Colorado Junk Removal Prices

There is just no telling what you’ve got hiding in your home. A couple over in Steamboat Springs found quite a surprise stuffed in the back of their barn: a folk-art cabinet worth $20,000! The homeowners were planning to sell off some of their furniture and called in a professional appraiser. While there, they thought they would show the appraiser the cabinet that was in the barn. It had been there since they moved in left behind from the previous owner and it was something they were happy to get rid of. They thought it might be worth 200 bucks at the most. Turns out that a customer at the consignment shop recognized the cabinet as one from Vermont artist Stephen Huneck. Further inspection revealed Huneck’s signature and date of creation. It was the real deal and worth quite a bit.

Clearly, a story like this should have you running to your garage, basement or attic to see what you’ve got stuffed in there. Before cashing in you’ll need to consider providence. That is the termed used by professional art dealers to determine where a particular piece comes from. There have been hundreds of stories of paintings thought to be the work of masters only to be duds. It’s understandable when you consider that through the generations most serious art students spend time copying a masterpiece to try and learn the technique of the original painter. It’s not a stretch to imagine those copies ending up in some yard sale.

What about valuable furniture? Again, think of the providence. If you can remember buying that item from a furniture store than chances are it’s not going to be worth a lot of money. On the other hand if you have a piece that was handed down to you from a relative then it might make sense to have it appraised to see what it could be worth. As for anything else it might just be junk. Are you looking to get rid of that junk? Then you should consider a call to Junk King Colorado Springs

Junk King is a local company in Colorado Springs who is part of a national franchise. You might not expect that junk removal would be such a big business but it’s actually a growing concern for a lot of folks who want to get rid of their junk the right way. That would be through proper recycling whenever possible. Gone are the days when dumping junk at a landfill is your only option. With Junk King Colorado Springs you’ll find a company who is dedicated to all things “green.” That matters a lot to everyone living and working in Colorado Springs.

As for their pricing policy, you’ll find that Junk King  is not only competitive but extremely fair minded. They don’t charge by the hour or by travel time. They charge by volume. Whatever space your junk will take up on their truck is what you’ll pay. No extra charges or hidden fees. This is really the best way to get rid of junk.