Alternatives to Dallas Dumpster Rentals

You just never know who or what might be lurking around a dumpster. The Dallas Police Department was reminded of this the other day when they found a man lurking by a dumpster outside of FedEx office at two in the morning. The officers spotted some nefarious types in what looked like a drug deal going down. As they were investigating this deal, one of the officers spotted a man coming from the inside of a dumpster. It looked like this vagrant had a gun. The officers turn on him and ordered him to drop his weapon. He didn’t and the police opened fired. They missed and the young man dropped his BB gun and arrested the felon. All of that action went down around a dumpster. This doesn’t mean that the dumpster you might be thinking about renting is going to become a crime scene. However, you can’t avoid the simple fact that dumpsters have a way of attracting all kinds of unwanted elements.

Hopefully, your dumpster won’t become a hiding place for a criminal but that doesn’t mean other creatures won’t take up “residence.” Even if you’re not throwing out food, the scent left behind from the previous renter could bring in rats or possums or raccoons. Of course, the biggest thing that is attracted to a dumpster is other garbage. That would be the stuff your neighbors will be dumping. You don’t have to give them permission. The mere fact that there is an empty dumpster parked by the curb is enough of an invitation for anyone to get rid of their oversized items. Next time you happen by a dumpster on a residential street take a peek inside. You’re sure to find plenty of stuff that the renter had no idea was going to be in there.

So, what happens when you need to get rid of a lot of junk at once? If you can’t rent a dumpster what is the alternative? Your best bet here in Dallas would be hiring Junk King Dallas. Usually, folks would rent a dumpster when they are cleaning out a garage or basement and want to toss out a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, you’d be stuck with the dumpster for several days and that’s when all the trouble starts.

With Junk King on the job, you’ll be able to clear out your junk within an hour. And since every Junk King Dallas appointment comes with a two-man crew, you can put them to work. They can do the heavy lifting and hauling. You’ll have your junk cleared away in no time without lifting a finger and without needing a dumpster. That’s really the only way to go!