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Take Care Of Your College Student Cleanup

Your college student kid will be going through a major learning curve this fall. Whether this is their first year or last, there is always a period of adjustment they have to go through before they get settled into the routing of campus life. You also have a learning curve too as you adjust to life without that student around. Although you’ll miss them a lot, they are definitely on to bigger and brighter things. You should embrace the “empty nest” as a time to revitalize your own life. That can start with your college student cleanup of their room. Hopefully, it will only take a few trash bags to get the job but if you’re dealing with a huge overflow situation, then it will be time to bring in the pros from Junk King.


Junk King Fort Lauderdale is part of a chain of the number one junk removal service in North America. This is a company that has been clearing out homes and businesses for over ten years. Clearly, they’ve perfected the junk hauling job. That starts with providing you with a capable work crew. This is the team who will climb the stairs and lift the heavy stuff to get it out of your house. You don’t have to feel guilty asking them to remove something you couldn’t move. After all, that is why you hired them in the first place.

When the Junk King team is done with your college student cleanup, you can direct them throughout the rest of your home to pick up whatever else you have decided to toss out. That includes anything you’ve got piled up in the backyard. It might be sad to say good-bye to a swing set but with the kid in college, you can make better use of that space, right?

Part of Junk King’s junk removal policy has to do with responsible disposal. Junk King has a “green” way of doing things that is very good for Fort Lauderdale’s environment. Junk King has established strong partnerships with many area recycling facilities and charitable organizations. The Junk King crew knows exactly what those folks are looking for. If you’ve got something like that, they’ll see to it that it gets dropped off to the right spot. Time to start a new chapter in your life with a college student cleanup and junk removal with a major assist from Junk King.

How to Get Rid of Old Appliances

There are plenty of folks who prefer a vintage kitchen design. This often means everything from the 50s including the dishware and appliances. It might not be that hard to find old appliances that are still in working condition. The problem comes when they begin to break down and there are no long any spare parts! As for the rest of us, an old appliance could be a stove or fridge that has been around for ten years. That certainly isn’t “antique” but it could be an item that is ready for the scrap heap. That sounds like a job for Junk King.


Junk King Fort Lauderdale it part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this business for over ten years. In that time, they’ve developed a proven business model that is easily adapted by all the various franchises. That business model starts with providing a capable two-man team to handle all the lifting and loading. This is a crew that has been fully licensed, bonded and insured. That makes them a team you can trust with your property.

Junk King also makes it easy to set up an appointment. They know once you’ve decided to get rid of old appliances and other pieces of junk that you don’t want to wait around. That’s why the majority of Junk King junk removal appointments are completed within 24 hours of that first call. Often you could even benefit from a same-day pickup. The sooner you call, the quicker your junk will be gone!

At the other end of Junk King’s junk removal, is how they handle the disposal of that junk. Since their inception, Junk King has dedicated their business to a “green” way of doing things. That means a lot of potential drop offs at recycling centers and charities. Junk King doesn’t like to see anything go to waste. Best of all, you don’t even have to ask for this service. It will happen automatically.

As for pricing, Junk King only charges by volume and not weight. That will make a huge difference with your final price. You’ll also know what that rate is before the work begins. As long as you’re happy, everything can be loaded up. If you’re not satisfied, the crew will happily move onto their next appointment. No problem! When you need to get rid of old appliances the fast and affordable way, Junk King is the only call to make.

How to Help a Fort Lauderdale Hoarder

Recently, the North Miami Police department stepped in to help an elderly man clean up his home from years of hoarding abuse. In fact, this project has been going on for well over a year as various officers donate a little time here and there to help with the cleanup efforts. By all accounts, the resident is a very nice man who let his hoarding tendencies get the better of him. Now he is unable to take care of the cleanup himself so the police have stepped in the lend a hand. That is a very noble way of helping out a neighbor. Another fast and efficient method would be to hire Junk King. They are the junk removal specialists who have a lot of experience with hoarder cleanups.


The typical Junk King junk removal job can be handled by the standard two-man crew. In the case of a hoarder cleanup, Junk King might need to provide additional manpower and trucks. Whatever it takes to get the job done is what Junk King can provide. The only challenge is for the hoarder to decide what can go and what should stay. As far as Junk King is concerned, you only have to point to an object to have it removed. It doesn’t matter how heavy it is or if it is down in the basement. The Junk King crew will get it loaded up in no time at all.

Hopefully, your junk cleanup won’t be as extreme as the extreme hoarder. You’ve still be grateful that someone else can do all the heavy lifting! Once all the clutter is cleared out, you can reclaim that space in your home and put it to more practical uses. Even something as simple as being able to park your car in the garage again will make a huge difference to your lifestyle.

As for the price, Junk King only charges by volume and not by the pound. It becomes a matter of how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. You’ll know what that price is before the work changes and it won’t change. Shop around and you’ll find that Junk King’s prices are the fairest in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you need to take care of a hoarder cleanup or just a few pieces of junk, Junk King is the way to go.

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