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Is Your Office Too Cluttered? Clear It Out For the New Year in Fort Lauderdale

Isn’t it great to come back to a clean home? You might spend all day scrubbing, dusting, mopping and decluttering only to go out for a break. When you come back, it’s as if the whole place has been transformed. That same thing can happen with your office thanks to a little Junk King intervention. These are the junk removal professionals who can take your office space from cluttered to junk free in no time at all.


Junk King will provide you with all the manpower and truck space you’ll need to clear up your work environment. The two-man moving crew assigned to your task will know their way around service elevators and moving dollies. They won’t have a problem taking apart cubicle walls or loading up heavy file boxes. You can see how they can have a huge impact on cleaning up your cluttered office.

When it comes to scheduling, Junk King can be extremely accommodating. They’ll work around your office hours so as not to disrupt your business. This could even mean coming in over the weekend. You’ll be in charge of the Junk King crew from the moment they arrive. First, you’ll show them everything you want taken away. It doesn’t have to be pulled out of offices or put onto the loading dock. The crews will pick it up right from the spot. Once they’ve looked everything over, they’ll be able to present you with a written estimate of a fee that is going to be based on volume. It comes down to how tightly the Junk King crew can pack up your stuff on the truck. Since they make multiple stops on any given day, you know they’ll want to get things packed up tight. That means low prices every time you hire Junk King.

Another benefit to consider is how Junk King will dispose of your unwanted items. Junk King is the perfect “green” partner. They’ll make sure your e-waste items will be dropped off at those recycling facilities that handle those kinds of objects. If something can be donated to a charity, then Junk King will strive to make that happen, too! Bottom line: The best option for cleaning up a cluttered office is to bring in the pros from Junk King.


Fort Lauderdale Appliance Recyclers

Not everything that has to do with recycling is focused on papers, plastics and bottles. Yes, those are all important recyclables to keep sort and into the proper bin but recycling can go a lot further around your home. What about recycling your stove or dishwasher? If you’re replacing those models, then you don’t want them to end up in the landfill where they can just rust away. Instead, you’ll want to turn them over to qualified appliance recyclers like Junk King.


When it comes to helping cities achieve a zero waste goal, Junk King is way out in front. Most cities set recycling goals at small increments like twenty or thirty percent diversion rates. That would be the amount of junk that is kept out of local landfills. Junk King has maintained a very respectable 60% diversion rate. That translates into tons of rubbish being kept out of local landfills and that is great news for Fort Lauderdale.

Since it took two movers to bring in that appliance, it will take two movers to take it out. That is just what Junk King will provide. The crews working for Junk King have all been licensed, bonded and insured. Those are the only kind of workers you should be inviting into your home.

After the team from Junk King has handle the appliance removal, you can set them to the task of removing all the rest of your unwanted clutter. As you got ready for the holidays, you might have realized that you have a lot of stuff you can get rid of. Why not turn it all over to Junk King and start the New Year with a clean slate? This is a golden opportunity to finally get rid of all that unwanted clutter out in your garage or down in your basement.

When Junk King is finished removing all the stuff from inside your home, there will always be room on the truck to take away the yard waste. The team from Junk King can load up old patio furniture, palm fronds, pavers and bricks. You don’t ever have to worry about weight with Junk King because you’ll never be charged by the pound. You’ll only be charged a flat rate based on how much space your junk will fill up on the back of the truck. One fee covers it all. Get your appliance recycling and junk hauling done right. Bring in Junk King!

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