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Monthly Archives:

Escondido Concrete Disposal and Recycling

old concrete disposalGood news for the TC Construction company. Last week, the Escondido City Council awarded them a contract worth over a million bucks to repave some public sidewalks. With a million dollars you could certainly buy a lot of cement. What kind of shape are your sidewalks and driveways in. Sure, we own our driveways and have to keep them up but what about the sidewalks in front of your home? Many folks don’t realize that some of their property lines extend to the street. That means you’re in charge of your sidewalks. Are they cracked? Have tree roots caused them to buckle? It might be time to repave your sidewalks and this could be a perfect DIY project.

There are plenty of helpful guides all across the Internet which can help you repave your sidewalk. If it is a small stretch of cement, you could get away with mixing concrete in large bin or wheelbarrow. For bigger amounts, you could rent your own small cement mixer. All it takes is the mix and some water. It’s not that complicated. Of course you have to tear up that old concrete first. Once again you can rent a jackhammer to get the job done. As far as tossing out the concrete chunks you’ll want to give Junk King North San Diego a call. You’re not going to be able to throw away that cement in your trash because of weight restrictions. There are none of those kinds of restrictions with Junk King. Whatever you want to throw out, Junk King will be happy to take off your hands.

Along with those chunks of concrete, Junk King can also help you get rid of anything else in your yard like a swing set, BBQ grill, patio furniture, tree branches and shrubs. If you’re digging up lawn or tilling soil all of that can be put on the back of the Junk King San Diego truck as well.

That same Junk King crew that is cleaning out your yard doesn’t have to stop there. They can also go through your home where you can tell them to take out old furniture, broken appliances, outdated e-waste and boxes of rubbish. Once you get Junk King North San Diego started there will be no stopping them!

After everything is loaded up on the back of the truck, the crew will be heading out to a recycling center. Yes, even your old concrete can be recycled and reused. In fact, the new cement you’re using could have been made from somebody else’s sidewalk. Junk King will do whatever it takes to make sure your junk is disposed of in the greenest way possible. They’ve got a really good eco-friendly track record. That’s good news for Escondido and for you!

San Diego Hoarding Clean Up Help

A new phenomenon is cropping up with retirees that has medical professionals on alert. This is called “late life hoarding” and it is on the rise as the number of baby boomers hit their golden years. Upon retirement there are some folks who don’t know how to enjoy time off. Too much of their lives were dedicated to work. Without that they are looking for other ways to fill up their daily routines. This is where hoarding comes into play. What might have started out as a harmless collection soon becomes piles of junk that make living conditions unbearable.

Of course, that is an extreme scenario. Most of us hold onto things simply because we have no way of getting rid of certain items. The major difference between a diagnosed hoarder and everyone else is that willingness to throw something away. Before you cross over into the “red zone” of hoarding, let Junk King San Diego help clean up your home.

Every time Junk King shows up for an appointment they arrive with at least a two man crew. If the job warrants it, there might be even more team members. That has certainly happened here in San Diego with a few foreclosure clean out jobs where entire homes full of garbage and furnishes were cleaned out in a matter of hours. Most Junk King removal calls for those two person crews. They are extremely capable of lifting even the heaviest of objects like couches, stoves and fridges.

All of the junk that is removed from your home will fit neatly onto the back of the Junk King truck. This is another huge “plus” for hiring Junk King San Diego. You’ll have a truck to fill up that you don’t have to rent or drive to a landfill. That’s going to save you a whole lot of time and money.

There is no limit to what you can throw out. Since setting up operation here in San Diego, Junk King has already removed tons of unwanted rubbish from homes and businesses. Most of that junk ends up getting recycled. That’s good news for you if you’re concerned about reducing your carbon footprint. You don’t have to decide what gets recycled or not. The Junk King crew knows how to sort through all your stuff.

When you ready to get rid of your junk, give Junk King a call. You can prove you won’t turn into a hoarder by keeping your home free of clutter. It’s very easy when you’ve got Junk King on your side.

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