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Monthly Archives:

Vital Questions To Ask Your New Roommate

When searching for new roommate you may find yourself interviewing a lot of candidates. This is not a process you want to rush through. Even someone that may seem ideal at first glance could prove to be incompatible when you ask a few probing questions. It’s important you find out as much as you can before they agree to move in. Here are some vital questions to ask your new potential roommate:


Do You Have References I Can Call?

Anytime you’ve ever applied for a job you had to provide references. The same should apply when looking for a roommate. Obviously, their family members will give them a “glowing review.” You should hear from employers or past landlords. If your prospective roommate is hesitant to provide those kinds of references, then you have to ask yourself “why?”

What Time Do You Go To Bed?

This isn’t about you snooping but about searching for compatibility. Maybe your roommate works the night shift somewhere. Although that might seem perfect because it gives you the house all to yourself it might work against you. What if you have to tiptoe around during the day? If you have a roommate that describes themselves as a “night owl,” then it could be someone who is up watching TV or talking to friends until the wee small hours of the morning. Not an ideal roommate.

Where Do You Work?

Find out where a person works not only says a lot about their personality but also about their source of income. There’s nothing wrong with a fast food worker but someone who only earns minimum wage might not be able to afford all the bills in your apartment. Anyone who says they are “in between careers” is not someone you want moving in with you no matter how much fun they might seem.

Do You Expect Any Out-Of-Town Visitors?

When someone moves in with you and pays half the rent, they are entitled to a certain amount of privileges. That should include things like having out-of-town guests. After all, you may want your own family or friends to visit. However, there is one thing about an occasional weekend guest versus people coming in every week or staying for a month. It might be hard to predict this type of behavior but one good indication of potential trouble would be someone who is currently in a long-distance relationship. You can count on frequent visits with that situation.

Once you settle on a roommate you going to need to get their room ready. That might mean moving out some of your unwanted furniture and other clutter. That’s where Junk King Birmingham can be a huge help. These are the junk removal experts that can clear out a room in no time at all. It doesn’t matter how heavy something is or how many stairs they have to climb to get at it, if you want something gone then Junk King will take it away in a hurry.

Make sure you’re ready for your new roommate by asking all the right questions and hiring Junk King Birmingham to clear away the clutter.

What You Should Bring On Every Camping Trip

Will a camping trip be on your summer vacation agenda this year? Whether it’s the first time or the 10th it is always helpful to go through a checklist of camping essentials before you head out. Forgetting something important, can definitely throw your entire trip off. These are the seven essentials you should pack in your camping gear:


First Aid Kit

It’s hard to imagine a family getting through a camping trip without a few cuts, scrapes, scratches, burns or bumps. This is why having a first-aid kit is one of your most important camping essentials. It doesn’t have to be a huge kit. In fact, it should be portable enough to carry with you when you go hiking away from the campsite.


Although you might like to take on challenge yourself to build a fire from scratch, it could also prove to be an insurmountable task. Why put yourself through all that strain when a few matches can do the trick? Buy a bunch of matches in bulk and you’ll never be without a dependable firestarter.


Rope isn’t just for climbing but for a lot of practical uses around the campsite. You can use rope to string of a clothesline to dry bathing suits. It can also help with hanging coolers from a tree at night or towing equipment to the campsite.


Tarps are easy to fold and take up little space but they can provide a lot of comfort for your sleeping bag or tent. That added layer protection can help keep things dry both below and above.


You’ll forget how dark it can get without lights around. And you won’t always be able to count on the full moon. Battery operated flashlight, lanterns or headlamps are going to be in demand once the sun sets. You can’t have too many of these devices.

Pocket Knife

A good old-fashioned Swiss Army knife should be included in any camping gear. Even the most basic of Swiss Army knives will prove to be a huge help when it comes to cooking, cleaning and setting up your campsite


Even though the forecast is calling for sunshine, there’s no guarantee a storm won’t roll in. That is why you need to have raingear like ponchos and boots just in case. An extra set of clothes is also a good idea in case you happen to get caught in a storm.

As you assess your camping gear, you might discover that your old tents and sleeping bags have seen better days. The same can be said for portable stoves, coolers and other things you taken out camping. If you’re replacing all that gear, then you want to bring in a company like Junk King Birmingham to haul away all the old stuff first. By letting these professional junk haulers clear out your clutter, you’ll free up valuable storage space. That will matter when it’s time to stow all your new gear.

Have fun in the great outdoors this summer by packing smart.

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