Why a junk removal company is a better option

Sometimes we tend to accumulate items we don’t need, such as old furniture, or other types of junk we think we may be able to get rid of on our own. Sometimes, we may come to the conclusion that getting rid of big junk type items maybe be a little bit over our head and we may seek for professional help.

So, we rounded up the top three reasons why employing a junk removal company is much better than the DIY approach of removing large amounts of junk.


Cleaning is one thing but getting rid of junk is another. Often, disposing of junk takes longer than the cleaning itself. To save time and energy, it is best to hire a junk removal company. This way, you can enjoy your clutter-free home without worrying about the junk outside the house.

Even hauling needs a systematic approach. A good junk removal company knows where to begin and how to end the hauling safely and fast. Unlike regular individuals, junk removal companies can calculate how much time they need to remove certain types of junk. A good junk removal company also knows how to organize junk and how to safely arrange all of it.

Ultimately, this saves time for both the customer and the company. A win-win situation!


Imagine throwing an entire library out the door and have nowhere to stack the books but your yard. Not only will your neighbors complain but you are also inviting pests into your homes.

Junk removal companies invest in equipment to make it easier to dispose of your items worry free. Whether it be by volume or by size, these companies will be pleased to take them off your hands.

There might also be heavy items that need lifting that will require the power of a machine. In this case, the presence of junk removal companies is more important.


Some items need special handling. Whether you need scrap metal, huge boulders, or scrap wood hauled away, junk removal companies like Junk King can help you remove these items out of your possession.

Handling scrap metal requires utmost care because haulers are prone to tetanus bacteria if they are inflicted with a wound. As for boulders, the weight of these stones can crash individuals; not only does it need special attention; it also requires equipment assistance.

So, to make sure that you keep your family and employees safe from the possible accidents of junk removal, hire a reliable junk removal contractor who knows how to handle your items properly without compromising the quality of the service provided to you.

Here at Junk King, we are committed to bringing convenience and safety to our clients. For more information about our services, you can send us an email or give us a call. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you with all of your junk removal needs.

Benefits of Recycling Junk

Recycling aims to breathe a new life to items that would otherwise be called trash, junk, or clutter. However, despite its benefits, not many people consider that their junk can be recycled which causes junk accumulation at your local dump.

To explain further how recycling can help heal the environment and improve the wellbeing of Mother Nature, we are introducing you to the two most important benefits of recycling.


Recycling conserves energy:

When clothing is created, a considerate amount of energy is put into the creation process. From the production line of the clothing companies; to raw materials to the packing, an entire supply chain is utilized.

The same goes for recycling scrap metal. According to Tampa Steel, in the United States alone, there are more than 150 million tons of scrap metal thrown away every year. These metal items transcend from soda cans to galvanized metal.


Bestpickreports.com noted that 13 million tons of textiles end up in landfills or about five percent of the country’s total solid waste. Items like clothing can be upcycled or recycled into various forms. Since clothes are made of fibrous materials, they can be recycled into high-quality paper products, rags, and even organic or eco-friendly construction materials. Not all textiles can be kept from filling up landfills, but most can be recycled.

Another problem in the landfill is plasticthe . With decades and centuries needed before plastic is broken down, plastic has become one of this generation’s big problems. With so much plastic in our oceans, even the extinction of some sea creatures is threatened.

Not only that, but it also poses a high risk to the increasing carbon footprint of the world.

With recycling, these two huge problems can be mitigated.


Saving the planet also helps support families, as recycling also helps create jobs.

According to Tampa Steel, recycling metal has produced jobs worth $236 billion on an annual basis. This means that there is an economic benefit in recycling.

This is quickly echoed by the National Institute of Health saying recycling metal gives 36 times the amount of job than plain sending metal to incinerators.

For these reasons, it is important to note whether the junk removal company that you will employ is in partnership with organizations that advocates recycling or if the company itself has a recycling initiative.

We, at Junk King, make sure that we do not only take care of your space but also value the environment. We are committed to green practices including recycling. Rest assured that when you employ our services, we run a strict evaluation course for all items gathered so we can identify which things are for the landfill and which things are for donation, recycling, or upcycling.

For all of your junk removal needs, feel free to fill out our contact us form or give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you.

Top Items People Get Rid Of

In this day and age, people are not so fond of repairing broken items anymore. Because sometimes, it’s easier to replace an item than to go the extra mile of repairing them. However, getting a new item is not the problem, it is the disposing of the old broken item that becomes difficult. Luckily, there are junk haulers like Junk King of Sacramento who specialize in junk removal and would gladly take these items off your hands.

But, what are the top things that people usually get rid of? We made a list of some of them and why they are the most common. Are you looking to get rid of some of these?


Depending on the material of your furniture, some can actually last you a lifetime. But, depending on taste and lifestyle too, furniture can come and go just as fast as the change of seasons.

The most common items you can find being hauled in Junk King trucks are sofas, lounge chairs, dining tables, cabinets, and anything that is more than five feet tall and wide. These can include electronic appliances like television sets, microwave ovens, and refrigerators. It’s actually surprising the amount of broken furniture junk people have.


This is common in construction sites, whether you are building or restoring a space, scrap wood will definitely need to be hauled because of the sensitivity of handling it.

With proper dismantling, the wood can still be donated to charities. This does not only help those in need but also the environment. Using scrap wood is a form of recycling that goes a long way for Mother Earth.


Scrap metal needs special handling because it is a dangerous material that can injure someone if not handled correctly. Items like this usually come from repairs on a roof or a fence.

Since metal can develop rusts, if someone is not careful they can cut themselves while handling it and tetanus bacteria is just a heartbeat away. That is why experts are needed when hauling these items from your yard. To make sure that no one is hurt from incorrect handling of scrap metal, get yourself an expert who can handle it properly for you.


Items for hauling do not always have to be huge and bulky, sometimes volume is the challenge. For bookworms who love to collect books, disposing tons of them at a time can be a taxing task, hence some help is necessary. Other stuff like kitchenware that can fit the bin but is just overwhelming in number can also be hauled for your convenience.

As you can see, Junk King Sacramento has plenty of experience hauling the most common items people get rid of and more. If you have junk that you need to be hauled, give us a call! You deserve a junk free life!

Random and Weird things People Throw Away

We all have our reasons for throwing things away, but some people take reason to a whole new level by getting rid of some of the weirdest things. In this article, we will discuss some of the random things that have been hauled away by Junk King Sacramento.


Whatever is running inside your head when you hear the word furniture, yes, we have hauled that up. Some of them looked like they have been used for only a few months and the reason for throwing them out was that “the color is out of style” or “the design is too outdated for the new interiors”. Some may say it’s crazy, right? Whatever furniture that is, if it does not fit inside your bin, it does on the Junk King truck.

Imagine a Victorian-era salon room set complete with mirrors and candle holders being called up for hauling because the design is too old, or a huge king size bed to be thrown away because the color does not fit the new painting by the headboard.


Electronics are the next big problem of a world that is transitioning from manual to automatic. Every year, television sets get bigger and bigger with better image quality and other features leaving models from five years ago too old for a typical American home.

The same goes for refrigerators that are not Euro4 evaluated or washing machines that are not using power-friendly motors. All these have to be replaced depending on the taste of the owners.

Sometimes, our team even picks up 60-inch television sets because the unit is not able to adapt to the recent graphics upgrade of a game console.

Other times, there are refrigerators for hauling because the family upgraded to a two-door unit that comes with water dispensers by the door.


There’s no denying that car parts and components are expensive. But some people just don’t mind. There are calls to pick-up perfectly new car wheels and rims. They are being disposed of because the owner decided to get a new set.

Other times, there are bumpers that have to be replaced because of accidents and there is no way that old ones can still be attached to the body. One of the most bizarre is a call that requested us to pick up a passenger side car door and a trunk of a car that practically looked new.


We know that bookworms will always want more books than they can read. Sometimes, to make room for more reading materials, they discard the really old outdated ones.

It’s no surprise when we received a call asking us to pick up some books. At first, we thought that the books would probably fit in the regular bins but when they said volume is the problem, we came to check it out

And yes, an entire library was discarded and loads of bags containing books were set for pick up.

Some companies might think your items are too big or too small to call for junk removal. At Junk King, we don’t discriminate. If your clutter doesn’t fit in your bin, call Junk King Sacramento and we would be happy to take it off your hands!

Tips for Decluttering Before Spring

Spring is the season for new beginnings— to breathe new life to untouched spaces, create more room for movements, and let go of once loved possessions that no longer inspire creativity or happiness. But it is never easy to identify which items to let go of first during our spring cleaning. We know you’re thinking that too. So, we have decided to help you get started with the process of decluttering.

To make it easier, here are the top three rules you need to remember for a successful decluttering process before spring begins:

Sort Out

First is sorting out your things. You will probably want to keep 98 percent of your things. However, some things just have to go; so, to help you determine which ones are the first to go, you have to SORT IT OUT. You can organize this process by labeling two sides of your floor. The left side will be for things that have to go, while the right side is for things that you will be keeping.

If you are looking at a pile of clothes, start trying them on. If your pants don’t fit anymore, you might want to put that on the left side of the floor. The same goes for books. If you have not touched that copy for more than two years and is not really a favorite, you might want to consider giving it a new home. As for shoes, if those stilettos are hurting your feet when wearing them, ask yourself if the blisters are worth it. Lastly, there are mementos that we keep during travel or special occasions. While it is difficult to keep everything, leave a few that you really want to keep.

 Throw Out 

After the initial sorting out, this might be the hardest part – THROWING OUT. Commit to your goal of decluttering your space. Clutter will stay if you only move it from one corner to the other, so all things on your left pile must go. At first, it will feel like you wasted so much money, time, and effort letting your things go, but in the end, you will have gained your space back for other activities and new things.

Throwing out doesn’t have to be a guilty scene. During your sorting, identify what items can be donated to organizations. That way, your hard-earned money is not wasted and you are able to contribute to a good cause.

Wipe Out 

Now that you have the space free, the next step is to clean the area. This means you have to sweep, vacuum, and overall clean the portion of the space you just freed. Picking up dust will also save you from allergies. Vacuuming will suck all unholy elements left by critters where the clutter was stocked, and waxing will help prevent termites (if the area is dominantly wood) from ruining your space.

If you’re worried about throwing out big items, you don’t need to worry because there are junk removal services that you can hire to help you with your spring cleaning. Junk King Sacramento is a name you can trust. We can help get rid of your junk without having to worry about it yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and give us a call at 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK)! We would be happy to help you with all of your junk removal needs!

Junk King Sacramento Is A Big Help For Property Managers

You always can tell when is the first of the month. That is when you see a lot of more moving trucks out on the street. You’ll also find plenty of rubbish out on the street. Every tenant knows that they have to empty out their apartment and leave it in the same state as it was when they first found it. In their quest to make sure the place is empty a lot of things end up out on the curb with a sign saying “free.” They may think they’re providing a service for people who are looking to pick up some random pieces of furniture or an old TV. In truth, most of the things that end up on the curb stay there until their picked up. It only takes one night in the weather for those things to be ruined. Property managers are tasked with the job to turn around those vacant apartments quickly. That means the rubbish in the curb or inside the place has to be gone. To get that done it only takes one call to Junk King Sacramento.

Junk King Sacramento has several crews operating throughout the week. Each of those crews consists of two capable movers and a big truck. Sometimes, there’s a third mover who comes along to help out. The truck and the movers are all covered under the flat fee that is charge by Junk King. That fee is not based on an hourly charge or by the pound. Instead, it comes down to a matter of how the truck will get packed up. You’ll know what this price is before the work begins. If for some reason your stuff takes up more than the estimate, then you’ll still pay that original lockdown price.

Also included in that flat fee is the disposal and this is something that the majority of Junk King customers appreciate. Instead of going to the landfill, Junk King would much rather make drop-offs at charities or recycling centers. That’s going a long way to keeping Sacramento green.

Property managers know they can always count on Junk King Sacramento for fast rubbish removal. Set up a session today and your garbage can be gone by tomorrow.

Let Junk King Sacramento Handle Your Estate Cleanup

It is always great when we can delegate a task and know that it will be handled properly. That is the key to successful management. It is also the key to keeping a home organized. We are costly delegating to our kids chores that help keep the living space clean. With bigger cleanups it helps to step outside the immediate family and higher professional teams to get the job done. Nowhere would this be more important than with an estate cleanup. If you have become the executor of the estate and are in charge of making that property ready to be put on the market, then you’ll want to delegate the cleanup to Junk King Sacramento.

A home that has been lived in for several years will no doubt have lots of “wear and tear” type issues. Before you can bring in painters and a handyman to fix everything up you need to get rid of all the unwanted items. This could actually be quite a lot of furnishing and household goods. No doubt, you will remove anything that has value be it sentimental or monetary. What is left is what can be picked up by Junk King.

The two things to remember about hiring Junk King for an estate cleanup is that they’re going to do all the work and nothing has to go to waste. That work will be performed by two professional movers who have experience lifting and loading all types of objects. Hauling away furniture is second nature to these crews. You’ll find that they work together with you to make this process go as smoothly as possible. Your only role is to literally point to the things you want removed and the Junk King crew will take them right from the spot.

As for the items not going to waste, Junk King prides itself on its responsible disposal policies. That includes dropping the majority what they collect off at charities and recycling centers. This not only keeps things out of landfills but also make sure they are able to benefit families in need. That’s a nice legacy.

If you need an estate cleanup taken care of swiftly and efficiently, then you need to put Junk King Sacramento on the job.

Make It A Junk Free New Year With Help From Junk King

Will 2019 be year of big changes or status quo? Not every year has to mean starting a new job or moving to a new city. But that doesn’t mean you can make a few changes in your life to improve things. That is especially true when it comes to your living space. There’s a lot you can do to improve your home like putting up more photos of friends and family or finding decorative accents to put throughout the house. It will also help if you can make it a junk free new year around the house. That is going to require some sorting on your part. It might also mean hiring Junk King Sacramento.


When you sort through your closets and garage you are sure to find plenty of things that you can get rid of. This might amount to a dozen or so boxes of gadgets, household goods, toys, books, clothing and other random items. That would be a lot to load up in your car but it would be easy for the Junk King team to put on to the back of their truck. But you don’t have to stop there.

Do you have any bigger things you like to get rid of? Maybe your replacing your bedroom set or have been holding onto some baby furniture that’s no longer going to be needed. You might even want to convert an entire guest bedroom into a home office. This is the kind of junk removal that requires two capable movers and that is exactly what Junk King is going to provide to you.

All the teams working for Junk King had been licensed and insured. These make for professional workers that not only excel at the physical labor but also at providing exceptional customer service. Folks who’ve hired Junk King are always commenting on how friendly the staff is. The vast majority of junk removal appointments aren’t complicated. And even the ones that do present a slight challenge are easily taken care of thanks to the experience of the crews. You should never hesitate in asking the team from Junk King to remove bulky and heavy objects from your home. This is what they excel at.

You’ll feel great when you can make the new year a junk free year with the help of Junk King Sacramento. Book a session today.

Use Junk King For Your Post-Christmas Cleanup

According to the famous Christmas story, all Santa has to do to disappear up the chimney is touched the side of his nose. That’s the kind of Christmas magic we could all use around this time of year. We’re coming close to the end of the holidays and that means packing up the decorations and ornaments put into storage for another year. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just touch a nose and make it all happen? Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a labor-intensive task. There might be some other post-Christmas cleanup tasks that also require a bit of extra labor. That’s where the team from Junk King Sacramento can be of assistance. If you want to include rubbish removal from your home on your post-Christmas cleanup to do list, then Junk King is the company to get it done.


Just how many new things came into the house in the last couple of days? Between all the presents under the tree and the after Christmas sales there could be an abundance of gadgets and clothing. Is there room in the closet and on the shelves? There can be if you do a little sorting activity. The result of that sorting may yield several boxes or bags of clothing that can be turned over to the Junk King crew. While they’re at it, that crew can also help remove some of the bigger unwanted items you been eager to get rid of all year. Maybe there’s a piece of furniture that you done with or there’s a big appliance that is on its last legs. One sure way of replacing those items is to create an empty space!

A lot of the things you could be getting rid of would fall in the category of e-waste. Televisions, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, computers and laptops might have all been upgraded this past Christmas. Those aren’t the kind of things you want to throw out the trash. They need to be dismantled by a certified recycler. Junk King can help get those items to those places. It’s part of their total junk removal package and the best approach for handling that kind of disposal.

This year, make your post-Christmas cleanup count. Bring in Junk King Sacramento for a top to bottom rubbish removal. You’ll be glad you did!

Efficient Eviction Clean Outs in Sacramento

At Junk King of Sacramento, we want you to think of us as your secret weapon for eviction clean outs. We help property managers, homeowners, and landlords with eviction clean out services that get a property cleared out and ready for sale or rental in no time at all.

If you’re in charge of one or more eviction clean outs but not really sure where to begin, we can help. We have the resources and manpower to handle any type of property clean out, including multiple units. When you choose Junk King for your eviction clean outs, your getting the most convenient, friendly junk removal companies in the entire Sacramento area.

Eviction clean outs in Sacramento

Eviction Clean OutsWherever you’re located in Sonoma County, Junk King of Sacramento is the fastest, most reliable eviction clean out services in the area. Has the property been damaged or vandalized by the previous tenants or owners? We have what it takes to clear out and clean up whatever mess has been left behind:

  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Boxes of books, magazines, and newspapers
  • Broken indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Abandoned exercise equipment
  • Loose trash and debris

You name it, and with the exception of hazardous waste, we haul it away.

Get your property back on the market

If you’re a landlord or property manager or owner dealing with an eviction, your goal is to get the property cleaned out and ready for a new occupant. Junk King is a local fully-licensed and insured eviction clean out service company that gets the job done quickly and thoroughly. We’ve handled plenty of evictions and know what it takes to get your property back on the market as fast as possible.

Whether it’s a studio apartment, rental home, or multi unit apartment complex, our professional crews have handled both big and small eviction clean out jobs. We serve both residential and commercial properties and have been doing it for a long time! We guarantee exceptional customer service and our scheduling process couldn’t be easier. You can do it right online!

We also offer apartment and property managers regularly scheduled clean out services so their properties are always in tip-top shape.

Call Junk King today!

Need an eviction clean out? The help you need is available from Junk King of Sacramento. We’re the local solution you can count on to get your property cleared out and ready to rent once more.

What sets Junk King apart from other companies that offer eviction clean outs? Our professionalism, reliability, and commitment to unmatched customer services defines who we are and what we do.

If you’re ready to schedule an eviction clean out, get in touch with us today. You can do it online or by calling 1-888-888-JUNK. We look forward to handling your eviction clean out services for years to come!