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Sacramento Building Material Disposal

Get ready for traffic jams. Of course, in California, that really isn’t news but it’s going to get a lot worse in the coming days here in the Sacramento area. That’s because repairs are starting on an area where three major highways converge. Traffic planners predict that there will be tie-ups along Highway 50 through Sacramento, Highway 99, the 5 and Interstate 80. That’s a lot of mess to deal with but its work that is long overdue.


Perhaps you have a construction project around your home that is long overdue. Instead of waiting for something to fall completely apart, you should put your remodel or maintenance plan into action this summer. No matter how big or how small the construction job might be, you’ll need to hire a reliable building material disposal company. That would be Junk King, Sacramento’s number on junk hauling service.

If you look at the fine print of your garbage contract with the city, you’ll find that there are restrictions on tossing out building materials. For whatever reason, items like lumber, concrete, siding, shingles and drywall are meant to be kept out of the weekly garbage pickup. Instead, you need to contract a private company to handle building material disposal. Thankfully, Junk King is standing by to lend a hand. Actually, they’ll be lending two pairs of hands with the help from the work crew assigned to your project.

This is a crew who is very adept at moving heavy objects. They’re not going to take up a lot of your time. Once you’ve set your appointment, the Junk King crew will arrive on time, load what you’re tossing out and be on their way. You might want to schedule your building material disposal appointment for the end of your day or project. If you start a pile in your driveway, then leave it there. The Junk King crew will load it up from wherever it happens to land!

Along with your building material disposal, Junk King can also handle the removal of any other type of household or yard clutter. Ready to get rid of that old sofa or bedroom set? Need to make room for new kitchen appliances? Need your garage cleared of clutter? You can turn all of that junk over to Junk King. For safe and responsible building material disposal, Junk King is a company you can depend on.