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Junk Removal Garland TX

Many folks are discovering the simple joys of downsizing. Typically, this means moving from a large home with plenty of upkeep to a smaller dwelling where the maintenance is taken care of for you. It’s more affordable and frees up a lot of time to enjoy life. However, there are others who are taking downsizing to a whole new level by creating tiny homes. How tiny? How about 112-square-feet? That is what one Garland TX resident has been working on for the last several months. She already sold her two-bedroom home and most of the furnishings. Her hope is to take her tiny house on the road and teach other people around the country how to build their own. Ultimately, she would like to start a tiny home community back here in Garland. One thing is for sure; that community won’t be taking up a lot of space!

When it comes to your own downsizing, you don’t have to sell off everything you own, but you could consider tossing out a lot of your unwanted junk. What makes an object a piece of junk? Obviously, if it is broken and can no longer serve its original purpose then that thing is destined for the junk pile. There could also be some items in your home that are simply not being used by anyone in the family. Do you want to keep things like that around taking up space? You don’t have to if you call Junk King of Dallas.

These are the junk pros that spend their days driving around many Dallas area neighborhoods picking up all kinds of junk. In the last year, Junk King has removed truckloads full of furniture, appliances, beds, grills, car parts, sporting equipment, pianos, hot tubs, and construction waste. Most of what Junk King collects will go straight to a nearby recycling center. This is going to help Garland’s environment and provide work for those recycling operators. That’s good all around.

If you’ve got oversized items to toss out, you’ll want to let Junk King Dallas do the hard work. You can schedule a removal appointment with one call to Junk King. Once they see the amount of junk you’re getting rid of, they’ll provide you with a single fee. That fee will reflect how much space your junk takes up on their truck. The crews are all trained to pack up the trucks tight so you can get a good deal every time. Call today and find out how Junk King can help you downsize away all your junk.


Junk Removal Plano TX

Believe it or not, Texas gets it fair share of weird weather. Recently, it got so cold here in Plano, Texas that we had snow and ice piling up on the streets and rooftops. It was the ice on the roof of an apartment building that caused a lot of trouble for some parked cars. When that ice began to melt, sheets slide right off an apartment roof and sent it crashing onto a bunch of parked cars. The result was some serious damage and some pretty amazing YouTube videos. It doesn’t look like anyone was hurt but imagine if you were the car owner and you didn’t come back for a couple of days. You would return to find huge dents in your car but no sign of what caused it because all the ice would be melted. That would make a decent mystery to solve but will be no fun to get fixed.

You just don’t expect to be pummeled by ice when you park on the streets. There is just no predicting what kind of damage you’ll get from a storm. However, one thing you can depend on is having Junk King come afterwards for the cleanup. Junk King Dallas is the branch of the national franchise that helps folks in Plano TX with all kinds of junk removal projects. Most often, folks call on Junk King to take away unwanted furniture or household appliances. However, Junk King can haul away anything they can load up on the back of their truck. That includes any debris dumped in your yard from a storm. It also includes any type of debris you created such as piles of leftover remodeling materials, piles of sod or chunks of concrete. All you have to do is tell the Junk King crew what you want removed and they’ll handle the rest.

You don’t have to wait for a storm to put Junk King to work. They have trucks going out every day to make junk pickups. You might even be able to score a same day appointment. Call Junk King in the morning and your clutter could be gone by dinnertime! Just so you know, Junk King won’t just be helping you keep your property clean, but they’re also making sure all of Plano is as “green” as possible. Part of Junk King’s eco-friendly philosophy is to keep as much trash out of area landfills. Recycling is the name of the game and it’s something that Junk King wins at every time! Get your junk removed the right way with a call to Junk King Dallas today.

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