What Are Junk King Sacramento Customers Saying?

When a movie comes out and gets positive reviews, those reviews are often incorporated into the marketing campaign. The challenge is to find reviews from sources that have a certain level of gravitas. That’s because there are literally hundreds of review sites all across the internet and not just for movies but for every type of business. Junk King Sacramento is no exception. They’re happy to hear from all of their customers. Here’s what a few had to say recently:


“Great communication, timely service, professional and respectful uniformed workers, well detailed and clean work vehicles. I was impressed.” – John Gilmore, Placerville

This was in response to the question, “How are we doing?” It appears Junk King is doing everything right.

“This service was professional and responsible and respectful to the individual and the price was reasonable as far as competition goes. I would say Junk Kings’ price was what got my attention and after trying it was very pleased.” – L.F., Sacramento

Junk King has a flat fee based on volume and now weight. That is extremely fair and affordable.

“Your two guys worked extremely hard loading up a LOT of my junk. We just purchased our new country property and have seen so many people come thru that either take advantage or just don’t work hard. Thank you!” – Amanda Bush, Loomis

“Always available. Right on schedule. Quick clean up. I have used Junk King so many times in the last two years and never once have they disappointed me. Great company!” – Susie Goodwin, Fair Oaks

The goal for Junk King is to clear whatever you want taken away in a single session but sometimes you can easily fill up a truck. That’s why Junk King is happy to make return trips as needed. As long as you have the junk, we’ve got the way to get rid of it.

“The three guys that came were absolutely wonderful. Could not expect anything more from them. They were respectful, kind and fast. Thank you I will use your company again.” – K.C. , Woodland

“Every one of your employees from the front desk to the people removing our items was so helpful. They were courteous and respectful of all of the hoops you jump through when dealing with a state agency.” – B.V., Sacramento

If you want to add your own positive reviews, then it will only take one junk removal session with Junk King Sacramento.

Junk Removal vs Storage Facilities

There are plenty of times people need to use storage facilities: waiting for a new home to be built, traveling, and moving to another part of the country are just a few. More often than not, though, what ends up in storage might have been better off being hauled away. An experienced junk removal company can help you decide what should be kept and what should be disposed of.

Don’t Pay Rent on Junk

Junk Removal Whether you’re moving, going through a life change, or have just run out of room to store your “stuff,” a self-storage unit can seem like the perfect solution. Many of them offer great first-month deals that can leave you thinking it’s a cheap way to solve your storage shortage.

The problem is, once you’ve packed everything up and stored it, it’s tempting to leave it all there for months or years on end. Depending on the length of time you use the facility, your costs can quickly escalate into the thousands of dollars.

There will definitely be times self-storage makes sense for your short-term needs:

  • College students leaving their dorms for the summer.
  • When you’re in the middle of a home renovation.
  • Thinning out to better stage your home when putting it on the market.

All good situations when storing large items may be cost-effective. But a far more less-expensive and effective option is to take a good hard look at what you’re thinking of storing and getting rid of what you really don’t need or could easily replace down the road.

The Junk Removal Solution

What likely keeps a lot of people from saying no to junk removal and yes to storage is having to deal with their clutter. That’s where Junk King can help! We’re here to assist residents in Roseville and throughout the greater Sacramento area clear out their accumulated junk, resulting in big savings and a less-stressful way of life.

At Junk King, we understand that deciding what to keep and what to junk can be an emotional time. Our friendly and professional junk removal crews know just how to walk you through the process. We’ll also donate and recycle as much of your junk as possible, so you can feel good about supporting your community and minimizing the amount of waste that ends up in local landfills.

There are a lot of benefits to having a junk removal company handle the task:

  • It’s safer. Our crews have the right training and equipment to get the job done right and in a safe manner. Large household appliances and heavy furniture are best removed by junk removal professionals who have years of experience.
  • It saves time. Sorting through years of accumulated junk is a time-consuming task. Having a professional crew do it for you saves a ton of time.
  • It helps reclaim space. You may find that you don’t need a storage unit at all! People often feel overwhelmed by the junk in their lives because there’s nowhere to put it. Once it’s removed by a professional service your home suddenly has much more livable space.

If you’re in need of quick and efficient junk removal by trained crews, Junk King of Sacramento is the solution you’re looking for. There’s no better way to have an organized clutter-free home and mindset! Contact us today to learn more.

5 Top Signs You’re Hiring a Quality Junk Removal Service

Few people have the tools, knowledge, and equipment such as a weight-bearing vehicle that a big junk removal job can require. And the idea of packing, lifting, and moving all that stuff puts them off the task entirely. Hiring a junk removal service to do the job correctly can save you time and money, but only if you hire one that is reputable and offers high-quality service.

Ready to get ride of the old junk around your house or office? Most people put off hauling away debris and other unwanted items like old appliances, furniture, and unnecessary boxes of paperwork because they lack the proper means of taking care of it all.

How to Recognize a Quality Junk Removal Service

Junk Removal ServiceMost junk removal services say they’ll do “all the work” for you, but what that means varies. When hiring a company to haul junk and other debris away from your home or commercial property, it’s important to know all the facts about what makes for a professional junk removal service.

In addition to finding a full-service company that can handle everything from single-item pickups like a large appliance to removal of an entire estate, look for these five important qualities before hiring a junk removal service for your project.

  1. Speed and efficiency. From first contact to actual removal, you can measure the quality of a junk removal service by the amount of time it takes them to complete the job. In most cases, people know what needs be removed so they want it gone quick. A quality service  can coordinate a pick-up time within 48 hours of your first call. And once they respond? They’re responsive to your needs and eager to work with you to properly remove and dispose of your junk. Finally, their “don’t take” list should be short and limited to hazardous materials.
  2. Proper resources. A professional junk removal service has all the latest tools and equipment to handle any size job. They also have vehicles large enough to handle the bigger jobs, eliminating multiple trips. The company should also have good relationships with local donation centers, recycling centers, and waste disposal facilities.
  3. Trained crews. Quality work is provided by trained professionals. There’s no better way to show a commitment to customer service than by offering speedy service and cleanup. At Junk King, our goal is to remove your junk as quickly as possible, leaving the space spotless and ready for use.
  4. Clear terms. Pricing and other terms should be comprehensive and easy for you to understand. For example, is the rate based on space or weight? Is the company fully insured? A quality junk removal service doesn’t make their service terms difficult for a customer to decipher.
  5. Environmentally sound. Proper disposal is a must. Junk King is an eco-conscious junk removal service that organizes with local donation and recycling facilities to ensure that, whenever possible, used items are donated and scrap items are recycled, with the aim of reducing waste sent to landfills.

Quality Junk Removal Service in Sacramento

Need quick residential or commercial junk removal in the Sacramento area? Junk King offers a fast and easy solution, bringing you the highest quality of services and most affordable options.

No matter what your junk removal services needs, there’s no job too big or small for our professional and attentive crews to handle. We haul away nearly anything you need removed, torn down, or disposed of. To learn more, get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Should it Stay or Go? Deceased Estate Clean Up in Sacramento

Deceased estate clean up projects can be highly emotional, especially if it means disposing of a parent’s lifetime of memories. Every family moves through the process differently. With the right help, you can tackle determining which boxes, furniture, kitchenware, antiques, and other belongings in a way that keeps stress to a minimum.

Deceased Estate Clean Up

Deceased Estate Clean UpOnce you’ve gone through the estate a service like Junk King can help you quickly and efficiently donate, dispose of, or recycle what you no longer want. But before that, you need to do the sorting. Here are some tips on how to move forward with the cleanout.

  • Accept help. If there are people who are willing to lend a hand, it can make the physical part of boxing things up or throwing them out much easier.
  • Be thorough. When you’re tired, it can be tempting to just empty drawers into a box and be done with it. Take your time when sorting out closets, drawers, cabinets, and containers. You may find something of personal meaning or financial value. And don’t forget to check the pockets in clothing!
  • Set aside financial documents. Designate a box for things like a will, trusts, insurance policies, recent bank statements, stock certifications, tax returns, and any paperwork necessary for unfiled tax returns.
  • Hire an appraiser. If the deceased had antiques, art works, or fine jewelry, you may want to consider having an estate appraiser give you an estimate of their worth. An appraisal last about one to three hours and can be time well invested when deciding how to dissolve the property. An auction, consignment arrangement, or estate sale may be in order.
  • Family first. Make sure siblings and other close family members make a list of the items they would like to have in memory of the deceased. Photos and memorabilia are often the most difficult to divide during a deceased estate clean up. Options include a round robin where people choose one item at a time or having copies made. Many people also take photos of items they want to remember but don’t necessarily have room for in their homes.

Hire Junk King for Deceased Estate Clean Up

Whatever your needs for cleaning up a deceased’s estate, Junk King is the company to trust. If you are overwhelmed by the thought of dealing with or packing up years of accumulated belongings, our caring and professional staff will help. We provide comprehensive deceased estate clean up services, taking as much of the burden and hard work off your shoulders as we can.

Junk King of Sacramento’s professional team will haul away all the trash, boxes, debris, and unwanted items you no longer need. We have the latest tools and a variety of  trucks, as well as the expertise to get the job done right, on time, and on budget. We’re also eco-conscious! We’ll coordinate with local recycling facilities and donation centers so that good quality used items are donated and qualified items are recycled whenever possible.

Junk King is your #1 choice for deceased estate clean up throughout the greater Sacramento area. Contact us today to discover how easy it can be to get the most cost-effective cleanout for your loved one’s estate.

Who To Call For Reliable Junk Hauling In Elk Grove

When a city grows, the needs for the community also grow. That is reason why Elk Grove is getting a new library. In this day of instant information access online, it is nice to know that libraries still matter. This will actually be Elk Grove’s third library and will be part of the city’s new civic center complex. This is certainly welcome news for everyone living in Elk Grove.


Libraries are supported by the local and state government but they’re also supported through donations. That starts with books. Do you think you have books you could donate to the new library? It might be a fun activity for the whole family to go through the house and collect all those books that can be turned over to the library. And because it is a library all books are welcome from fiction to poetry to children’s books and even graphic novels. How many boxes of books do you think you could come up with?

As you go on your book hunt, you might also stumble across a bunch of other things you’d like to get out of the house. Unfortunately, the library isn’t going to take your old sofa or refrigerator. But this is a company in Elk Grove you can turn that over to: Junk King Sacramento.

Junk King is a professional junk hauling service who has been in this line of work since 2005. In that time, they’ve cleared out tons of rubbish from homes, apartments and businesses. How can Junk King help you? Think about all the things you want to get rid of. It could just be rubbish piled in the garage. It might be unwanted stuff from your closets. Or it could literally be a piece of furniture from every room in your house. The crew from Junk King will quickly make their way through your house and carefully take out all the things want to toss out. It is just that easy.

Although you might be taking care of the book donations, when you hire Junk King to haul your clutter, they’ll be making donations, too. A lot of what they collect ends up at charities, church thrift stores or shelters. It’s a very green way of doing things. For reliable junk hauling in Elk Grove, the only call to make is to Junk King Sacramento.

Best Estate Cleaning and Junk Removal Service in Sacramento

The loss of a loved one is usually a difficult time. Estate cleaning is not only sorting through paperwork and settling up financial affairs. There are other, physical tasks such as cleaning, moving furniture, and hauling away debris and household goods.

Estate Cleaning Junk King Sacramento offers a variety of estate cleaning service options. Our professionally trained crews will clean-up, bag, remove, sort, load and haul out all unwanted items, including:

  • Closet cleanouts.
  • Drapery removal.
  • Basements, garages, and attics.
  • Bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.
  • Whole-house cleanouts.
  • Landscape cleanup.

We aim to make the entire estate cleaning service experience a convenient and efficient one. We are the premier estate cleanout service in Sacramento and the surrounding area.

The Estate Cleaning Service Process

At Junk King, we understand that cleaning out another person’s estate is a big task. It can be filled with overwhelming emotions, stresses, and challenges. We’re the professionals you can trust to get it right.

Before contacting us, there are a couple things you may want to consider:

  • Are there any items that need a valuation or appraisal done? If so, you’ll want to arrange moving these items to an auction house or consignment company.
  • Do you need an estate consultant to help you decide what should be kept, sold, donated, or discarded?

Once you’ve determined which items you want to keep, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Junk King to get the process started.

The Advantages to Hiring an Estate Cleaning Service

The most obvious benefit, of course, is the time you’ll save by having someone else handle cleaning out the estate while you handle other pressing issues. Professional cleanout services also have a more objective view about what needs to be discarded. Emotions can cloud a family member’s judgment, making it difficult to part with items that held sentimental importance for the deceased.

Your Best Choice for Estate Cleaning Services

A professional estate cleaning service can make the task of packing up and removing a lifetime of personal belongings as easy an experience as possible.

We want you to think of Junk King as your partner in cleaning out a loved one’s estate. Let us haul away all the trash, debris, furniture, appliances, and other unwanted items you no longer need. We have the tools, trucks, and expertise to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

Our eco-friendly services are designed to reduce waste sent to local landfills. We coordinate with area donation and recycling facilities to arrange drop-off of gently used or scrap items.

Junk King is your #1 choice for estate cleaning services. We offer lower rates and the most superior services around. Contact us today to discover how easy it can be to get the most cost-effective and professional estate cleanout throughout the greater Sacramento area.

Where To Go In Sacramento For Spring Break Fun

Despite all the toys, games, movies and TV shows, your kids will still find a way to say, “I’m bored.” That issue is compounded over spring break if the kids are off from school and it’s your job to entertain them. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do in Sacramento that will chase the boredom away.


Fairytale Town

At Fairytale Town, all those books and stories your kids have been reading will come to live. There are three-dimensional theater sets and play gardens all designed around popular fairytales. There will be lots of stories coming from a trip to Fairytale Town.

Art Beast Children’s Studio

If your kids like to explore their creative side, then an afternoon at Art Beast Children’s Studio is just the ticket. They can create “masterpieces” in many mediums in different art exploration rooms. Just be sure to wear clothes you won’t worry about getting paint on!

Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo offers overnight family safaris. How much fun would it be to sleep around the animals? There are special tours and arts & craft stations that add to the zoo experience.

California State Railroad Museum

If your kids are fascinated by trains, then this is the place for them. They’ll be able to climb though old rail cars and engines and then take a ride on the Sacramento Southern Excursion Train.

Urban Adventure Quest

Did you know that Sacramento is actually a citywide board game? It is when you follows the clues on the Urban Adventure Quest. It is an ongoing scavenger hunt with special markers and clues spread out across the historic parts of the city. This is a great way to reconnect with Sacramento.

Before you dive too deep in any of these spring break adventures, you probably want to make sure things are taken care of around the home front. You’ll feel a lot better taking off for the day knowing that everything is clean and all the junk is cleared out from home. The cleaning is on you but for the junk clearing, you can turn that job over to Junk King Sacramento. It will only take one fast session with Junk King to turn your home into a junk free zone. That’s a great way to kick off spring break.

Moving? Sacramento Office Furniture Removal for Dummies

Ready to up and move your Sacramento office to a new location? Need to make way for new office furniture, equipment, and other furnishings? Junk King offers area businesses a quick and simple solution for office furniture removal. We’re proud of our top-rate services and friendly crews, and our cost-effective options are designed to meet any sized business’ needs.

Office Furniture Removal in Sacramento

office furniture removalJunk King’s professional commercial hauling teams have the experience needed to successfully manage your office cleanout. No matter what type of business you manage or own, we are the full-service office furniture removal experts who will get the job done on time and on budget.

Businesses we serve include real estate locations, retail sites, office buildings, warehouses, and more. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Here are just some of the items we quickly and efficiently haul away:

  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Cubicle breakdown and removal
  • Electronics recycling
  • Office trash

We’re an eco-friendly office junk removal service, too. We take care of everything, coordinating with area donation and recycling facilities so that gently used items are donated and scrap items are recycled whenever possible, helping to reduce waste that would otherwise be sent to local landfills.

All Your Junk Removed Quickly & Efficiently

Office furniture removal in Sacramento is so easy even “Dummies” can arrange it! Junk King is the premier commercial junk removal in Sacramento. We’re equipped to handle any office cleanout project. Our modern fleet ensures the entire process is a quick and stress-free one, every single time!

Whether you’re relocating to a new location or just need a deep office clean, Junk King proudly offers prompt and reliable teams who are trained to handle any size office decluttering haul.

We offer a comprehensive set of office furniture removal service features:

  • Exceptional prompt and reliable services that provide unparalleled value. We offer outstanding customer service and make it easy for you to stay in touch during the entire removal process.
  • Easy payment plans.
  • Peace of mind. We know how important it is to be sure you and your employees are fullyprotected and won’t be held liable for any accidents. We’re fully insured, so everyone involved in your cleanout is covered when we perform junk hauling services.

Put Your Trust in Junk King

Office furniture removal can be a time-consuming process. Working with a professional service like Junk King lets you stick with what you do best – running your business! Account set up is easy, with labor, transportation and disposal costs all included in your quote.

If you’re ready to remove furniture and other items from your current office location, Junk King has the equipment and manpower you need. Our office pickup and disposal services are designed with your convenience in mind. We haul away virtually anything you need removed, donated, demolished, or otherwise disposed of. And we make it our goal to minimize disruption to your daily business activity, quickly and efficiently removing all your junk.

To learn more about office furniture removal or any of our other junk hauling services, get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Realtors in Sacramento Love Our Estate Cleanout Services

Are you a realtor in Sacramento in need of estate cleanout services? Junk King does all the loading, cleanup and disposes of everything in a sustainable way. We offer the highest quality service and our affordable options are tailored to meet any size budget.

We’re Sacramento’s favorite estate cleanout service. Landlords, property managers and realtors know they can turn to us for immediate service for all their real estate hauling needs. No job is too big or small for our friendly and professional crews to handle.

We’re also an eco-friendly junk removal service. Just leave it all to us. We’ll coordinate with donation and recycling facilities so that gently used items are donated and scrap items are recycled whenever possible, which reduces waste sent to local landfills.

Estate Cleanout Services in Sacramento

Junk King is the premier estate cleanout service in Sacramento. We’re fully equipped to handle any job and make the entire process a quick and stress-free one every time. Why do realtors in Sacramento love our services so much? We offer:

  • Estate Cleanout ServicesExceptionally fast and reliable services that provide them with outstanding value.
  • Unparalleled customer service throughout the Sacramento area.
  • Flexible scheduling, working around your availability and optimum days and times.
  • Affordable payment plans.
  • Full liability protection. We’re fully insured, so everyone is covered when we perform junk hauling services.

Our expert team hauls away all types of debris including boxes, furniture, debris, appliances, and just about everything else so you’re left with an spotless property ready to be put on the market, without taking on the time-consuming job yourself.

We Help with the Staging Process

Realtors know how incredibly important it is to stage a rental or sale listing before placing it on the market. A spotless home or rental unit makes it easier for potential buyers or tenants to envision their belonging in the space. We make the decluttering and cleanup process a quick and efficient one, leaving the home or unit looking great!

When homeowners or tenants move out, give us a call to arrange a property cleanout. From routine rental unit cleanouts to single-family homes and vacation properties, we offer an affordable, efficient solution to keeping any real estate property in shape.

Put Your Trust in the Professionals

Estate cleanout services are an important part of selling or renting property. Junk King provides an easy and efficient solution for all your junk removal needs. Our prompt and reliable crews handle everything so as a realtor you’re free to stay focused on what you do best: serve your clients’ needs.

Professionalism and reliability are our trademarks. If you’re ready to clean out your residential, rental, or foreclosure property, Junk King has the equipment and manpower you need. We haul away virtually anything you need removed, demolished, or disposed of.

Schedule your real estate cleanout services today. To learn how, get in touch with us online or by calling 1-888-888-JUNK. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Fastest Commercial Junk Removal Service in the West

Need quick commercial junk removal in the Sacramento area? Junk King empowers your business with a fast and easy solution. We offer the highest quality services and our affordable options are tailored to meet any sized business’ needs.

Commercial Junk Removal in Sacramento

Commercial Junk RemovalNo matter what kind of business you own or manage, Junk King is a full-serviced commercial junk removal expert who will get the job done on time. Businesses we serve include real estate locations, retail sites, office buildings, warehouses, and more. There is no job too big or too small for our professional and friendly crews to handle.

Here’s just a sampling of what we haul:

We’re an eco-friendly commercial junk removal service, too. We coordinate with local donation and recycling facilities so that gently used items are donated and scrap items are recycled whenever possible, which reduces waste sent to local landfills.

Business to Business Junk Removal

What makes Junk King the premier commercial junk removal in Sacramento? We’re equipped to handle any job! Our fleet ensures bigger hauls and fewer trips to your location and makes the entire process a quick and stress-free one every time.

Our prompt and reliable teams are trained to handle any size haul and bring with them benefits tailored to your business’s specific needs. We offer a comprehensive set of business-to-business features:

  • Top-Rated on-time, reliable services providing exceptional value. We offer unparalleled customer service. We make it easy for you to stay in touch and are flexible with working around your schedule and availability.
  • Easy payment plans.
  • Full protection. We understand how important it is to know your business will not be held liable for any employee accidents. Junk King is fully insured, so you and our staff are protected when we perform junk hauling services.
  • Affiliate Program - Earn money when you sign up and refer sales to Junk King!

Put Your Trust in the Professionals

Commercial junk removal is serious business. Working with a professional service like Junk King provides peace of mind. Account set-up is easy, with labor, transportation, and disposal costs all included in your quote.

If you’re ready to clean out your commercial property, Junk King has the equipment and manpower you need. We haul away virtually anything you need removed, demolished, or disposed of. And we work hard to minimize disruption to your daily business activity, quickly and efficiently removing all your junk.

To learn more about our commercial junk removal services, get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Junk King Crown

Our Guarantee

  • To offer you an estimate in writing
  • To beat any written estimate
  • The best service in our industry
We reserve the right not to do any job below our costs. Competitors must be licensed, bonded, insured with responsible disposal policies for valid comparison. Based on offering excellent prices,