Stockton Wood and Lumber Disposal

The California timber industry is bouncing back and that’s good news all around. At its peak back in 1988, the California timber harvest yielded 4.67 billion board feet. When the housing bubble popped that number dropped down to an abysmal 805 million board feet in 2009. But now with construction orders on the rise, it looks like timber is also adding to the stockyards. In 2011 there was 1.29 billion board feet harvested and that number just keeps going up. This is going to mean more jobs at lumber mills.

With the abundance of wood being available at better prices, you might decide to finally take on that DIY project you’ve been putting off. Would that be a new patio deck? Perhaps some railings around the front porch or maybe a gardening table. Whatever project you decide to take on, one thing is for sure: you’re going to have leftover lumber scraps. Some of those scraps can be tossed out in the trash but when your woodpile has grown too big for the weekly garbage pickup it’s time to call in Junk King Stockton.

Junk King is the professional junk hauling service that will be able to cart off any amount of wood or lumber you have leftover from a project. They can also take away any other construction waste such as drywall, aluminum sheeting, concrete and packaging materials. If your project includes some kind of demolition then you’ll really need to schedule a Junk King removal appointment. You don’t want to keep a pile of construction waste around your yard where it can become a safety hazard. Let the Junk King crew remove it as soon as you create it!

Because every Junk King Stockton appointment comes with a huge truck for hauling, you’ll be able to finally get rid of any oversized item such as old furniture, mattresses or kitchen appliances. Yes, the Junk King truck isn’t going to be a rickety pickup but a huge moving type of van that can accommodate plenty.

You’ll also have the Junk King crew at your disposal to dispose of your junk. They’ll be the ones who will do the actual lifting and moving of your junk. When they’re finished loading up their truck, you can get back to your life and make the most of your day. As for the JK crew, their day won’t be over until they make sure they’ve gotten rid of your junk the responsible way. Even if you don’t ask, Junk King Stockton will still try to recycle the majority of what they remove from your home. This is really the only way to get rid of junk!