Pittsburgh TV Disposal – Want to Replace Your TV This Holiday Season?

Would Santa consider you to be naughty or nice this year? If you find yourself on the “nice” list then you might want to treat yourself to a new flatscreen TV. You’ve earned it, right? This year promises to offer up the best deals yet on these HD televisions. As long as you’re making the investment, you might as well go really big. For a few extra dollars, you could get a huge screen that will dramatically change the way you watch TV. When you consider how many hours you’ll be spending enjoying your new television, it really comes down to a few dollars a day. Totally worth it! Before you set up that new television, you’ve got to take care of the old TV disposal. That sounds like a job for Junk King.


You might be able to move that old TV out of your living room but when it comes to bringing it down the stairs of your home, you will definitely need at least two sets of hands. That is what Junk King will be providing you in the form of your own two-man moving crew. This is the team that is dispatched on every Junk King call. This crew is also fully licensed, bonded and insured. That is professionalism you can count on.

After the Junk King crew has loaded up your old television, there will be plenty of room on the truck for all the other stuff you want hauled away. Take full advantage of that crew by having them load up things like an old couch, bedroom set, baby furniture, appliances and other household goods you’re done with. But wait, Junk King doesn’t have to stop there! They can also do a sweep around your yard to pick up and debris or clutter you’ve got piled up out there. That includes the stuff you might have brought in and the stuff that Mother Nature might have dropped in.

The most important part of your old TV disposal comes to what happens to that set when it is taken away. Here’s a hint: it has to be recycled by a certified e-waste facility. Junk King has you covered here, too. They’ll make sure you TV gets dropped off at the right spot. It’s all part of the package. Take care of your old TV disposal and junk hauling the right way by calling Junk King today.