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Birmingham Furniture Removal

Birmingham Furniture RemovalWhen you think of furniture, things like sofas, chairs and tables spring to mind. While those items are all essential, they aren’t the only furniture game in town. Family Leisure just opened its first story in Birmingham and it’s all about furniture of the recreational kind. This 49,000-square-foot showroom will not only feature amazing patio furniture but they also offer up things like hot tubs, pool tables, air hockey, bars, home theater seats, saunas, grills and above ground pools. If it has to do with having fun, then Family Leisure has you covered. A quick spin through this new store could have you rethinking your entire outdoor patio and indoor family room. If you want to conduct a home makeover, you might need to start with a clean slate. That would mean hiring Junk King to take away all your old furniture.

Junk King is a team of professional junk haulers who have helped hundreds of folks in the Birmingham area clear out the clutter in their lives. This has definitely included tons of old furniture. You might not like thinking of your furniture as junk but the moment you’re ready to toss it out that is just what it becomes. Keep in mind, that just because you’re turning your unwanted furniture over to Junk King doesn’t mean it will be going to waste. As part of their green disposal philosophy, Junk King will donate any piece of furniture they think has a little life left in it to a reputable charity. There are many organizations around Birmingham that will refurbish furniture and then sell it for donations or provide it to a family in need. If something is beyond repair, it might still be able to be recycled. Either way, if Junk King can keep your stuff out of the area landfills, then they will be satisfied.

The big plus with working with Junk King is that they are going to be providing your with two capable crew members. These will be the workers who will do the actual removal of your furniture. If your sofa took two movers to bring it into your home, then it’s going to take two movers to take it out! Everything Junk King removes is loaded onto the back of the truck so there will be no issued with “not enough space.” All your junk will be taken away in a single move. You could even schedule the Junk King removal on the same day as your new furniture delivery. You’ll have plenty of time to sweep up in between! Call Junk King today to find out how they can help you get rid of your old furniture.

Birmingham Junk Recycling

recyclingHow did you cook your turkey this past Thanksgiving? For many folks here in Birmingham, deep frying a turkey is the only way to go. Once you get the system worked out and there are no fires, then you’ll be treated to a very tasty bird. Of course, you’re going to have a lot of left over cooking grease. This is not something you want poured down your kitchen sink because it could clog the drains or gum up the works in the sewer. Thankfully, Jefferson County set up 19 grease recycling stations for you to drop off your oil. Believe it or not, a lot of that oil is going to go into cars that operate on bio fuels. One day, you might just be driving down the highway smelling your deep fried turkey all over again!

Recycling oil shows if there is a will to recycle there is a way. That is exactly what Junk King believes. Since they set up their business here in Birmingham, they’ve managed to recycle tons of collected junk. Every Junk King worker is trained to recognize recyclable materials. The obvious stuff are things like scrap metal, aluminum siding and plastics. However, did you know you could also recycle big items like a sofa or refrigerator? Keep in mind that recycling is really about reusing. It doesn’t automatically means something has to be ground down and melted together.

For instance, Junk King could take your old table or loveseat and drop that off to a charity who refurbishes furniture. Yes, that would be considered recycling. That can also happen with your mattress, box spring, stove or table. But the recycling doesn’t have to stop at household goods. Junk King can also recycle rubbish they pick up from your yards. This means that lumber, dirt, grass, leaves, gravel, bricks and concrete can all make their way to a recycling center thanks to Junk King.

Remember, you don’t have to decide what can be recycled. The Junk King crew will take care of all of that. They’ll also be doing all the heavy work. Anything you want to get rid of will land on the back of the Junk King Birmingham truck without you lifting a finger. This is a very sensible approach to getting rid of junk and recycling. As soon as you’ve decided what you want to get rid of give Junk King Birmingham a call to set up a removal appointment. You be pleasantly surprised at how fast your junk can disappear.

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