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Monthly Archives:

Back To School Home Improvement Projects Sacramento

Now that the kids are back to school, you’ve got a chance to take an assessment of your surroundings and consider some valuable home improvement projects. Whether you take these on as a DIY scenario or hire professional contractors, this could be a golden opportunity to improve your surroundings and actually increase the overall value of your home. Take a causal stroll through your home while you think about all the possibilities. You could:
  1. Add an attic bedroom. If your attic has the standing room, it really doesn’t take a lot of effort to convert that useable space into a practical room or den. This same philosophy can be applied to other spaces like a garage or basement. All it might take is some dry wall, paint and furnishing. It’s also a fun project that you can do yourself with busting the budget. This spare room could also come in handy if you have siblings who are now sharing a bedroom. As they get older, they’ll be lobbying for their own bedroom. Why not get that ready now? If you don’t need a spare bedroom, why not consider a home office or just a quiet space for reading? Surely you can find a purpose for an extra room!
  2. Add a wood deck out back. It has been estimated that when a home owner installs a wooden deck to their backyard they can actually recoup close to 80% of the cost of installation based on the increased value of the home. Adding a deck might be a bit more labor intensive which could require hiring professional deck builders. The advantage of this is that you’ll find many prefabricated options that can lower the cost. You could also design your own deck to accommodate whatever type of entertaining needs you have in mind. Would you prefer and open deck or enclosed one? Will you be grilling out there? The possibilities are limitless.
  3. Replace all your windows. Depending on the circumstances, your windows might be in desperate need of an upgrade. If you still have old windows they might be letting out all your warm air or let in all the cold air which is going to force you to crank up the heat and increase your energy bills. Replacing windows is another great way to increase the value of your home. New windows are also easier to clean and make for a brighter look all around.
  4. Update your kitchen. This doesn’t mean a complete remodel but instead you could simply replace your old appliances with new, energy efficient models to give your kitchen a facelift. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a total remodel. This would involve replacing cabinets and countertops. If your kitchen is really the “heart of your home” then perhaps it’s time to get the most out of that space by widening the walls and brining in a center prep island. A top chef needs the right space to create culinary magic!
To help move along any of those projects, you’ll also want to have Sacramento Junk Removal team like Junk King on standby. They’ll be able to take away all the clutter to open up a room or all the waste left behind from a remodel project. You focus on the improvements and let them focus on the junk removal!

Getting Rid of Your Old Stove & Other Appliances in Sacramento

Ask any Sacramento resident what is the benefit of living in the city and top of the list will be the amazing array of restaurants. Sacramento is a true foodie town with bistros, cafes, restaurants and even food trucks that appeal to everyone’s taste. What’s great about dining out is how it might inspire you to try some new culinary tricks of your own. There are also some great one night cooking classes happening around town where you could discover a passion for pasta making or unlock your inner pastry chef. Of course all this kitchen excitement could hit the brakes if your own cooking workspace is not up to speed. If that is the case then it could be time for you to get rid of those old appliances and make room for some new ones.
For any serious chef you need a proper oven/stove combination. Yes, the food processors, blenders, knives and all the other handheld gadgets are important but sooner or later everything is going to end up in that over or on top of that stove. Which begs the question: do you like what you’re working with now? When it comes to oven options you can go basic or pro chef. The basic oven model is probably the one you’ve probably used your whole life. It’s got four stove top burners, a single oven for baking and a broil at the bottom. It can get the job done but precision is often lacking. Over temperatures can fluctuate depending on the temperamental nature of the oven. On the stove top, those racks might not be distributing the heat of the flame as evenly as you would like. All of this can be rectified with a professional chef’s oven.
The pro ovens aren’t going to surprise you with oven temperature. They might also have an optional grill plate which makes searing meat and fish a snap. As for sturdiness, these ovens are designed to be used and abused! No matter what you might whip up, they are going to give you the right amount of heat. Naturally, you don’t have to go pro to accomplish that same level of precision. In fact, there are many electric ovens that can deliver that same kind of precision with the added bonus of programmed timers. You can actually set a timer to go from boil to simmer without being anywhere near the pots.
All of this comes back to the issue of getting rid of those old appliances. Pulling out a stove might be easy but then what will you do with it. Here is where you need to call upon the services of a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Sacramento to show up at the appointed hour and get rid of that stove or fridge or dishwasher or whatever you’re tossing out. The goal would be to get those items out in time to give the floor a proper scrubbing and make way for the new appliances. The only thing you have to worry about then is what’s for dinner!

Sacramento Furniture De-Cluttering and Recycling

Do you know where you fall on the furniture style meter? Are you happy being surrounded by casual or do you prefer more rustic? Is your vibe closer to traditional or leaning towards contemporary? Maybe you like a little bit of everything, not that there’s anything wrong with that! Our furnishings reflect our taste (or lack thereof). Typically if we live alone the only one we are really pleasing when it comes to picking out furniture is our self. It’s when couples get together that they have to blend styles which could lead to a hodgepodge of furnishings. This is especially true if they’re bringing together two separate living spaces. All it takes to rectify the situation is a little coordination.
One of the first things that many decorators recommend is that you de-clutter your home. If you’re the type of person that likes to collect tchotchkes perhaps they should be regulated to a specific display case as opposed to spread out throughout the entire house. You might also want to say it’s time to get rid of some furniture. That’s the quickest way to de-clutter a room. This is not to say that you need to go completely minimalist because certain well-placed accessories do make the room. But these fall more into the lamp or throw pillow category as opposed to the snow globes or stuffed animals.
Going back to that issue of furniture, it’s not going to do you any good if you take a piece of old furniture one room and put into another room. You’re not so much getting rid of the clutter as transferring it. That’s why you should consider hiring a company like Junk King Sacramento to show up and take away all your furniture that you plan on getting rid of. There’s also the added bonus that the Junk King crew can move that furniture right from your home to a Sacramento recycling center. You didn’t think your sofa could be recycled did you? When you hire Junk King that’s exactly what can happen!
The Junk King crews are well-versed when it comes to where to dump the junk. You might ask them if they can recycle but the truth of the matter is they’ll probably do that without you asking because the Sacramento recycling facilities are all part of their normal dumping routes. Some furniture is easier to recycle than others. They’ll know just what to do with a wooden table: it goes to the big wood chipper center. But items that incorporate more than one form of raw material like a sofa or loveseat need to go to facility that will strip those components down to the core. Only then can those materials be sent off to the appropriate recycling centers.
There could even be a case of one place for breaking down and another place for repurposing. Sound confusing? You don’t have to worry about. All the real effort you’re going to expel is making a phone call to Junk King Sacramento at 1-888-888-JUNK.
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