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Get The Backyard Clean With Help From Junk King Dallas

If you were to fly a drone over your neighborhood, then you would probably see a lot of backyards with piles of “stuff.” Some of that stuff is out in the open while other items are covered by a tarp. Most often, that stuff is really just rubbish that has been put out in the yard because there’s no other place to put it and it’s hard to get rid of. That would apply to just about anything that can fit into the trash can. Some yards of full of old appliances, spare tires, fenders, bicycles and even the occasional boat. If your yard has a rubbish stockpile that you want to finally get rid of, then it is time to bring in Junk King Dallas.

Break Out the Saw

All of those oversize items in your backyard that will be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck could fall into two categories: those things that fit and those things that have to be broken up. The first category the Junk King crew will quickly toss on all those things regardless of how grimy or rusty they might be. In the second category, there might be a need for some power tool action.

It is not uncommon for the teams from Junk King to have a power saw with them on the truck. This is an effective tool to use when it comes to cutting up all kinds of things from an old hot tub to a swing set. You don’t have to make a suggestion of how something should be taken apart. Just leave it to the Junk King crew to decide the best method. All that matters to them is that you want something on. Regardless of how big or heavy that object might be, the Junk King squad will get it loaded onto their truck.

Load In

How everything loaded into the Junk King truck will determine the price that you pay. This is an estimate to be worked out before the crew starts clearing your backyard of all your unwanted rubbish. It’s a price that is extremely affordable when you consider all the work that is involved. That flat fee covers the labor whether the crew stays in your site for a few minutes or a few hours.

The best approach to keep your backyard clean remains hiring Junk King Dallas from the start.

Dallas – Garage Cleanout and Renovations

When people come to us to get Dallas – Garage Cleanout, they’re often surprised by what the space looks like afterward. Clients are always telling us about the fantastic ideas that you have once the space has been cleared out. Here’s just a few of the things that they’ve shared with us that they’ve done with their garage.

Made an Apartment
Really enterprising clients are motivated by our Dallas – Garage Cleanout services. Because we are thorough and efficient, their garage looks much better in no time and they start making plans quickly. One of the big changes they’ve made we’ve heard from our customers is about apartments.

They’ve even shared pictures with us about how they’ve made a few renovations and turned their garage space into an amazingly modern loft apartment. Some of our clients have decided to rent it out for extra income and others hand it over to their teenage children so they have their own space.

A Workshop
It’s important to remember that our Dallas – Garage Cleanout services can be booked online. What’s more, you’ll see that we take quite a variety of different items when you browse our website. Once the whole process is over, some of our other clients have turned that empty space into a workshop.

For some, just some simple wooden scaffolding and tables turns an empty garage into the fulfillment of a lifetime dream. They are able to either work on other home projects in this new workshop or even start a side business to bring in some extra income.

Junk King is the number one rated junk removal service in America. We are very proud of the fact that we have an outstanding reputation for providing superior effort, service and value. If you take just a few minutes to browse our website, you’ll see a variety of customer testimonials from people who have used our services and loved them.

Another Living Space
One of the other things that our clients love to brag about is the way they turn their cleaned out garage into another living space. Perhaps best of all, they tell us how good they feel knowing that the junk that was taken away was recycled wherever possible.

However, you decide to use your space in the end, our Junk King Dallas – Garage Cleanout services are dedicated to helping you de-clutter your garage today.

Great Ideas to Make the Best Ever Summer Staycation

Do you have vacation time coming up but nowhere to go? Perhaps a staycation is in your future. This is where you get to have all the fun of a real vacation but for a lot less money. You’ll also be surrounded by the comforts of home. Here are some great ideas to make the best ever summer staycation.



The only way a staycation will work is if you disconnect. That means disconnecting from your job and from social media. You have plenty of time to post all your fun pictures when the staycation is over. As for work, they need to know that you aren’t going to be answering emails, phones or texts. Already this is sounding like fun!

Be adventurous

There are plenty of adventurous vacations like mountain climbing or white water rafting. While those can certainly be fun that’s not the only definition of adventurous. Your staycation can be just as adventurous but in different ways. Go to a performance of something you’ve never experienced before like an opera or ballet. Take a cooking or art class. You don’t have to become skilled; you are just exploring and having fun. If you want to do something a bit more on the wild side, then there are plenty of day trips you can make outside of Dallas to find those kinds of thrill seeking adventures.

Try new foods

You should do as little work around the house in your staycation as possible. That includes cooking. Instead you probably have a long list of places that you been hankering to try around Dallas. Go on a barbecue tasting tour or experience a cuisine you’ve never tried before like sushi or Thai food. You may discover a new favorite!

Get lost in a museum or library

Staying cool should definitely be on your staycation agenda. That can certainly happen at one of the many local museums and libraries around Dallas. You’ll find there is plenty to see and learn about and it’s a great way to beat the heat.

Before your staycation starts you may have a few things to “check off” on your to do list around the house. If getting rid of some bulky and oversized objects is on that list, then will you’ll want to hire Junk King Dallas. You’ll be amazed at how quickly these professional junk haulers can clear out all kinds of unwanted rubbish. It doesn’t matter how heavy or big something is to Junk King Dallas. All that matters is that you want it gone. Start your staycation in the house that’s junk free with help from Junk King Dallas.

Santa Doesn’t Want To Visit a Cluttered Home In Dallas, TX

At lot of preparation goes into the holidays. Things get started right after Thanksgiving and then kick into high gear days before Christmas. A common gripe is that all that hard work seems to go by in a flash. After the flurry of unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, it feels like it’s all over! Actually, there is a lot more fun to be had. New Year’s is right around the corner and it’s never too late to throw together a party. To help get your home ready for another wave of holiday celebrations, you might want to bring in Junk King. These are the junk removal experts who know how to deal with a cluttered home!


As you got ready for Christmas, you might have had the chance to go through your basement, attic and closet to pull down decorations or hide presents. You probably noticed a lot of stuff that hasn’t been touched in years. This is all the unwanted clutter you can live without. One call to Junk King can make that all disappear and give you the chance to take back your home!

Junk King will be sending over two very capable movers who are going to be doing all the work for you. You just need to point to anything you want taken away and then watch it fly out the door! Knowing you’ll have a pair of movers under your supervision means you can really get rid of a lot of things like furniture, exercise equipment, appliances and other household goods.

The Junk King work can also extend out to your backyard. Here you can have the team take away car parts, tires, lumber and other landscaping waste.

Everything that is collected by Junk King goes onto the back of their truck but it won’t all end up in the same place. Some junk haulers like to take the easy way out and just dump everything in a landfill. That won’t be happening with Junk King. Instead, they would rather drop off your items at places like a church charity or recycling center. Junk King doesn’t want anything to go to waste. Are you ready to change your home from cluttered to clean? One call to Junk King gets it done.

Is Your Dallas Office Too Cluttered? Clear It Out For The Holidays

According to recent surveys, the average cost of office space rental in Dallas hovers at around $15 per square foot. That makes it the fifth most expensive city to rent an office just behind Houston, New York, San Jose and San Francisco. A company who is paying a hefty price on office space doesn’t want it to go to waste. That is why a cluttered office can be deemed inefficient. The best way to reclaim that space is to bring in the pros from Junk King. They’ll be able to move out all your unwanted items with barely any disruptions in your business.


Junk King has been in the junk hauling business for over 10 years. In that time, they’ve helped many companies clear out the rubbish from their offices. That doesn’t mean that a company doesn’t need to keep things in storage. It just means they should be keeping the things that matter. For instance, if there are old computers, monitors and fax machines that have been updated and replaced, then there is no reason to hold on to that gear. Of course, if you’re concerned about not having your company’s e-waste end up in a landfill, then you are justified with not tossing it in the dumpster.

When you hire Junk King, you’re hiring the perfect “green partner.” Junk King has set up a partnerships with many of the certified Dallas recycling centers. This includes those facilities who can specifically handle e-waste. Junk King will make sure your old office equipment will get to the right drop off. The same can be said for your office furniture and file boxes. The papers will all be recycled. The furniture could end up at a local charity to be sold at a thrift story. You’ll be giving back without lifting a finger!

The Junk King crews are all licensed, bonded and insured. They are also very dependable. You’ll get a call when the crew is at least twenty-minutes out from your location. Once they arrive, they’ll present you with the final estimate for the services and then get the work done without too much disruption for your business. Don’t show your customers or clients how cluttered your office is. Let Junk King take the junk away today!

Junk Removal Garland TX

Many folks are discovering the simple joys of downsizing. Typically, this means moving from a large home with plenty of upkeep to a smaller dwelling where the maintenance is taken care of for you. It’s more affordable and frees up a lot of time to enjoy life. However, there are others who are taking downsizing to a whole new level by creating tiny homes. How tiny? How about 112-square-feet? That is what one Garland TX resident has been working on for the last several months. She already sold her two-bedroom home and most of the furnishings. Her hope is to take her tiny house on the road and teach other people around the country how to build their own. Ultimately, she would like to start a tiny home community back here in Garland. One thing is for sure; that community won’t be taking up a lot of space!

When it comes to your own downsizing, you don’t have to sell off everything you own, but you could consider tossing out a lot of your unwanted junk. What makes an object a piece of junk? Obviously, if it is broken and can no longer serve its original purpose then that thing is destined for the junk pile. There could also be some items in your home that are simply not being used by anyone in the family. Do you want to keep things like that around taking up space? You don’t have to if you call Junk King of Dallas.

These are the junk pros that spend their days driving around many Dallas area neighborhoods picking up all kinds of junk. In the last year, Junk King has removed truckloads full of furniture, appliances, beds, grills, car parts, sporting equipment, pianos, hot tubs, and construction waste. Most of what Junk King collects will go straight to a nearby recycling center. This is going to help Garland’s environment and provide work for those recycling operators. That’s good all around.

If you’ve got oversized items to toss out, you’ll want to let Junk King Dallas do the hard work. You can schedule a removal appointment with one call to Junk King. Once they see the amount of junk you’re getting rid of, they’ll provide you with a single fee. That fee will reflect how much space your junk takes up on their truck. The crews are all trained to pack up the trucks tight so you can get a good deal every time. Call today and find out how Junk King can help you downsize away all your junk.


Is Your Dallas Junk Removal Service Cleaning Up?

Dallas Junk Clean UpOne terrific way to get rid of trash is to turn it into power. That’s just what is happening over at Grand Prairie once they finish construction of a new power plant. The goal is to take all the methane that is generated at the landfill and use that to fire up the electrical engines. If all goes according to plans, the single facility could create up to 2 megawatts of electricity every year. That power will go right to the city’s grid. This is a great way of cleaning up Dallas and the surrounding area. When it comes to your own home and business your cleanup projects might be smaller in scale but every bit as important.

As we head towards the end of this year and the start of a new year, there is a terrific opportunity to clean up your property. Instead of tackling a big job like that by yourself, why not bring in some qualified help? We’re talking about professional junk haulers and the only company who you should consider in this category is Junk King Dallas. When it comes to clearing out your clutter, these guys are the experts.

What you’ll need to do is take a gander at what you want to throw out. It might be a couple of pieces of furniture, some old sporting equipment that nobody is using or even a piano. That can all go on the back of the Junk King truck and it will all be loaded by the friendly Junk King crew. This is the same crew who will sweep up after they’ve loaded up. That will provide you with a very clean and open space. Doesn’t matter if that is your garage, basement or spare room; you’re now going to have plenty of open space.

Just as Dallas is working hard to recycle the bulk of its trash, Junk King is doing their part, too. They like to drop off as much junk as they can to one of the many recycling centers around town. If it looks like what you’re getting rid of might be fixed up and reused, they’ll drop that piece off at a charity who handles that sort of thing. It’s all part of the complete Junk King removal package. You’re not going to get that kind of high quality service anywhere else in town!

When you’re ready, give Junk King a call and let them know what you want to throw out. They’ll present you with an estimate. If that price sounds fair (and it always does!) then they’ll send over a crew ASAP. Your junk will be gone before you know it!

Haul Away Junk From Your Dallas Home

Haul Away Junk DalllasDid you know you’re living in a “Turnaround Town?” Thanks to a new survey put out by, Dallas landed the sixth spot in the “Turnaround Town” rankings. We got there by home prices going up by 10.6% and inventory dropping by 15.7%. This is making Dallas a hot seller’s market and that’s great news even if you have no plans to sell your home. If your neighbors are fetching top dollar for their homes then you just have to sit back and watch your values go up. Of course, you can do part for the neighborhood to make sure your yard is clear of clutter. That’s where the junk hauling pros at Junk King Dallas will be your best cleanup partner.

When the Junk King crew shows up to your home, you merely have to point out all the things you’ve got in your yard that you want taken away. Recently, the JK crews have picked up things like car fenders, tires, chunks of concrete, patio furniture, planters, branches and even an old bathtub! Nothing is too big or too small to end up on the back of the Junk King truck. As soon as your yard is clear, you can focus on what is really important: Putting up Christmas lights! You don’t want to hang those twinkling strings of lights in a messy yard, right? Let Junk King help clear it up.

On that same trip to help you with your yard clutter, Junk King Dallas can also do a sweep through your home to take away the rest of your unwanted stuff. Start in the garage and have the crew move out all the boxes of stuff that belong on a trash heap. There’s probable a whole mess of tools, sporting goods, toys, bikes and other rusty items that aren’t doing you any good. Give them all to the Junk King.

Before that Junk King crew lifts one piece of your stuff, they’re going to provide you with an estimate for the job. That estimate will be based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of the Junk King truck. That will be one flat fee which will cover all the labor, gas, travel time and dump fees. If you don’t like the price you don’t have to use Junk King. But it’s a safe bet that you’re going to love the price! When you add up what it would cost you in time, labor and rental fees to do the same job you’ll quickly see why Junk King Dallas is such a huge bargain. Give us a call today and watch your junk leave by tomorrow!

Got Junk Items in Dallas?

For years, the name Hilton has stood for good accommodations. You know if you’re checking into a Hilton that you’ll be taken care of. They also manage to take that philosophy out into the community. Recently staff members of the Dallas Hilton Hotel volunteered to give the Dallas Environment Science Academy a much needed makeover. This mean painting inspirational mottos and murals throughout the campus, planting flowers and shrubs and stocking the library with dozens of books. They also made sure to clean up the school of any debris and clutter. This is just the kind of thing that puts students in a good place to study. It’s that same philosophy that works at all the Hilton Hotels. You could apply this attitude in your own home in terms of getting rid of unwanted clutter. If you’ve got junk it’s time to call Junk King Dallas.

By now you’ve probably seen one of the big red Junk King trucks driving around Dallas. When you set up a removal appointment with Junk King that same truck will be pulling up into your driveway. You then have the chance to fill it up to the brim with all kinds of junk. Technically, you won’t be doing any of the actual work. Instead, the Junk King crew will handle the lifting. The only thing you need to lift is your finger to point to all that junk you want taken away!

Take a few moments to go through your home to figure out what you can toss out. Don’t leave any closet, back room, porch or garage untouched. Image all the things you can throw away knowing you’ve got a crew and truck for the job. This is your chance to clear out the furniture you’re not going to ever use again or boxes of junk that should be thrown out. You can also put that Junk King crew to the task of cleaning up your yard. If you’ve just completed a landscaping project you might have some mounds of dirt and stones that need to be dealt with. That’s another perfect task for the Junk King crew. Don’t worry about containers; the Junk King crew will show up with all the equipment they need to get the job done.

If you’ve got junk then you want to make sure Junk King is headed your way. Call today and you could be junk free by the time the sun sets in the west!

Dallas Summer Junk Removal

Dallas SummerAccording to the county clerk, there is one project that many folks are taking on this summer. That would be getting hitched. The amount of county-issued wedding licenses has shot up in recent months. So far the count stands at around 15,700 which is up by almost 2,000 from this same time last year. Not only is that great news for those happy couples but it’s also making wedding planners, caterers, photographers, florists and musicians very happy. Could your big “summer project” compare to getting married? In terms of starting off fresh in the fall, nothing beats finally cleaning your home of all its clutter. Best of all you don’t have to do that project alone. You’ll get a big help when you hire Junk King Dallas to pitch in.

All of those newlywed couples about to be married will be blending their lives together (if they haven’t already!). That means folding two houses into one. Something has got to give. If you’ve already gone through that process then you know what it’s like to sort through two sets of living room furniture, two sets of kitchen appliances, two bedroom sets, etc. Often, one of the partners isn’t ready to let go of all their stuff just yet. That means it goes into storage in the garage or down the basement. At what point can you finally let go of all of that? It might be that you need the extra space to make room for your growing family. That’s a perfect time to call Junk King Dallas to haul away all that clutter.

You don’t have to worry that your furniture and appliances are going to just be thrown away. When you hire Junk King to do the removal, they will make every effort to drop your junk off at a recycling center or a charity. If a sofa, table or stove still has some life in it, then those charities can refurbish the piece. They can then give it to a family in need and your stuff will have a second life. However, your priority is really about clearing out your home. When Junk King is on the assignment that summer project can be completed in no time.

Every Junk King removal appointment comes with a two-man work crew and huge truck. Right off the bat, you can see what a difference this is going to make when it comes to tossing out your junk. If you had the truck and manpower you probably would have done it long ago. Thanks to Junk King of Dallas you don’t have to wait any longer. Whether you’re moving into a new place or looking to freshen up your comfortable home, getting rid of junk is always a good thing to do.