Pittsburgh Junk Hauling – Most of it is simply junk

Whenever the “Antiques Roadshow” rolls into town there are hundreds of folks lining up with their “treasures” hoping those items really are treasures. Recently the popular PBS show made a Pittsburgh pit stop. One of the highlights for the appraisers was reverse painted glass sign still in its original frame. The sign was made for the Economy Distilling Co. to promote “Pure Rye and Malt Whiskey.” The sign notes the company, from “Pittsburgh,” was established by the Harmony Society in 1927. The woman happened upon the sign in an trash heap that was part of a building demolition. Once something is tossed out as trash, it’s literally up for grabs and that find is going to fetch a tidy sum for that lucky pedestrian.

Do you think you have a hidden treasure in your attic? It’s worth doing a little investigation. Here’s a tip: for any item to be of true value it has to be in pretty good condition. This is referred to as “mint” condition. Water damage, rust, aging or other signs of breakage is going to decrease the value of that item. No matter how rare it might be, no serious collector is going to shell out big bucks for something that is less than pristine. Without those perfect conditions, those items are going to be worthless, a.k.a. junk. As soon as  you’re ready to let go of that junk, there is only one call to make: Junk King Pittsburgh (1-800-995-5865).

Junk King is new to the Pittsburgh area but they’ve been in the junk business for a long time. That’s because Junk King is actually part of a national franchise of junk removal specialists. Being part of a franchise means you have a lot of standards to live up to. You’ll be getting that same level of excellent customer service that all the other branches of Junk King serve up every day throughout the entire country.

The key part of that service is taking away all the hassle of you getting rid of your junk. You don’t have to lift a finger to move anything. The Junk King Pittsburgh crew will do all the work for you. They’ll also have a truck big enough to cart off anything you want to “throw” at them. The question then becomes “What kind of junk can you get rid of?”

A stroll through your home could have you realizing that there are plenty of items like old furniture, kitchen appliances, stacks of cardboard and newspapers, sporting equipment or even junked car parts. You can also get rid of the unwanted messes out in your backyard such as piles of dirt, leaves, sod or fallen tree limbs. Even an old hot tub or above ground swimming pool can be dismantled by the Junk King crew and taken away. It’s time for you to get rid of that junk. It’s time for Junk King.

For the most efficient and affordable Pittsburgh Junk Hauling service – simply call 1-800 995 JUNK today.