Stockton Basement Junk Removal

What’s down in your basement? Could you film a horror movie down there and create plenty of scares? A lot of folks don’t think much about their basements beyond the place to put their washing machine and dryer. However, with a little effort and a dash of TLC you can turn your basement into the best room in the house. All it takes is a little imagination and not being bogged down by obstacles.

If you’re basement is “raw” then it’s completely unfinished. Think of this as a blank canvas to start creating on. First you need to decide on a purpose. Are you looking to create a living space for one of your kids or possibly a roommate? Fortunately, most basements have access to all the plumbing that comes into the house so putting in a small bathroom isn’t that big of a stretch. Suppose the basement walls are unfinished or stone? Despite what you might think, it’s very easy to put up drywall. There are plenty of neighborhood handymen who can tackle a job like that with low cost to you.

Once that drywall is up, you can paint it in any color. If your basement has no natural source of light, you should consider brighter shades for the wall that will illuminate any light source you bring in. Just as the walls are easy to take care of, so would be the floor. Hopefully, you don’t have any flooding problems and can put down some comfortable carpeting. Otherwise easy to clean floor tiles will do the trick.

When your basement walls and floors have been taken care of, you can move in what you need to move in. Maybe you’ve got an idea to create a home movie theater. Actually, the basement is the perfect place for a room like that. After you’ve set up your surround sound you won’t have any trouble watching a movie down in the basement while the rest of the house is sleeping! Maybe the basement is meant for a home office or work-out studio. Either one of those choices will require minimum furnishings. The mere fact that you’ve fixed the walls and floors will not only increase you property value but it will make any choice for your basement more appealing.

Of course, before any of this refurbishing project can begin you’ve got to get rid of all the junk that has piled up in the basement over the years. This is probable the biggest hindrance to a basement remodel: What to do with all that junk? It’s easy to carry something down there and forget about it but carrying back up those stairs can be a challenge. You don’t have to worry about any of that when you hire a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Stockton to do the job for you. They won’t have any problem going up and down those basement stairs. It’s what they’re trained to do! Remember, those junk haulers don’t just have to help you clear out your basement. They can take the junk away from anywhere in your home. Start that project today and you should have a brand new basement in a couple of weeks!