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Where To Find Great Antiques

On the reality show, “American Pickers” a team of collectors literally drive across the country to meet other collectors and “pick” from those collections. They have a business that sells all types of antiques so this is a great way for them to stock up on inventory. However, there is nothing stopping you from doing the exact same thing. All across Texas, there are folks who have spent a live time collecting stuff and, in many cases, they’re eager to get rid of it for a price. Here’s where you can find great antiques.


Small Towns

Despite the friendly nature of the residents, Fort Worth isn’t a small town. But there are plenty of these kinds of towns stretching across the state. At any one of these towns, you’re sure to find a thrift shop or some other store selling antiques. You might even stumble upon one of those local collectors. Just stop in the diner and ask the waitress. She’ll know what’s going on.


Craigslist has become a terrific source for selling everything from comic books to cars. It is worth scanning through the list not only for the Dallas/Fort Worth area but also the surrounding communities that you could drive to. Most people on Craigslist are running a business. They’re just eager to get rid of something. As long as you have the cash and the truck, you can probably make a deal.

Yard Sales

To be an effective yard sale shopper, it means getting up early to make the rounds. The day before you will probably find out where the yard sales are taking place on Craigslist (again!). Map out your routes. If you’re looking for bigger pieces, then you’ll know rights away whether a sale is worth stopping in. Of course, it doesn’t take long to go through any yard full of stuff.

Scoring an antique is always fun but it means having room for it back in your house. This is where Junk King Fort Worth can help. They’ll send over their own big truck and moving crew to help you get rid of all kinds of unwanted stuff that have lost their value. You can always count on Junk King Fort Worth to help make room in your home for more prized antiques.

Reliable Trash Removal In Fort Worth

One of the most important things to find out about a new neighborhood is what day is trash pickup. Missing trash pickup for a day is manageable and happens whenever there is a holiday. However, if you miss it for a week, then things can really pile up. Fortunately, most residents are good about getting the trashcans down to the curb. But there are times when even the trashcans can’t get the job done. You certainly can’t put a recliner in the trashcan. It’s not the place for a television set or microwave. When you need that kind of trash removal, you can always rely on Junk King Fort Worth.


Junk King has been in the trash removal business for over twelve years. They’re approach to every job is the same: They’re going to do all the work. That means any object you want to get rid of, regardless of size or weight, doesn’t have to be moved one inch by you. The two manned moving crew who will be assigned to you trash removal session will pick it right up from the spot. They’ll also be able to dismantle any item that might be too bulky to get out of the front door. This is a crew that is not going to leave any junk item behind!

The trash removal work that Junk King can provide also extends to your yards. The Junk King crews can do some fantastic yard debris clearing of items like old grills, lawnmowers, patio furniture and playground sets. Think of how much better your property will look after all that rubbish is cleared away.

Everything that is collected by Junk King will eventually get sorted back at the Junk King depot. The crews will be separating junk into piles that can go to a recycling center or a charity. This is an added benefit of hiring Junk King. You don’t have to decide what can be recycled. The Junk King crews will handle that from start to finish.

When you need reliable trash removal from the inside or outside of your home, you can always count on Junk King Fort Worth to get the job done.

The Items Companies Will Take When You Rent a Trash Dumpster in Fort Worth

When you kick off any Fort Worth project that will require you to throw away a large amount of junk before, during, or after, finding a way to get rid of it all is often a top priority. When you have more than a regular garbage can (or several) can handle, choosing to rent a trash dumpster is a smart and increasingly popular option for the versatility it provides. When you can simply throw everything that requires disposal into a rented dumpster, your focus remains on finishing your project and not on the logistical question of “Where do I put all this garbage?”

There is one caveat, though — not everything is acceptable for disposal with a dumpster. While you can part with a great many things through this method, there are some restrictions to consider. These rules are in place for a variety of reasons, from protecting rental company workers from hazardous materials to avoiding contamination of recyclable items. While every single item you have to dispose of may not be able to go into a dumpster, there are still plenty of other items which are perfectly acceptable to discard this way. What are they? Let’s look at answering that question first.

What items you can safely expect to throw away

Rent a Trash Dumpster The good news: when you rent a dumpster, you can typically throw almost anything into it for disposal. There are some restrictions (outlined below), of course, but all the most common items are completely acceptable. For example, consider the case of a home renovation job. This kind of project could generate a lot of different kinds of garbage: broken drywall, old framing, electrical wiring, and old appliances aren’t uncommon products of a reno. All of this is safe to throw away — even the kitchen sink!

What if you’re clearing out old items to make way for new and improved up-to-date items? Feel free to use your rental dumpster to throw away old carpeting, mattresses, bulky furniture, and appliances. While you’re at it, you could clean up the exterior of the home, too. Toss lawn furniture in alongside tree limbs, grass clippings, and more. It’s all acceptable and easy to dispose of this way. Be aware, though, that some items, such as televisions, computers, and other electronic devices are considered to be “e-waste.” Some dumpster companies accept e-waste, while others will not. It’s always best to check before you rent.

Materials that shouldn’t go into the dumpster

While most companies will accept a wide range of items, practically none will accept items deemed to be “hazardous waste.” E-waste does not typically fall into this category because it does not usually contain toxic components that could harm people or the environment. Some materials, though, require special handling to dispose of them safely. Items such as fluorescent light tubes, motor oil, heavy-duty solvents, and other, similar items would all fall into the category of hazardous waste. If it has the potential to hurt you, it’s probably in this category.

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There are other criteria for judging hazardous waste as well. Items which are flammable or toxic by nature may not be thrown away in a rental. Lithium-ion batteries, for example, as well as old car batteries, pose serious risks if mishandled during disposal. While most construction waste is okay, oil-based paints and wood varnishes are not. If you aren’t sure if something you have would qualify as hazardous, it is a good idea to ask the provider you intend to use about their waste policies and your item.

Where does the waste go after you rent a trash dumpster?

Dumpster companies typically prohibit hazardous waste because it poses an obvious potential danger to employees, but there are other reasons, too. Hazardous waste, if left uncontained and thrown into a dumpster with non-hazardous items, could contaminate all the contents. Contamination is difficult to clean up, but it also means the loss of items that might still have had value further down the line. Why does it matter?

If you choose to partner with an eco-friendly dumpster rental company, you can trust that you aren’t sending everything you discard straight to a dump. Of the more than 200 million tons of garbage thrown away in the United States every year, a huge portion goes to landfills. It not only consumes a lot of space but has a measurable impact on the environment too. Green dumpster companies emphasize recovering reusable materials from refuse. After you have the rental hauled away, these businesses dump out the trash in their own facilities to pick and choose what can be recycled. Only unusable items and otherwise biodegradable garbage (such as yard trimmings) will go on to a typical landfill.

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That doesn’t mean you have to carefully separate items before they go into your rental. So long as you keep in mind what counts as hazardous waste, you can focus on the project and not on second-guessing what you discard. Meanwhile, you can enjoy knowing that you’re doing your part to help protect the planet from unnecessary harm.

Choosing a provider to haul away your junk

After developing a sense of what you can and cannot throw away when you rent a trash dumpster, you may decide this is, in fact, the right option for your project. What are the next steps to take? Choosing a rental company is an important step. After giving some thought to what trash your efforts will generate, the first step is to look for a company that accepts everything you intend to put in the dumpster. Remember that some companies will accept e-waste, but not all will. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call to ask about a specific item’s acceptability if you have concerns.

Pricing should be the next consideration to come into play. While some companies rent their dumpsters out based on a flat fee, this may not be the most cost-effective choice. The same is true for charging based on the weight of the garbage. Do you feel it’s unlikely that you’ll use the entire volume of your rental, or do you need a smaller dumpster that fits in your work area? What if you’re discarding very heavy items such as an oven refrigerator? It’s easy to see how the costs could add up rapidly.

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A more flexible approach to dumpster pricing based around the space you use can be kinder to your bank account. When you’ve got a budget to stick to, this approach to pricing has several advantages. Other rate schemes may be higher than volume-based pricing in some cases. If your project takes an unexpected turn and you throw away more than expected, charges based on weight can balloon, too. Choose the option that works best for your budget and project with these things in mind.

Start your cleanup project soon with an affordable rental

If you keep in mind the broad categories of items that should not go into a dumpster for disposal, it’s easy to avoid tossing anything unacceptable. Of course, for most projects, this won’t be a concern at all — practically all the most common items disposed of in residential junk removal projects are acceptable. From old appliances to drywall and yard waste, it all goes. Before you rent a trash dumpster, be sure to ask the rental company you choose about their list of unacceptable items. With proper planning and a bit of care in this area, your project can proceed smoothly and without disruption.

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