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Make Valentine’s Day Count With Junk Removal

How long is your household chore “to do” list? It could be that there are projects that have been on that list for quite some time. A holiday like Valentine’s Day is perfect for checking off those chores. Sure, you can buy roses but would your significant other like a clean garage better? Instead of chocolates, maybe you can finally toss out all the junk in the basement? Before you think of how hard those tasks might be, consider bringing in Junk King Birmingham. When you commit to hiring these professional junk haulers, then you’ll be getting a junk free home without lifting a finger.


It’s always nice when someone else can do the hard work. When you hire Junk King, you’ll be assigned your own moving crew who will be doing all that work. That includes climbing as many stairs as it takes to get to your junk. Your only task is to decide what you want gone. It doesn’t matter if it is boxes of clothes, pieces of furniture or piles of old computers; it can all be taken away in a single junk removal session with Junk King.

The junk removal work provided by Junk King can extend far beyond the interior of your home. In the past, Junk King crews have been called on to remove weed overgrowth from backyards. They’ve also taken down swing sets, removed tool sheds and pulled up fence posts. As long as you give them the heads up about what you want taken away, they’ll be sure to get the task completed fast and safe.

The cost for Junk King’s professional hauling is based on how your stuff will fit on the back of the truck. That price range can go from one third to one half to the whole truck. You’ll know that estimate before the work begins. It will also be a price that is going to be locked down. Even if your junk takes up more room on the truck, you’ll still only be paying that original price.

Once Junk King has cleared out all your rubbish, your home will be transformed. If you want to make this decluttering a surprise, Junk King will work with you to get in and get out ASAP! A junk removal session with Junk King really is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Start the New Year Free of Clutter

The traditional time for a thorough housecleaning is in the spring. If you wait until April, then you’re looking at four more months of living with all that clutter. Is that really how you want to kick off the New Year? Instead, why not bring in Junk King Birmingham? This is the team of professional junk haulers that can take your home from cluttered to junk free in no time at all.


With the holidays behind you, there is probably a list of things you want to get rid of. You might have noticed a bunch of clutter that stood between you and the Christmas decorations. Junk King can easily cart that off even if it means sending the crews up and down the attic stairs. What about all the items that you replaced last year? Things like televisions, appliances and computers could have been given an upgrade but where did the old stuff go? Out to the garage or crammed into the closet? Instead of sacrificing that valuable storage space, get all the clutter cleared out once and for all.

Junk King is going to send over a two-man moving crew for every junk removal session. For those big jobs like a hoarder clean up, Junk King can provide additional team members to get the job done in a single appointment. You should never worry about your stuff being too big or too heavy. If you want it gone, then give it to Junk King.

On the Junk King website, you can use the price calculator to come up with a range for your fee. However, the final price can’t be locked down until the crew has had a chance to size up your junk for themselves. They will estimate how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. There is a different price for one-half, one-third or the full truck bed. When you agree to that number, it won’t change when the job is done.

Included in that final price, will be all the recycling drop offs that Junk King will make on your behalf. The best approach to clearing out your clutter is giving it all to Junk King.

Yard Waste Removal Is Now In Your Budget

Are you one of those who often think of hiring a professional service to clear their homes but hesitate because of the budget? If high prices of yard waste removal in Birmingham are holding you back, don’t fret any more. Professional waste clearing services provided by Junk King are available at god prices.

Professional services provided by Junk King help you in cleaning the trash accumulated in the garden without making a hole in your pocket. The company has earned a special reputation in removal of garden waste because the services are timely and efficient. All this, while keeping your budget in mind. Call them for a consultation and they will give you a quote before they start working. This way, you will know what you are paying for.

The professionals at Junk King can remove all the junk and debris from your backyard easily. All the waste is disposed responsibly. We also follow stringent recycling policies to ensure minimum damage to the environment. Therefore, people rely on us to handle all their wastes. We also provide cleaning of hazardous waste without causing any harm to your property.

Take My Junk At A Cheaper Price

Want to get your home cleaned by professionals so that you do not have to take up the hassles that accompany this job? Home cleaning is a tedious job but you can get relief from the task by taking the assistance of professional companies. Even if you don’t have a big budget, junk cleaning has become a cost effective service thanks to Junk King. To get junk removal services at a budget, you can follow some simple tricks mentioned below.

• Search for promotions and discounts offered by companies to get the job done at a cheaper price. This will help you get the trash removed without spending a lump sum.
• It is always a good idea to make online bookings. Companies like Junk King offer special discounts and offers on online bookings. Finding such deals will help you save.
• When you are looking for cleaning services at a cheaper price, you should always ask for quotes of a few different companies and compare them to find the best one.

To get the best service at the best price you can call Junk King. Simply say take my junk in Birmingham and they will provide you with all the details.

Use Pro Junk Hauling To Keep Your Home Clean

As lives get busier, we don’t get the time to clean our homes. Luckily, now you can engage the services of professional junk haulers, who not only help to clear up spaces at home but also clean the house. We tend to store a lot of junk in the backyard or basement without realizing how much we are piling up. One fine day when you realize you want to clear all the junk, it is too late to do it on your own.

Junk King provides quick and easy services to make junk cleaning hassle free for you. Appointing the junk haulers at Junk King keeps you at ease ensure the cleanliness of your premises.

Though there are several companies providing junk hauling in Birmingham, most people engage Junk King because we have a team of professionals dedicated for the job. They are able to handle difficult junk with the help of the right equipment. Our team has been working in the area for a long time so they are familiar with the waste disposal laws here. This helps because all your junk is cleared conveniently.

Commercial Junk Removal Services Now At Your Doorstep – Junk King

Home cleaning has now become a simple task with the help of professional junk haulers but many people don’t know that these services exist for commercial junk as well! Commercial junk removal in Birmingham is easy now with Junk King, where we have trained professionals who can handle all types of junk easily. This is possible with the sophisticated equipment that they carry.

Junk King provides home debris cleaning service and professional junk clearing at cost-effective prices. This is because our trained staff offers quick and timely services.

Where you are at an office or a factory, Junk King is able to clear your junk. They have all the equipment required to clean up. Heavy junk can also be easily handled by our team. Just give them a call and ask them to come over. They give you the estimate of the time and money involved and viola, you can get them started.

The professionals working at Junk King not only clean offices or shops but also they know the tricks of cleaning construction sites. Therefore, you can avail their services without any hesitation.

Professional Junk Removal Services To Clean Foreclosures

Do you deal in the real estate business? Anyone dealing with rentals or property selling knows the complexities involved in clearing a place—whether it was occupied previously or newly constructed. It becomes difficult for them to deal with the large amount of wastes accumulated at these properties. Dealing with foreclosure wastes can be a tedious task for anyone and finding a skilled labor to take away all the waste is even more difficult. If you are also looking for assistance in cleaning foreclosure properties, it is always a good idea to seek help from professional junk removal companies.

Junk King also offers Birmingham professional junk removal services as they have been in the business for decades. They have earned reputation in junk clearing of foreclosed properties and can ease your task as well. They come and quickly clean up the space so that you can show it to customers or sell it off at the earliest. After Junk King’s cleaning services, the place is ready for sale and occupation.

Our customer reviews are testimonials to the fact that you enjoy professional services with utmost satisfaction. All of this at really cost effective prices.

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