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Our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal Hoarding Overview

In the years that we’ve been in business, our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal teams have seen lots of offices that get cluttered up. Through no fault of their own, people save things that are better thrown away. Sometimes these are items they have emotional attachments to. Other times they just put an item in a basement or garage and forget they’ve left it there.

Then there are the folks we help who hoard. These people have a psychological issue that’s even categorized in the American Psychiatric Association’s Manual. We always wish each of our clients the very best. When we come across somebody who is hoarding in their home or office, our job is to clear their space and hope they recover.

Here are some things our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal team has uncovered about hoarding.

• People who hoard are often unaware of the emotional as well as financial consequences. What’s more, after several years of cluttering up areas in their homes or offices, these spaces become unusable. If you think you might have this issue, we suggest that you get the help you need.

• If you’re thinking about decluttering your space, it’s a good idea to start out slow. Getting rid of many items at once can cause anxiety and unrest. It’s better to go through a room or closet each week until you adjust.

One of the other things that can make decluttering easier is making a decision to get rid of or keep each item as you come across it. Telling yourself that you’ll put things aside until you make a decision in the future is counterproductive. We’ve been helping people out with our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal services for years. This idea always helps to move things along.

We are always available to help every one of our valuable clients. For us, a clean new space that brightens up your day is a job well done for us.

Here’s an excellent tip about collections that we thought you might be able to use. If you’ve been putting together groupings of things for years, there’s an easy way to de-clutter and save the best. Choose one or two to frame or put on a mantle. The rest can be recycled, donated or given to our Junk King San Diego North – Junk Removal team for disposal.

Encinitas Junk Removal

‘Tis the season for giving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun while donating. This year, the Santa Cause will be held in downtown Encinitas. Yes, that is “Cause” as in a “good cause.” In this case, all the proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego. What is the Encinitas Santa Cause event? That would be a pub-crawl where you’ll be encouraged to dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Kringle. The event kickoffs at 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon with subsequent stops at five bars. There will be snacks and a raffle plus plenty of good cheer. This is just one of the many ways the folks of Encinitas celebrate the holidays.

Another holiday tradition is to invite your “cold friends” in for a visit. These would be those suffering folks from back east who must face a blustery winter. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring them out for a sunny Christmas? If you need to make room have no fear. The hardworking Junk King San Diego crews are standing by to help you clear out your home.

With the help of Junk King, you can take the room you’ve been using for storage and have it cleaned up in a snap. The Junk King crew can haul away the old sporting equipment or ratty sofa you’ve been keeping in that back room. If you need to swap out a mattress, Junk King can take that away as well. Once the room is empty, you can bring in new furniture or a sofa-bed that will take care of your out of town guests.

Maybe you’ve got the guest room already fixed up. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any more clutter around your home that could be tossed out. Whatever won’t fit into your garbage will certainly fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. Why not let the Junk King crew sweep through your garage to remove all the rubbish? They can also do a tour around your front and back yard picking up whatever needs to be tossed out. Even something like an old wood shed, clothesline or busted fence can be loaded onto the Junk King truck.

From start to finish, the Junk King crew will be at your home in less time than it takes to bake a tray of cookies. You’ll need to call Junk King San Diego to set up your appointment and you won’t be waiting long to get rid of your junk.



Junk Hauling Oceanside CA

Did you know that by the year 2020 California is supposed to have up to 75% of all trash diverted away from landfills? That’s according to a new law signed into effect by Governor Brown. However, there are some communities like Oceanside that are taking it a step further. The goal here is to be a zero trash zone. That means that everything that is collected by municipal workers is recycled, composted or reused. That’s a pretty tall order but it’s something that can be accomplished if everybody does their part.

As a result of this push to become a zero trash kind of community, many local businesses are getting into the act by stepping up their own recycling efforts. One company who is leading this charge is Junk King North San Diego. These are the junk removal specialists that are part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. Right now, every Junk King pick up is sorted and sifted through by the highly trained crew to determine what can be recycled or donated. As a result, Junk King is able to boost that up to 60% of everything that collect is diverted away from landfills. This puts them ahead of the state schedules and that’s good news for anyone in Oceanside CA who wants to get rid of junk and reduce the size of their carbon footprint.

We’ve all grown accustomed to recycling the little things like soda cans, water bottles, cereal boxes, newspapers and magazines. With Junk King’s help you don’t have to stop there. The big stuff can be recycled, too. We’re talking about things like your ancient sofa, your broken stove and even those flat tires. Junk King also has the hook up around town to recycle things like concrete, bricks, lumber, dirt, wood and metal scraps. Yes, they are very serious about keeping your home clear of clutter. They are equally serious about keeping Oceanside clean.

You might have noticed one of the big red Junk King trucks cruising the neighborhood. That’s the truck you’ll be able to fill up with all your stuff whether it’s junk from the inside of your home or from your yard. You’ll want to keep that Junk King San Diego number handy for when the winter storms start raging. This is the perfect company to call when you need help with picking up debris that might have been dumped into your yard. Junk will always pop up and that’s why Junk King will always be on the job. Give them a call today to find out how they can help with your next clean up assignment!

Junk Removal Oceanside CA

You’re never too young to start cleaning up your community. That’s the valuable lesson that was shared by a group of Oceanside’s Madison Middle School students during an “I Love A Clean San Diego’s Coastal Cleanup Days.” The kids were joined by their families and teacher on a recent Saturday morning to pick up trash along the Oceanside Pier. Actually, this is an event that the teacher, Carole Levin, participates in every year and she invites her students to tag along with her. Perhaps cleaning up the beach might inspire the kids to clean up their rooms. There’s always hope!

Like the Oceanside, CA beach cleanup, there are some cleanup jobs around the home that require extra help. This would be when you need to get rid of all those oversized items that are taking up way too much space. For a job like this, Junk King San Diego is the only call you should make. When it comes to junk hauling, Junk King San Diego’s teams are the pros. They’re part of a national franchise that has set the standards for customer service and an eco-friendly philosophy.

You’ll find that Junk King won’t keep you waiting. Considering your busy schedule that’s a huge benefit. When the crew shows up for the appointment, they’ll get right to work. This will mean picking up all your junk from the garage, closets, upstairs or any other place it might be kept. In a flash you can watch things like sofas, mattresses and kitchen appliances fly out the door and onto the Junk King truck. Yes, Junk King will also provide a truck big enough to haul away whatever you want tossed out. It’s all part of the complete removal package.

After the truck is loaded, the Junk King crew will be making their way to one of three drop off sites. They’ll either let your junk go at a recycling center, a charity or a landfill. Ultimately, they would like to avoid the landfill trip. If the crew thinks your old sofa could be refurbished they’ll see to it that is gets to a local charity that handles those kinds of jobs. As for the recycling, there are many facilities that handle large items like stoves, refrigerators and washing machines. You might not know where these places are located but they are part of the Junk King’s daily drop off routes.

When you are ready to get clear of the clutter in your home call Junk King San Diego. You might be able to take advantage of same day service. Imagine how happy you’ll be once all that junk is gone!


San Diego Moving and Junk Hauling

San Diego MovingIf you’re moving into a new home and you’ve got kids in tow it can be a bit of an upheaval for them no matter what age they are. One way to help is to turn the move into a kind of adventure for them. Perhaps the night before everyone can camp out on the living room floor. You can also let the kids step up and make decorating choices for their new room. If you don’t want them to pick a paint color then try some safe peel and stick decals. You should also make sure your cable will be hooked up and ready to go so everyone can settle in for a little relaxation around the TV.

Getting ready for the move will have packed boxes starting to pile up. You can cut way back on the amount you’re actually going to move by deciding to throw out your junk. After all, do you really want to bring broken or unused stuff into your brand new home? This is where a company like Junk King can be a big help. After you’ve decided what you’re keeping and what you’re throwing away, set up a removal appointment with Junk King North San Diego. They’ll show up at the appointed hour and make sure all that stuff is taken away.

Another option would be to simply pile up what you’re not taking in the garage or driveway. After the house is empty, you might discover other things you want Junk King San Diego to haul away. They can show up long after you’ve gone to do the driveway pick up and you don’t even have to be there!

Junk King wants to make it easy for you. That’s why they’ll work around your schedule. It can certainly be hectic the closer you get to the move. Junk King can reduce your stress level at the same time they reduce your junk. Best of all, you’ll be saving money when you can reduce what your other movers will be taking out and loading. With Junk King you’re only going to pay a single, flat fee based on the volume of space your junk takes up on the back of the Junk King truck. Everything is included in that fee and there won’t be any surprises at the end. The Junk King crews are also extremely fast workers. It might take you a few days to sort through everything but the JK crew can have it all loaded up in less than an hour. Make the right move with Junk King.

North San Diego Old TV Disposal

Recently, San Diego Self Storage (SDSS) teamed up with Recycle San Diego (RSD) to provide local residents with the opportunity to drop off all their e-waste for proper recycling. For seven days in May, the Self Storage facility in National City was open from 10 am to 5 pm and accepted anything with a plug.

Managing Member J. Terry Aston explained why this was so important for the area. “Heavy metals can leach into landfill soil and then into our underground water supply, causing severe and even life-threatening illnesses. TV’s and computer monitors use cathode ray tubes (CRTs), which contain a significant amount of lead, a highly toxic heavy metal. Printed circuit boards contain plastic and copper, and most have small amounts of chromium, lead solder, nickel and zinc. RSD’s primary goal is to reuse and re-purpose components before recycling.”

Usually events like this are held on a random Saturday morning. At least with this one you had an entire week to drop off your e-waste. If you missed the opportunity you don’t have to wait until next year. You can call Junk King North San Diego and arrange for all your e-waste to be picked up right from your home. That means your old TVs that have been replaced with flat screens can finally be tossed out. The same for the outdated computers you have in your closet or any video gear.

Do you even still have a VCR? When Junk King takes your e-waste they make sure it is dropped off at the right recycling facility. In fact, they do that for the vast majority of all the junk they collect. That means your furniture, scrap metal, wood and even dirt can all be repurposed and reused. Best of all you don’t have to do any of the sorting.

Even if it takes a few extra trips to hit all the right recycling centers, Junk King North San Diego is happy to oblige and it won’t cost you any extra. That’s because Junk King will charge you strictly based on how much space your junk will take up in their truck. Did we mention you get to fill up a truck with your junk? That is another bonus of hiring Junk King. Once your estimate has been determined, you won’t be charged any extras. In, out and nobody gets hurt!

Along with your old TV, Junk King can help clear out your backyard to get ready for summer or make room in your garage for your car! How can you put Junk King San Diego to work for you? Call them today to discuss your options.

San Diego Yard Waste Removal

When it comes to yard waste there is some stuff you might want to keep around. We’re talking about making compost. Kitchen scraps like eggshells, coffee grinds and other organic items can be tossed into a pile of dirt and allowed to “simmer.” Worms will work through the leftovers and turn it into compost. Don’t ask how, just accept that it works. That compost then becomes a wonderful soil additive for your garden. It’s totally organic and safe.

You might also want to think about planting flowers that are classified as “self-seeders.” These are the blooming flowers that drop seeds as they grow through their cycles and create even more plants. The more seeds that drop, the less chance of weeds cropping up. Look for self-seeders like marigolds, California poppies, black eye Susans and hollyhock. Plants like iris, daffodils and hostas grow better in clumps that can easily be divided and replanted anywhere else in your garden.

For anything that won’t be going into the compost pile, you might need to bring in the “big boys.” That would be Junk King San Diego. These are the junk hauling experts who know how to clean up a yard. Not only will they arrive with any tools like wheelbarrow, rakes or shovels they’ll also be showing up in a big truck. Unlike your own SUV you won’t have to worry about getting the Junk King truck dirty. In fact, if the truck doesn’t get dirty then the bosses know the job isn’t done yet!

Along with any of that yard waste, the same Junk King crew can assist in removing all the bulky items you’ve been stuck with. These are the things that are taking up valuable space in your garage or attic that need a truck to be taken away. The list of possible junk items is endless. Everything from a couch to a crib, from a pool table to a hot tub, from a grill to a fender can be hauled away by Junk King San Diego. This is really the best way to kick off the summer season. Once your yard waste is gone you can plan out your garden. Once the junk is gone from your home, you can take back that valuable space and put it to use as a home office or gym. Isn’t that better than having a mattress hanging around collecting mold and mildew? Give Junk King a call today and find out how fast they can help turn your home into a junk free zone.

North County San Diego Mattress Disposal

Having trouble sleeping? We’ve all been there. The real reason you might not be a morning person is because you haven’t gotten the proper rest the night before. And if you’re feeling worn out during the day then you really need to catch up with a good night’s sleep. Easier said than done? Not if you follow some of these helpful hints.

Most important is that you need to stick to a sleep schedule. This doesn’t mean you’ll be expected to hit the pillow and precisely 11 p.m. and fall directly asleep. However, you should go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including the weekends and holidays. Despite your best intentions, you have to train your body that “now is the time for sleep.” You can’t do that if you’re switching times up. Essentially you want to create a kind of bedtime ritual. Perhaps that means reading for a half an hour before drifting off or listening to soothing tunes or taking a shower. Being consistent with those rituals is another way to train your body to “switch off.”

You should be paying attention to what you’re eating and drinking at least several hours before you head off for slumber. The goal is not to go to bed overly hungry or stuffed. Those kinds of discomforts can keep you tossing and turning. The same can be said for drinking before drifting off. Waking up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom.

Once you’ve accomplished all of those tasks, the biggest challenge for a good night’s sleep is being physically comfortable. That means creating an environment that suits your needs. For some folks that means total darkness. A sleep mask is a good way to achieve that especially if you’re sharing the room with someone who is keeping the light on. You might even want to invest in some earplugs to block out any noise. Then there is the issue of your mattress. If you’ve been sleeping on the same bedding for the last five years (or longer!) then you’re long overdue for a new mattress.

This is one shopping trip you don’t want to rush through or make a purchase on an impulse. Your sleep is too important. When you go shopping, be sure to wear comfortable clothes because you should be spending several minutes trying out a mattress and don’t want to be “bulked up” with layers of clothes.

After picking out your new mattress, your next call should be to Junk King San Diego. These are the folks that are going to take the hassle out of mattress removal. They’ll provide the crew and the truck to get the job done. In that same trip the JK San Diego crew will also be able to remove any other oversized item you want to finally toss out. Don’t wait another day for a good night’s sleep or to get rid of your junk!

North County San Diego Junk Hauling

By the time you read this article we may have a new Super Bowl Champion.  Even though the Chargers are out of the running this year, many folks around the San Diego area will be hosting Super Bowl parties.   Between the action on the field and the fun commercials there is plenty to keep everyone entertained. Given the nature of the event it is almost inevitable that some kind of spill is going to go down. You can say the same for almost any gather of folks. For your next party, whether a football game is involved on not, you should consider some insightful cleanup tips.

For those spills, keep a spray spot remover handy for a quick spritz. You should also have a big garbage can and recycling bin standing by for easy access. As the party goes on, try applying the “clean as you go” philosophy. This is where you’ll do a circuit through the rooms every hour or so just to stay on top of any empty glasses or plates piling up. This doesn’t mean you’re cleaning up so folks will go home but just so you won’t have so much to do when the party does end.

Naturally, before any party can get under way you’ll want to make sure your home is free from clutter. Instead of taking hours out of your party prep why not hire Junk King North San Diego to do all the heavy lifting both figuratively and literally. Junk King is the junk removal specialist now proud to be operating out of North San Diego County. As the leading junk hauler for the community, Junk King takes a lot of pride in getting the job done right every time. When a Junk King crew shows up for the scheduled removal appointment don’t hesitate for one minute to put them to work. You can direct them to move any object from your home, garage or yard. If that item is extremely heavy don’t worry; the JK crew will handle that. If the item has to be taken apart the crew will take care of that as well.

Whatever you’re tossing out will then be loaded up on the truck and dispatched to its final destination. How Junk King gets rid of your junk is equally important as the pickup job itself. That’s because Junk King is going to do everything in their power to make sure your junk ends where it should whether that’s a certified recycling center or approved landfill. When it comes to junk hauling the only way to go is with Junk King San Diego.

For the best in San Diego Junk Hauling, call 1-800 -995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

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We are open for business starting in January 2013!  Be sure to check in for frequent updates and news about our affordable, efficient and eco-friendly junk hauling services for the Northern San Diego area, including Escondido, Carlsbad and Encinatas.  Also, be sure to check out our official San Diego Junk Removal webpage for more information.

We look forward to serving our community efficiently and professionally.  Happy New Year!

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