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Birmingham Appliance Recyclers

Although there will be plenty of holiday shoppers finding great deals on electronic gear, there are also plenty of bargains to be had on appliances. Perhaps you’re ready for a new fridge or washing machine. Bringing in new appliances like those will certainly improve things around your home. They could even have an impact on your monthly power bills. If you start using more energy efficient appliances, then they could end up paying for themselves over time. Before you bring in the new appliances, you’ll have to deal with old appliance removal. One call to Junk King gets that job done and so much more!


Junk King are the junk removal professionals who specialize in removing heavy objects like major kitchen appliances. First, the crews have all been trained in the proper way to disconnect these machines. Next, they’ll have the right equipment to move those pieces through your home without causing damage. A refrigerator is not something you want to carry on your back no matter how strong you are!

One of the most important aspects of hiring Junk King is what happens after they’ve picked up your appliances. Junk King is one of the area’s leading appliance recyclers. Technically, Junk King doesn’t get into the business of dismantling a washing machine or stove. However, they will make sure your appliances get to the proper facilities that handle those kinds of things.

You’ll feel good about getting rid of your appliances knowing they won’t end up in a landfill rusting away. In fact, Junk King will make the effort to handle all your unwanted items in the same way. If they spot something that can be recycled or donated to a local charity, then that is where Junk King will drop it off. That might sound like Junk King will be making extra disposal trips. They do but they’re okay with that! In fact, whenever they can avoid a trip to a landfill, they also avoid those hefty dumping fees. Junk King is happy to pass those savings onto you.

With regard to your final fee, that will be based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of the truck. It all comes down to volume. If you’re looking for affordable junk haulers and appliances recyclers, then you found them with Junk King.


Complete Assistance for Yard Waste Removal Alabama

Cleaning the home yards and gardens after freezing winter months is bound to be tough. The task becomes even more daunting when you have to clean the area all by yourself. If you are someone who does not have enough time to clean your yard and need some assistance to get the job done, you can surely look us up at Junk King. We have provided professional yard waste removal Alabama services to several homeowners and can help you out too.

Our team of cleaning professionals is aware of the requirements of people and they know the tricks of the job. They come equipped with all the things required to clean up fast. Therefore, if you appoint them for the job, you can get your premise cleaned without any hassles. All you need to do is to show them the garden waste to be cleaned and they will take care of the rest. Whether it is a pile of junk or small trash, we are always happy to clear our junk. The team will pick up all wastes and dispose them in the desired way, giving you complete relief from the job.

Looking For Professionals To Junk In Alabama? Help Is Here!

Are you among those people, who find it difficult to find time for cleaning junk lying around at home? Do you have the habit of depositing your trash or extra unused items in stores rooms or garages. Does the thought of cleaning junk yards worry you a lot? Don’t fret any more. Junk King provides easy home cleaning services. Simply call us and say take my junk in Alabama away and our team will be there at your disposal.

The junk removal services offered by Junk King have helped many homeowners to clean their homes and keep them looking like new. Not just that, our professionals have also helped clear up many offices and commercial complexes. The expertise of our people have made them a popular choice in Alabama. Little wonder, their client base is increasing day by day.

The company also charges a reasonable price for their job. We come and inspect the site to identify the amount of work required. This helps us to give you an accurate idea of the pricing involved. Once you give the go ahead, we take up the task and clean up in the window given by you. No extra time is involved.

Clear Out The Clutter And Make Room For Black Friday In Birmingham

The savvy Black Friday shopper has done their homework long before they step into line. If someone is going to invest spending several hours waiting in the cold for a bargain, then you can bet they know what to expect when the store doors open. They’ll have their target list at the ready. The stores help those shoppers by releasing Black Friday flyers several days before the big event. Another great way to prepare for Black Friday is to hire Junk King to clear out the clutter in your home before the big day. After all, you’ll need more room to store all the things you’ll be buying. Junk King can help get you there.


Junk King has been collecting unwanted items for over ten years. In that time they have literally remove tons of furniture, appliances, clothing, sporting goods and other household items. Imagine what they could do in your home? It is easy to set up an appointment with Junk King. You can call or go online. Most junk removal sessions are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. If the crew happens to be near your home on the day you call, you could benefit from a same-day appointment. That actually happens a lot!

Before the team from Junk King arrives, you have to be clear about what you want taken away. Remember, Junk King does all the work. That includes climbing up and down basement stairs. If that’s where you have something to be removed, then that is where Junk King will go.

When the crew shows up, you’ll show them all the spots where you’re keeping the junk. They’ll then present you with an estimate based on volume. The amount of space your junk will fill on the back of the truck is what will determine your final price. Once you agree to the fee, it won’t change.

Included in that affordable rate will be all the extra drop offs Junk King might make to get rid of your stuff. They won’t be driving straight to a landfill. Instead, they could make a drop off to a recycling center or local charity. The goal is to not let anything go to waste. That should make you feel great about turning over your junk to Junk King.

Before Black Friday, do your research and bring in Junk King to remove the clutter. You’ll be glad you did.

Alabama Professional Junk Removal Services For Your Office

An untidy and clumsy workplace can adversely affect the future of your company. Cluttered spaces are not only distracting; they also tend to bring down the morale of your people. More importantly, an untidy office will make it difficult for you to get skilled professionals and can possibly turn away clients.

For those who are busy working, cleaning the workplace and disposing the wastes appropriately can be challenging. Therefore, companies hire us to take care of all their junk. The task of trash removal becomes simple with the help of our Alabama professional junk removal services and you can always be assured of getting the best value for your money.

Cleaning an office premise is quite different from cleaning a home. Our professionals know how to treat office junk and how to dispose it. They follow the right techniques and tools to clean your office. We have a separate team dedicated to cleaning workplaces so you can rely on us at ease.

Unlike many other junk removal companies, we don’t just provide cleaning service but also dispose off your waste appropriately. We are also environment friendly so we also try to recycle a lot of junk.

Know The Price Before Selecting Junk Hauling Alabama Service

Clearing junk at home or in the office can become difficult if you try to get it down on your own. Therefore, it’s best to engage the services of professional junk haulers. Junk King provides quick and convenient junk clearing services. Junk King’s junk hauling Alabama services have some cornerstones of quality, which ensure you get the best return for your money.

Inspection: We inspect the site physically and make an estimate of the amount as well as type of waste to be collected. This physical verification of the site helps to understand how it can be done in the least time possible.

Quotation: Once we are done with the inspection of the site, we provide a quotation to the client stating the amount that they will have to pay for the work. We try to provide as accurate a quote as possible so that the clients can make an informed decision ‘before’ appointing junk hauler.

Transparency of policy: Like many other junk haulers, we do not have any hidden terms. Thus, everything is done as discussed and our customers are never charged exorbitantly.

Commercial Junk Removal Is Now Simple

Accumulation of waste is directly related to construction sites. Whether you are constructing a huge multistory complex or a single apartment, you will have to deal with a significant amount of construction debris. You often have to block useful space to store junk because you don’t find the right person to help you with the disposal. If you are really looking for some kind of assistance to help you with that kind of work, Junk King provides helpful solutions in Alabama. We have assisted many developers with debris removal. Our testimonials are a proof of our work as our clients always appreciate us for the prompt and efficient response.

Experienced professionals at Junk King are aware of the fact that construction projects involve a huge amount of wastes, including degradable, non-degradable and even hazardous wastes. Therefore, they carry all the required equipment required for the job and dispose all your waste in the right place.

We also value your money and our commercial junk removal Alabama services are quite cost-effective. Our costs are low but the services are impeccable. This ensures you get the best value for your money.

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