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Tag Archives: Dallas Junk Removal

Valentine’s Day Junk Removal In Dallas

If you’re looking for fresh ideas of what to do on Valentine’s Day here in Dallas there are two unique options: You can take to the sky or satisfy your chocolate cravings. At Delta Charlie’s Bar & Grill you can take advantage of a dinner and flight. For dinner it’s a three course gourmet affair. For the flight, you’ll have a 30-minute private sightseeing tour of the Dallas skyline. Don’t worry if you can’t get a reservation for the actual V-Day. They are offering this special deal through next week.


As for your chocolate fix, there is a one-of-a-kind tour called “Dallas by Chocolate” that takes chocolate lovers on a three hour driving tour of some of Dallas’ tastiest chocolate makers including Sweet Chocolate, Sublime Chocolate and CocoAndre Chocolatier. Not only will you your fill of all things chocolate, but you’ll also get to taste pastries, ice cream and some perfect wine pairings.

For a truly special Valentine’s Day gift, why don’t you treat your special one to a total junk removal appointment from Junk King? By total junk removal, we’re talking about anything and everything that you’ve been hankering to throw out but just haven’t had the means to do so. Even if you have access to a pickup truck, that doesn’t mean you have access to a moving crew. With Junk King on the job, you’ll get that crew plus a truck big enough to toss out whatever you want to throw out.

How does this play into Valentine’s Day? Suppose you’ve been nicely asked to remove these things for some time now. No doubt your reasons for delay have all been valid but it’s a project that has hung over your head. Now it can be completed with one call to Junk King. When you set up that junk removal appointment, you’ll be able take full advantage of that two-man Junk King crew not only for your inside but outside as well. If you’ve got some old swing sets, a busted tool shed or rotten wood you need to clear out, then turn it over to Junk King. They’ll be happy to pile up all that debris on the same truck that is going to take way y our old furniture, appliances and other household items.

You might be able to take advantage of a same-day service call. That means your home can be clutter free by the end of the day. Remember, it doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day to count. Any day you hire Junk King is going to be a good day.

Dallas Junk Removal In 2014

Can you put a price on scenic beauty? According to the Dallas City Council, the current price is $3.2 million. That’s how much the council approved for a cleanup of the Trinity River. For many local residents, this is welcomed news that is long overdue. Sadly, this area has become a wasteland for illegal dumping. The bulk of the trash items are discarded tires. It’s horrible to think that someone is careless enough to toss a tire into a waterway. There has been a stepped up program from the City Marshalls as they are patrolling the river looking for illegal dumpers. Hopefully, those criminals can be caught and put to work cleaning up the mess they helped create.

Illegal dumping.

Illegal dumping.

Does this have you thinking about the mess you created around your home? You are well within your rights to collect all kinds of things and keep them in storage in your home. However, there might come a time when you’ve simply run out of room. When that happens, you need to set up a junk removal appointment with Junk King. They’ve already helped hundreds of Dallas residents with getting rid of oversized junk items. Are you ready to put junk removal on your list of things to accomplish in 2014? One call to Junk King can make it all happen.

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Junk Removal Garland TX

Many folks are discovering the simple joys of downsizing. Typically, this means moving from a large home with plenty of upkeep to a smaller dwelling where the maintenance is taken care of for you. It’s more affordable and frees up a lot of time to enjoy life. However, there are others who are taking downsizing to a whole new level by creating tiny homes. How tiny? How about 112-square-feet? That is what one Garland TX resident has been working on for the last several months. She already sold her two-bedroom home and most of the furnishings. Her hope is to take her tiny house on the road and teach other people around the country how to build their own. Ultimately, she would like to start a tiny home community back here in Garland. One thing is for sure; that community won’t be taking up a lot of space!

When it comes to your own downsizing, you don’t have to sell off everything you own, but you could consider tossing out a lot of your unwanted junk. What makes an object a piece of junk? Obviously, if it is broken and can no longer serve its original purpose then that thing is destined for the junk pile. There could also be some items in your home that are simply not being used by anyone in the family. Do you want to keep things like that around taking up space? You don’t have to if you call Junk King of Dallas.

These are the junk pros that spend their days driving around many Dallas area neighborhoods picking up all kinds of junk. In the last year, Junk King has removed truckloads full of furniture, appliances, beds, grills, car parts, sporting equipment, pianos, hot tubs, and construction waste. Most of what Junk King collects will go straight to a nearby recycling center. This is going to help Garland’s environment and provide work for those recycling operators. That’s good all around.

If you’ve got oversized items to toss out, you’ll want to let Junk King Dallas do the hard work. You can schedule a removal appointment with one call to Junk King. Once they see the amount of junk you’re getting rid of, they’ll provide you with a single fee. That fee will reflect how much space your junk takes up on their truck. The crews are all trained to pack up the trucks tight so you can get a good deal every time. Call today and find out how Junk King can help you downsize away all your junk.


Got Junk Items in Dallas?

For years, the name Hilton has stood for good accommodations. You know if you’re checking into a Hilton that you’ll be taken care of. They also manage to take that philosophy out into the community. Recently staff members of the Dallas Hilton Hotel volunteered to give the Dallas Environment Science Academy a much needed makeover. This mean painting inspirational mottos and murals throughout the campus, planting flowers and shrubs and stocking the library with dozens of books. They also made sure to clean up the school of any debris and clutter. This is just the kind of thing that puts students in a good place to study. It’s that same philosophy that works at all the Hilton Hotels. You could apply this attitude in your own home in terms of getting rid of unwanted clutter. If you’ve got junk it’s time to call Junk King Dallas.

By now you’ve probably seen one of the big red Junk King trucks driving around Dallas. When you set up a removal appointment with Junk King that same truck will be pulling up into your driveway. You then have the chance to fill it up to the brim with all kinds of junk. Technically, you won’t be doing any of the actual work. Instead, the Junk King crew will handle the lifting. The only thing you need to lift is your finger to point to all that junk you want taken away!

Take a few moments to go through your home to figure out what you can toss out. Don’t leave any closet, back room, porch or garage untouched. Image all the things you can throw away knowing you’ve got a crew and truck for the job. This is your chance to clear out the furniture you’re not going to ever use again or boxes of junk that should be thrown out. You can also put that Junk King crew to the task of cleaning up your yard. If you’ve just completed a landscaping project you might have some mounds of dirt and stones that need to be dealt with. That’s another perfect task for the Junk King crew. Don’t worry about containers; the Junk King crew will show up with all the equipment they need to get the job done.

If you’ve got junk then you want to make sure Junk King is headed your way. Call today and you could be junk free by the time the sun sets in the west!

Dallas Junk Removal Reviews

Have you ever written a review? Thanks to all the Internet comment sections, we all have the opportunity to share our opinions. Businesses who are proud of their accomplishments are happy to provide this opportunity to its customers. In fact, if you ever look up a business without reviews you should be a little leery. You won’t have that issue with Junk King of Dallas. These are the professional junk haulers who have been getting rave reviews in Dallas ever since they opened for business. Take a peek at their Facebook page and you’ll see some great reviwes. Here are some recent posts:

“The 2 men did a fantastic job! They worked quickly and did an excellent job cleaning up afterward. I will definitely use them again and would certainly recommend Junk King.”

Yes, with every Junk King appointment you’ll be assigned two hard working movers who are experts when it comes to lifting and loading all kinds of objects. All of that loading will be onto the back of the Junk King truck. There will be plenty of room to get rid of anything you want to toss out.

Here’s more positive feedback:

“My biggest concern about hiring someone to haul off my junk was overpaying for the service. The guys gave me a break on the rate and I feel like I got a good deal. I would have no problem recommending Junk King to anyone.”

Price is a concern for everyone and Junk King Dallas certainly understands this. That’s why they will only be charging you by the amount of space that your junk takes up on their truck. There won’t be any surprise charges. When you add up what it would cost you if you had to rent a truck, pay for movers and fork over landfill fees you’ll quickly see that Junk King is an amazing bargain.

“Showed up right on time, and went straight to work. Done in a minimum amount of time and left the patio clean. Definitely worth the money.”

That’s another example of the “extra mile” that Junk King goes to make sure you’re satisfied. Because this is a professional business, the Junk King crews don’t want to waste your time or their time. They have plenty of stops to make on any given day. But they will make sure you are satisfied before they roll away.

“The person on the phone was very accommodating and got us in on the same day. The crew that picked up were very courteous and professional. We are updating our home and will use your service again in the near future as well as recommend you company to others.”

That’s really the best kind of review we can get: having someone recommend our services to their friends and neighbors. We must be doing something right!

Furniture Donations Pick Up In Dallas

furniture donations pickupThe start of the new football season can mean only one thing: Will your sofa last another season? Next to beds, the sofas in family rooms are the most active pieces of furniture in our homes. As a result, they take a lot of weight and a lot of spills over the years. Maybe it’s time for you to swap out your old couch for something more comfortable and accommodating. At the very least it would be stain free! Before you head out to sofa shop, you’ll want to keep a few tips in mind to help you pick the best sofa for your home.

Although the look and cushion feel are important, one of the first things you really want to consider is the frame. Without a sturdy frame even the best-looking couch will crumble after a year or two. Top of the line sofa frames would be ones made of hardwood like oak, ash or beech. What you want to avoid is anything made of particleboard, plastic or metal. Yes, those frames are less expensive but you’ll be replacing that kind of sofa a lot sooner. You should never buy a sofa whose frame is held together with staples, nails or glue alone. Look for durable wooden dowels for the joinery.

For the best cushion filling a lot of goose and ducks will be giving up their feathers. Typically, foam is used in most cushions. Here you want to look for high-resilient foam as opposed to high-density. For the textile your best bet is a synthetic microfiber. These fabrics are crafted in a variety of colors and patterns. Best of all they can be treated for stain resistance. Before settling on a sofa, ask for a swatch of the fabric so you can see how it will hold up in the rest of your room.

After all of that you’ve still got one more thing to think about: How to get rid of the old sofa. Too often folks just take an old sofa and shove it down a basement or into the garage. In some cases they end up on back porches. The worst-case scenario is when a sofa gets dumped into an alley. That’s just careless. The fast and efficient way to get rid of old furniture is to hire Junk King Dallas. They will provide you with a two man moving crew and a truck capable of hauling away your old sofa and anything else you want to toss out. Junk King are true professionals when it comes to junk removal. That means they will be dependable and punctual. Since they’ll be doing all the work, getting rid of your junk has never been easier.


Dallas Summer Junk Removal

Dallas SummerAccording to the county clerk, there is one project that many folks are taking on this summer. That would be getting hitched. The amount of county-issued wedding licenses has shot up in recent months. So far the count stands at around 15,700 which is up by almost 2,000 from this same time last year. Not only is that great news for those happy couples but it’s also making wedding planners, caterers, photographers, florists and musicians very happy. Could your big “summer project” compare to getting married? In terms of starting off fresh in the fall, nothing beats finally cleaning your home of all its clutter. Best of all you don’t have to do that project alone. You’ll get a big help when you hire Junk King Dallas to pitch in.

All of those newlywed couples about to be married will be blending their lives together (if they haven’t already!). That means folding two houses into one. Something has got to give. If you’ve already gone through that process then you know what it’s like to sort through two sets of living room furniture, two sets of kitchen appliances, two bedroom sets, etc. Often, one of the partners isn’t ready to let go of all their stuff just yet. That means it goes into storage in the garage or down the basement. At what point can you finally let go of all of that? It might be that you need the extra space to make room for your growing family. That’s a perfect time to call Junk King Dallas to haul away all that clutter.

You don’t have to worry that your furniture and appliances are going to just be thrown away. When you hire Junk King to do the removal, they will make every effort to drop your junk off at a recycling center or a charity. If a sofa, table or stove still has some life in it, then those charities can refurbish the piece. They can then give it to a family in need and your stuff will have a second life. However, your priority is really about clearing out your home. When Junk King is on the assignment that summer project can be completed in no time.

Every Junk King removal appointment comes with a two-man work crew and huge truck. Right off the bat, you can see what a difference this is going to make when it comes to tossing out your junk. If you had the truck and manpower you probably would have done it long ago. Thanks to Junk King of Dallas you don’t have to wait any longer. Whether you’re moving into a new place or looking to freshen up your comfortable home, getting rid of junk is always a good thing to do.

Pamper Yourself With Junk Removal Services in Dallas

Have you been over to the Pamper Zone? If not then you’re missing out on an amazing day of relaxation. This is how they describe a typical session. “You may find it a welcomed retreat from the effects of everyday life. Each session is designed to rekindle, nurture and balance your body’s own natural healing rhythms. Soft lighting and healing music co-exists to usher in relaxation bliss. Ancient exotic secrets of relaxation, rejuvenation and meditation are available here at The Pamper Zone. Relax, renew, rejuvenate and improve your quality of life. Energy increases while stress and pain is relieved.” You can just feel yourself floating away, can’t you?

If you really want to let the troubles of the world melt away while you get pampered then it might help to clear away your household chore list. Yes, you can put off doing the laundry for another day but what about that big job you’ve been procrastinating about? Does “getting rid of your junk” ring a bell? We’ve all got stuff we can get rid of. It could be piles of rusty appliances in the garage or old furniture down in the basement. Why are you holding onto it? Is it because you don’t have a truck big enough to take it away? Is it because you don’t have help lifting that stuff? Is it because you don’t have several hours to dedicate to driving around Dallas looking for a landfill? Well, if you hire Junk King Dallas you won’t have to worry about any of that.

Here’s how one of Junk King Dallas’ owners Renee describes her business: “Junk King provides a full range of junk removal services. We do the work for you…just point to what you want removed, sit back, relax and watch us do the work! No need to box or bag your items either. Just tell us what you want removed and we’ll do the rest! We’ll even sweep ourselves out the door. Junk King is your go-to source when you need a real estate property cleaned out, construction debris removed, residential and commercial cleanouts or any household junk including furniture and appliances.”

Can it get any better than that? Actually, when you find out how affordable it is to use Junk King and how fast those crews move you’ll be glad you made that call. With the money you’ll be saving on truck rentals and dumping fees, you’ll have plenty for the full Pamper Zone package. Get started by making that call to Junk King Dallas today. You could be getting pampered by the weekend!

Alternatives to Dallas Dumpster Rentals

You just never know who or what might be lurking around a dumpster. The Dallas Police Department was reminded of this the other day when they found a man lurking by a dumpster outside of FedEx office at two in the morning. The officers spotted some nefarious types in what looked like a drug deal going down. As they were investigating this deal, one of the officers spotted a man coming from the inside of a dumpster. It looked like this vagrant had a gun. The officers turn on him and ordered him to drop his weapon. He didn’t and the police opened fired. They missed and the young man dropped his BB gun and arrested the felon. All of that action went down around a dumpster. This doesn’t mean that the dumpster you might be thinking about renting is going to become a crime scene. However, you can’t avoid the simple fact that dumpsters have a way of attracting all kinds of unwanted elements.

Hopefully, your dumpster won’t become a hiding place for a criminal but that doesn’t mean other creatures won’t take up “residence.” Even if you’re not throwing out food, the scent left behind from the previous renter could bring in rats or possums or raccoons. Of course, the biggest thing that is attracted to a dumpster is other garbage. That would be the stuff your neighbors will be dumping. You don’t have to give them permission. The mere fact that there is an empty dumpster parked by the curb is enough of an invitation for anyone to get rid of their oversized items. Next time you happen by a dumpster on a residential street take a peek inside. You’re sure to find plenty of stuff that the renter had no idea was going to be in there.

So, what happens when you need to get rid of a lot of junk at once? If you can’t rent a dumpster what is the alternative? Your best bet here in Dallas would be hiring Junk King Dallas. Usually, folks would rent a dumpster when they are cleaning out a garage or basement and want to toss out a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, you’d be stuck with the dumpster for several days and that’s when all the trouble starts.

With Junk King on the job, you’ll be able to clear out your junk within an hour. And since every Junk King Dallas appointment comes with a two-man crew, you can put them to work. They can do the heavy lifting and hauling. You’ll have your junk cleared away in no time without lifting a finger and without needing a dumpster. That’s really the only way to go!

Dallas Appliance Disposal

A new trend in home remodeling that is gaining in popularity are “revamping kits.” Utilizing one of these kits allows homeowners the chance to refinish their kitchen countertops, cabinets and appliance faces and can turn a drab kitchen into a brand new elegant environment with very little effort. These makeover options don’t have to break the bank.

For instance, granite is a number one choice for countertops but with high-end prices like $110 a square foot it’s not always practical to outfit a big kitchen. Instead, a granite paint kit can provide outdated counters with a new look for as little as $70.00. Every one of these kits comes with all the primer, mineral paints and applicators along with a DVD instructional program to guide you through the steps. This same approach can be taken with your cabinets by using something like Nuvo Cabinet paint. With this revamping kit, you don’t have to use any type of primer. Just apply two even coats of the unique blend of paint and your cabinets will look like brand new.

When you save money this way, you’ll be able to invest in an appliance upgrade such as a new fridge, stove or dishwasher. Replacing your old appliances will not only help you run a more efficient kitchen but you’ll also be saving money in the long run. That’s because all of the new models of kitchen appliances have been EnergyStar rated. You’ll see the difference this can make on your very next electric and water bill! Best of all, none of these ideas have to disrupt your kitchen for very long and they’ll all increase the value of your home.

Before scheduling your delivery of your new appliances you’ll want to make sure the old appliances will be taken away and properly disposed of. That’s a job for Junk King Dallas Fort Worth. They are the professional junk haulers who have been doing an exceptional job helping Dallas residents clear out their homes and backyards. With Junk King working for you, you’ll be guaranteed that there will be enough space on their truck to take away anything you want to get rid of. They’ll also have a two-man crew who will be doing all the work. This is really the only way to get rid of junk.

If you are going to give your kitchen the once over then make sure you time your project to coincide with a Junk King removal appointment. It could be that you get rid of your old kitchen appliances in the morning and have your new ones delivered in the afternoon. Your kitchen will look like new, your home will be free of clutter and its all thanks to Junk King!

For the best in Dallas Appliance Disposal, call 1-888-888-JUNK.

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