Great Tips For Throwing A Backyard Party This Summer

Will you be hosting a backyard party this summer? You don’t have to wait for the Fourth of July to have fun in your backyard. If this is the first time you’re going to be hosting a party, then you may want to put some of these terrific tips into use. They will definitely improve your party game!


Rent Chairs

Although your backyard may be a great place to hang out in it may not be a great place to stand around in. You want to make sure all your guests have a place to sit. Even if you pull out some of the chairs from inside the house, you still might need to supplement your seating with rentals. It’s easy to get folding chairs, tables and even a bigger grill from a party rental place.

Breakout the Christmas Lights

There’s a good chance your party may go into the evening. When that happens, you want to make sure there is some nice lighting. Your Christmas lights could do the trick. You can string them up throughout the backyard and when it gets dark, flip the switch.

Keep the Mosquitoes Away

One of the most effective ways to keep mosquitoes away is with a fan. It may seem counterintuitive to turn a fan on when you’re outside but having a fan on low setting can keep the mosquitoes from landing. A tabletop fan is also a good idea for your food area. A week before the party starts, make sure there’s no standing water in things like flowerpots or birdbaths. This is where mosquitoes breed. As for repellent, you can’t go wrong with the old standby citronella candles. Get several and spread them throughout the backyard.

Spread Out the Music

If you are using a boom box or an iPod dock, then you want to put it above your level so that it’s not blasting directly at your friends years. You may also want to turn it toward the side of the house. That way the music will bounce back and spread out more evenly. If you’re using speakers, then try to spread them out as far as possible to generate the sound. As for your playlist, you should have enough music to last for at least five hours. Stick to the fun summer classics.

Clear the Clutter

Before you set up for your party you definitely want to get the yard clear clutter. Not only could there be a lot of palm fronds or fallen tree branches to remove but also some bigger items. Taking down the swing set or playground set that the kids aren’t using will open up a lot more space. Clearing away yard clutter is a perfect job for Junk King Sacramento. They’ll send over a two-man team and a big truck capable of holding whatever it is you want to get rid of. And if something needs to be taken apart first, then you can count on Junk King Sacramento to handle that as well.

Get your yard ready for a backyard party with a call to Junk King Sacramento today.

Fantastic Grilling Tips For Your Weekend BBQ

We are just a few weeks away from the official start of summer. That means all throughout the neighborhood grills will be firing up once again. Whether you go for the “old school” charcoal fire or the fancy fast igniting propane grill there is some tips you shouldn’t ignore. The following grilling advice can definitely help you improve your grilling game:


Get Your Grill Hot

You should fire up your grill at least 25 minutes before the first slab of meat goes down. Not only is the heat needed for cooking but also for killing bacteria. The optimum temperature is 450 at the high end. You’ll know your grill is ready when you can get an instant sear on the meat. Also, when your grill is hot it is the best time to scrape the crunchy bits off from your last meal.

Sear Your Meat

Searing your meat in a skillet before going on the grill can go a long way towards locking in the juices. This creates enhanced flavors through the caramelization. If you do your grilling job right, then the meat juices will take care of themselves.

Start Your Meat at Room Temperature

Before lighting the grill, take out your meat from the fridge. Grilling at room temperature can insure an even cook throughout.

Don’t Forget the Flavor

If you’ve done any grilling in the past, then you’ve probably already developed your favorite flavor profiles. Whether it is a dry rub, a marinade of a glaze, your choice will determine the ultimate flavor of your chosen meat or poultry. Maybe this summer you can indulge in a little flavor experimenting. Go out of your comfort zone and try other flavors for your seasoning. Who knows what you might discover!

Oil the Veggies

If you’re grilling veggies (and you should) coat them with a little olive oil first. This will keep them from sticking to the grill and prevent them for drying out. BTW, you can also oil your grill by using tongs and an oil-soaked paper towel.

Avoid Flipping

Too much flipping works against the meat getting flavored and you’ll lose tasty juices. After you’ve got a good sear all around, let the fire do its thing on one side completely and then flip.

Check the Temp

An instant-read meat thermometer can be your new grilling BFF. It’s the best way to determine when your meat is done. Meat temperatures don’t lie.

Let It Rest

When your meat is done cooking, it’s still not ready to eat. You have to let it rest for at least ten minutes before the first slice.

Now that you’re ready to grill, you want to make sure the backyard is ready to entertain. It might be helpful to hire Junk King Sacramento for yard debris removal. Not only can these professional movers clear way piles of stone, bricks and dirt but they can also take down something like an old swing set or hot tub. This can free up a lot more room in your yard for entertaining.

Follow these grilling tips and you’ll make the most of your backyard fun this summer.

Junk King Sacramento Earns Rave Reviews From Its Customers

Every company who wants to attract customers needs to ask those customers, “How are we doing?” It is really the only way to make sure a company is delivering on its promises. Junk King Sacramento is happy to ask its customers how they doing because they always get such terrific responses. Here a few that have come in the last couple of weeks.


“Are you kidding me! If Junk King isn’t a 10 than nobody is! Customer service was outstanding! They beat everyone else’s quote and they picked up within 27 minutes of my call! Workers were polite and professional! You bet I was impressed from A to Z. I will use Junk King again and will recommend them!” – M.G.

Not every Junk King customer can land a same day pickup. But for those that do it’s kind of like winning the lottery! Once you’ve decided you want to get rid of your stuff you shouldn’t have to wait around. Most Junk King sessions are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. But if you call at the right time you get a same day appointment your junk can be cleared out even faster.

“You arrived in the promised time frame and when there wasn’t enough room in the truck for all my ‘junk,’ another truck arrived in a timely manner for the excess. The guys loading the truck were pure poetry in motion as they maneuvered the load to utilize every square inch of space–it was a pleasure to watch such pros at work.” – K.Y.

The Junk King crews assigned to your junk removal task will have a lot of experience with packing up that truck. This is important when it comes to determining your final fee. It will all come down to how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. The less space, the less you’ll be paying.

“The service was quick, friendly, and the men involved were super! I felt very comfortable with the whole process. Would highly recommend your company to anyone who needs furniture or any other items picked up!” – P.S.

Based on the reviews, it’s clear that Junk King Sacramento getting the job done. Are you ready to put them to work?

Put Junk King Sacramento To Work This Spring Break Clearing Your House Of Rubbish

For students all across the country spring break has become a mini vacation. Many families take revenge of this time by planning their big vacation for the year during that time. Of Course, that also means contending with lots of crowds who have the same idea. You might prefer a staycation for spring break. Nothing wrong with that because is plenty to do around Sacramento. Before you get started having fun, you might want to check off those remaining chores you’ve been putting off around the house. That includes junk removal. Fortunately, this is a task that can be accomplished with one call to Junk King Sacramento.


How long will take Junk King Sacramento to clear out all of your stuff? That depends on what you getting rid of. If you need a hoarder level type of clean up, then it might take Junk King a few hours to clear out everything. They would even consider sending over additional crews and trucks to make sure all that stuff is cleared in a single appointment. However, most people just need a few moments with the standard two-man Junk King Sacramento team. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they can load up a truck up with several pieces of furniture, boxes and other household goods. They want to get in and out as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your day.

You can set up your appointment with Junk King Sacramento online. When you do that, you get a $30 discount right out the gate. You’ll be asked to pick the day that works best for your schedule. You also want to set aside a two-hour window for the session. That can be early in the morning mid afternoon or early in the evening. You can even wait for the weekend if that works better for you. All you really have to do is be clear on what you want removed.

That final removal list doesn’t have to be locked down until the crew shows up. The only way they can present you with a fee is for them to look over everything in person. They’ll be sizing up your stuff to see how will fit on the back of the truck. Make the most of your spring break this year by starting with a junk removal session from Junk King Sacramento.

Start Your Home Improvement With A Call To Junk King Sacramento

Every home improvement project starts with a plan. That can be a big plan involving tearing down a wall to create an open floor space or can be a little plan about going to the paint store to pick out a good color for spare bedroom. You really don’t need to do a lot for something to be considered a home improvement. After all, you’re the ultimate judge. One easy home improvement project could start with a call to Junk King Sacramento. That call will put a plan into action that will have your home free of clutter in a very short amount of time.


The clutter you want to get rid of can be a little or a lot. The common denominator should be the fact that you can’t throw that stuff in the trash or you want to get it donated. Junk King Sacramento can certainly accommodate with that. They’ve set up working partnerships with many charities in the area. These groups take in all kinds of furniture, appliances and household goods. They also collect clothing, toys, shoes and books. Imagine how much of that stuff you could get rid of? The Junk King Sacramento team will gather it all up from your home no matter where it is. That includes going up in the attic and out into the garage.

Some of the things you getting rid of might actually work better as recyclables. That holds true for things like lumber, concrete, metal bed frames and auto parts. Those are the kinds of things that you usually have piled up in the backyard, which doesn’t make going out there any fun. The Junk King Sacramento crew can take it all away.

When you call to set up your appointment, you’ll be asked about what you want to toss out. You don’t have to give them a specific list. That’s because they will be able to lock down that final price until the crew has a chance to look over all the things you getting rid of. They need to see how will fit on the back of the truck. That is how your price will be determined. It’s a very fair approach for this kind of work. Junk King Sacramento provides fast and affordable junk removal for your home improvement. Put them to work today.

Get Your Garden Ready With Help From Junk King Sacramento

The “farm to table” movement is inspiring a lot of restaurants to utilize local farmers. They create entire menus inspired by fresh produce, beef and poultry. Customers appreciate the opportunity to support the local economy. You can also create your own “farm to table” menu but it would only take a few feet of travel. That would be having a vegetable garden in your backyard. Most festivals are surprisingly resilient. In other words, it’s easy with the right soil, amount of water and sunlight to get your garden growing. The first step is to clear a decent plot of land. Even if your backyard is nothing but concrete you can still do some amazing things with containers. To get your garden project started it might help to clear out all the debris and rubbish. That is taken care with one call to Junk King Sacramento.


Junk King Sacramento is all about improving your living space whether that’s inside the house or out in the backyard. In the past, Junk King Sacramento crews have been called upon to remove weed overgrowth from backyards. They’ve also brought down swing sets, removed tool sheds and taken apart hot tubs. That is a lot of great clearing that can make way for a vegetable garden. You just have to turn the soil to get things going. For the record, Junk King Sacramento can also haul away dirt that you dig up to make room for your garden.

When you book your junk removal appointment Junk King Sacramento, you’ll be getting help from a two-man moving crew and a big truck. Your focus could entirely be on the backyard but there’s no reason why you can put the crew to work around the rest of your house. If you got an old sofa or bedroom set you want to get rid of, then this is your perfect chance to do that. Junk King Sacramento can also take away all your outdated electronic gear and make sure it’s disposed of at a recycling center that is set up for that type of operation. Just think of how much better your house will be once all that unwanted clutter is gone. To get your garden ready for planting, first call in Junk King Sacramento to clear the clutter.

Hiring Junk King Helps You Enjoy More Of Sacramento

Anyone who has spent any time in Sacramento knows this is a great town for biking, hiking and walking. There are so many beautiful parks and trails that you would have a hard time exploring all of them. Finding those new trails is half the fun. The real challenge is making sure you have enough time to enjoy all the outdoor fun that Sacramento has to offer. The only thing standing your way are all the unfinished chores you have waiting for you at home. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with hiring outside help to get some of those chores done. Here’s where Junk King Sacramento can be a big help. If you need rubbish removed from your house then this is the company to hire.


Junk King Sacramento is all about giving you a junk free home. That starts with you deciding exactly what you want to toss out. As you prepare that list, keep in mind that Junk King Sacramento is going to be sending over two strong movers. This is a team that are experts with lifting and loading all kinds of furniture, appliances, sporting equipment and other bulky items.

The Junk King Sacramento crew will also have a truck big enough to hold an entire house worth of furnishings. When you add those two factors up it’s clear that just about anything from your home can be taken out. The only thing that Junk King Sacramento can’t transport are hazardous materials. But just about anything else goes!

When you’re finished putting the list together, then you can give Junk King Sacramento call to set up your appointment. You don’t have to tell them what’s on your list but just give them a sense if you think that two guys can handle the job. There are some people that are dealing with a hoarder level type of clean up that might require additional crew members. Junk King Sacramento won’t have any trouble sending those over. Don’t worry about extra cost because you won’t be paying any.

Junk King Sacramento has a pricing policy that delivers a flat fee which covers all the work, transportation and drop-offs that fee is determined by sizing up your stuff and figuring out how it will fit onto the back of the truck. The Junk King Sacramento crews know exactly how to pack any combination of items. They’ll always strive to get your stuff into a small space as possible, which will allow you to be paying as little as possible. Hiring Junk King Sacramento to get rid of all your rubbish will give you plenty of time off.

Junk King Sacramento Powers Up Your Spring Cleaning

Do you have a few moments to spare? That is all you need to get rid of all your unwanted clutter. How is that possible? It’s very possible when you hire Junk King Sacramento to help with the task. This year your spring cleaning should also mean designating things for removal and not just dusting and mopping. As you go through a room the house you may find a lot of things that could be taken away like an old sofa, worn out chairs, electronic gear that has been replaced, appliances that don’t work and all manner of household goods. That’s a lot of stuff to cram into your trashcan. This is why you need Junk King Sacramento on your side. These are the junk hauling experts who won’t leave any piece of rubbish behind!


When you open the door for the Junk King Sacramento crew, you’ll be greeted by a team of smiling and professional movers. The difference with these movers is that the stuff they’re taking away from you will be going on a one-way trip out of your life for good. This is a team that has also been licensed and insured. That sets them apart from a lot of other self proclaimed professional junk haulers. If somebody can’t be insured or licensed, then they really can’t call themselves a professional. The crews working with Junk King also know what it takes to lift something heavy and maneuver it down a hallway or flight of stairs.

In some instances, it might require the crew to take apart an object before it can squeeze through the door. Yes, that would be all that wonderful IKEA furniture you spent hours putting together but now are done with. The Junk King Sacramento crew will make short work of taking that apart and loading it onto the truck.

In the past, your spring cleaning might have involved coming up with objects to donate to charity. That can still happen with Junk King Sacramento. They are dedicated to a green way of getting rid of junk and that means dropping things off at charities or recycling centers for repurposing. Junk King Sacramento does all the work and is eco-friendly. That makes in the best spring cleaning partners in town.

Take Care Of Your Apartment Clean Up With One Call To Junk King Sacramento

There are many disputes between landlords and tenants that revolve around security deposit. The tenants claimed they didn’t cause the damage that a landlord is trying to get them to pay for. A lot of these cases and up with Judge Judy! One thing you can learn from that is to take pictures before you move in and on the day you leave. They should look exactly the same. If that’s the case, then you will be able to get your security deposit back. One way you can help with your apartment clean up is to set up an appointment with Junk King Sacramento. These are the junk removal professionals who will happily remove all your unwanted clutter from your old apartment in a single session.

Whether you live in an elevator building or walk up Junk King Sacramento will happily take away whatever you’re leaving behind. It doesn’t matter to them if it’s furniture, clothing, electronic gear or kitchen appliances. All that matters is that you don’t want it any longer. Usually you’ll find plenty of things that you can live without in your new space as you pack up all your stuff. If you remember how quickly it took to fill up your current apartment, then you can appreciate not wanting to bring those unwanted items with you. You might even uncover some things from the move before this the one!

There may be a lot of things that you throwing out that considered still usable. That makes Junk King Sacramento the perfect company to hire. Junk King Sacramento is dedicated to keeping as much things out of landfills and in circulation as possible. You often find them making weekly drop offs to charities throughout the area. Junk King Sacramento knows exactly what these organizations are looking for and if they spot those things in your stuff, then they’ll make sure it gets the right place.

With your new move, you’re probably already spending a lot of money so cost is a factor. Fortunately, Junk King Sacramento’s pricing policies are very affordable. They only charge by volume and not by weight. In other words, they’re going to be a lot less expensive than your official movers. Take care of your apartment clean up the fast and affordable way by hiring Junk King Sacramento from the start.


Toss Out The Last Of Your Holiday Clutter With Help From Junk King Sacramento

Between the after Christmas sales and gift card purchases you might have discovered that you double the amount of new stuff that came into your home over the holidays. It’s not as if you are feeling every room to the rafters with new outfits or electronic gear. But there is certainly a lot of space taken up in a closet by clothing you’re not can aware anymore. As for the old electronic gear, where do you keep that? Out in the garage or under your bed? All of that would be considered post holiday clutter. Is this the kind of stuff you want to be hanging on to into the New Year? It can all be taken away in one swift move with a junk removal session from Junk King Sacramento.


You might have discovered is quite the challenge to get rid of your old Blu-ray players, televisions and computers. Unless you find out about a specific e-waste drop off day then you’re pretty much stuck with those things. There’s not much chance of selling them on Craigslist either because if you replace them because they’re old, then no one else is going to be interested. Instead, they need to be dropped off at a recycling center that handles that type of equipment. Junk King Sacramento can ensure that your e-waste gets to the right place for its “final journey.”

As for all the old outfits, appliances and other things that got swapped out over the holidays those can also find a new lease on life thanks to Junk King Sacramento. Part of their drop off routes include many area charities. These are the organizations that taken donations for thrift store or two directly turn over to families in need. They’re not to handle over the condition of your furniture or other goods. They are very appreciative of any donation. This should make you feel good about clearing out all of your unwanted items. They will find a new home thanks to Junk King Sacramento!

All of this fantastic decluttering can happen with a single call to junk King. This is the company that is all about the rapid response. Don’t carry over clutter from last year into this year. Instead, give it all to Junk King Sacramento.

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