it out of the way by removing your christmas tree, and clutter. 


Have a safe and Happy Holidays. Remember if you drink, don’t drive.

From your friends at Junk King in Fairfax

Green is a Great American Tradition

In the 1920s, 70% of cities in the United States ran recycling programs – just good economic sense for households.  During World War II, industry recycled and reused about 25% of the waste stream, everything from steel to nylon stockings.

Recycling fell on hard times after the War.  By 1960 only 7% of households recycled.

But now, we are returning to wisdom of the ages – Waste not, want not. By 1990, 17% of households recycled, and today more than 30% of households recycle.

Junk King is doing its part to keep tradition alive.  We have achieved a 92% recycle rate.