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Get Your Home Ready For An Appraiser

If friends are coming over, then you want your home to look nice. A decent cleaning can take care of that but that doesn’t mean going through your closets or garage looking for rubbish to throw out. On the other hand, if you’re getting your home ready for an appraiser, then tossing out that rubbish is exactly what you should be doing. In fact, there is a lot you could accomplish that can increase your chances for a strong appraisal. Here’s what to think about:


The Outside of the House

First impressions matter. What is the first impression the outside of your home makes? Does it look run down? You can make small improvements like adding potted plants and painting the front door. Renting a power washer will let you quickly clean the roof, siding and windows. Bright and shiny are always good options for the outside of your home.

Make Minor Fixes

You don’t want to undergo a remodeling project just before an appraiser shows up. However, you do want to take care of as many minor repairs as you can. Little things like a faucet that drips or missing grout in the bathroom can negatively impact your final appraisal value. They are also very easy to fix. Devote a Saturday to making these repairs even if it means several trips to the hardware store.

Promote the Neighborhood

Your appraiser might not be from the neighborhood. They’ll have no idea how many cool restaurants and shops might be within walking distance. Add to this list the schools, churches and hospitals and you’ve created a very attractive community. That can significantly increase the value of your home.

Haul Away Rubbish

You don’t want the appraiser to navigate through rubbish in your garage, basement or yards. They’ll also be looking at the space in the closets. All of those areas need to be cleared of clutter. They obviously don’t have to be empty but if you’re holding onto junk, then it’s time to let it go. That is easily taken care of with one session of Junk King Pittsburgh. The team that will be assigned to your appointment will quickly go through every room to pull out the stuff you deem as useless. If you want to impress your home appraiser, then start with a junk removal session with Junk King Pittsburgh.

How To Baby Proof Your Home

The first few months of a new baby’s life is all about cuddling. You’ll be carrying the baby around when they are awake or letting them hang out in a bassinet. The moment they start crawling it becomes a game changer. That’s because they’re going to crawl just about everywhere. That means you may have a couple of months to make sure your home is baby proof. Here’s what you need to do.


Get Their Perspective

The first approach to baby proofing is to get down on the ground and see the world from their perspective. You may discover all kinds of outlets, lamp cords and other attractive items to be poked and pulled. This is where you start with the baby proofing.

Cover the Knobs On Your Stove

A lot of infant toys have fun knobs that they love to twist and turn. To then, the stove is just another big toy with awesome knobs. You can buy covers to place over those knobs that they little hands won’t be able to do anything with.

Hook Your Cabinets

While you’re in the kitchen, should also look at the various hooks that are available to secure your cabinets. These are either attached on the inside door or as outside locks. You should also latch your refrigerator. Your little one will soon pickup that the refrigerator is the place where all the good stuff comes from.

Soft Carpets

Right after the crawling comes the walking and with that will come with a lot of tumbling. You want to make sure your baby has a soft place to land. A strong water and stain resistant carpet will go a long way towards keeping your baby comfortable and the house looking clean.

Keep Their Toys Within Reach

Although shelves are practical for storage, they are too much of a challenge for a baby. But that won’t stop them from trying to climb up those shelves. That’s why you should keep all of their toys within their reach. Use small wicker baskets to hold their favorite stuffed animals and toys and keep them at ground level.

Get Rid Of Excess Clutter

You might have already moved out a lot of junk to make room for the baby’s nursery. Did that stuff and up down in the basement or out of the garage? One call to Junk King Pittsburgh can get rid of it once and for all. The less clutter you have around the house the less your baby will get into. Junk King Pittsburgh can haul away old electronics, furniture and other household goods. Let Junk King Pittsburgh be your baby-proofing partner.

Interview Questions For Your New Roommate

Finding a new roommate is not a process you want to rush into. You need to find someone who is not only going to be responsible with regard to paying bills but also someone who is going to be respectful of your space and your possessions. It would also be nice if you can get along with that person! The process for finding a new roommate begins with interview questions. This is not unlike looking for a prospective job candidate. Here are some of the important interview questions you’ll need to ask your new roommate:


What is your employment status?

Your roommate needs to be working. That doesn’t mean the job they’re working in has to become their career but there has to be a steady source of income. If they tell you that their parents are supporting them while they pursue a career, then you need to speak to the parents and make sure they understand what their obligations are going to be.

What is your work schedule like?

If you and your roommate both work 9-to-5 jobs, then there could be some scheduling issues that have to be worked out in the morning with regard to bathroom use. Being on the same schedule as your roommate shouldn’t preclude you from having them move in. But it is something you need to be aware of before that happens.

What do you like to do for fun?

This question isn’t so much about finding out what you might have in common with your roommate but finding out what their habits are like. If the answer to this question is, “I like to play my trumpet until 3 o’clock in the morning,” then there might be a problem. Your new roommate might actually prefer staying up late at night. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as they don’t disturb your sleep.

Do you have references?

Your roommate should be able to provide you with references that aren’t just family and friends. Ideally, it will be great to hear from an employer or their former landlord. If there’s a problem reaching out to either one of those persons, then that might be a red flag.

Once you’ve completed your interview and selected your roommate you have to get the place ready. This is where Junk King Pittsburgh is going to be a huge help. All it would take is one session with these junk removal professionals to have all your unwanted furniture, appliances, e-waste and other household goods taken away. They’ll leave behind an empty closet and bedroom, which your new roommate will appreciate.

Ask your new roommate the right questions. And get help clearing out the clutter from Junk King Pittsburgh.

Junk King Pittsburgh Makes Sure All Your Holiday Clutter Is Finally Gone

When do you usually take down your Christmas decorations? Some people do it on New Year’s Day. Others weight until the first week in January. There are probably a few stragglers out there that still have the lights up and boxes of the ornaments waiting to be put back in storage up in the attic. There could also be a certain amount of clutter that needs to be tossed out. This would be all the big boxes that Santa’s presents came in. Then there are all the things that were swapped out like a microwave, television or vacuum cleaner. What about your closets? Is there any room left in there for new close? Instead of fighting your way through all that clutter in the coming months why not get rid of it all at once? One call to Junk King Pittsburgh can easily make that happen.


Junk King Pittsburgh was certainly kept busy throughout the holidays as people work clearing the way for guests and parties. Things haven’t really slowed down that much in the New Year for Junk King Pittsburgh. There are actually a lot of people who are getting a jump on their spring-cleaning by hiring the company to remove all kinds of clutter and unwanted items from their homes. What could you do with two movers and a big truck around your house?

Remember that when you hire Junk King you’re actually hiring two very strong movers. That means you don’t have to hold back when it comes to deciding what you want to get rid of. If you want them to bring a loveseat down from upstairs, then they can handle that. If you want them ring up the piano from down in the basement, then they can handle that too! In fact, when it comes to size or weight there isn’t much that junk King Pittsburgh can’t handle.

When the crew arrives at your home there to look over all the things you want to get rid of and estimate how it will all fit on the back of the truck. These guys work wonders when it comes to stacking junk in as little space as possible. That’s a good thing for you because it means you won’t be paying a big price for the service. When you’re ready to say goodbye to all your clutter, then you’re ready to say hello to Junk King Pittsburgh.

Get Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests

It is easy to hide clutter from guests. If they’re only coming over for dinner, then access to your home will be limited. It’s not as if they need to go out in the garage or down the basement for anything. It is the overnight guests that require a bit more decluttering work. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to put your home in the best possible light. But sometimes your schedule doesn’t have much room for a thorough cleaning. You could make a lot of progress by hiring Junk King Pittsburgh. When it comes to decluttering these junk haulers are the experts!


Every crewmember working for Junk King needs to be licensed and insured. If they can’t achieve that, then they can’t work for Junk King. They also have to have a positive attitude. Once accepted into the Junk King Pittsburgh family these crewmembers will be trained in the proper techniques of lifting and loading. Yes, there is a skill to that to avoid muscle strain. But there is also training that has to come into play with regard to protecting floors and walls. Instead of trying to squeeze something through a doorway you might find that the Junk King Pittsburgh crews would take that thing apart first. Although that might take up a bit more time, you won’t be paying any extra.

You also won’t be paying extra if more team members are assigned to your junk removal task. This happens if there is of massive cleanup that need to take place. Junk King Pittsburgh crews have been called on to empty out entire home’s worth of furnishings and help with hoarder cleanups. That definitely requires extra help in order to get it done in a single appointment. All you have to do is let Junk King Pittsburgh know and they’ll provide whatever backup support is required.

Not only will Junk King Pittsburgh help you get your home ready for guests but you’re also have a chance to give back to the community. That’s because a lot of what you might be getting rid of could be reused by a charity that Junk King Pittsburgh is partnered with. The best approach to getting your home free of clutter is bringing in the pros from Junk King Pittsburgh today!

Convert Your Garage Into A Workspace

When you first moved into your home, you probably had some great ideas for your garage. Obviously, parking a car in there was a priority. But depending upon the space there could have been room to set up a decent workbench or even a workout zone. What usually happens is those plans go out the window as the boxes start piling up. Before you know it, you’re even having trouble getting from the car to the door of the house without tripping over something. And forget about trying to organize your workbench for your tinkering projects. If you reach the point where your garage is not giving you what you wanted it to, then you’re ready to bring in the junk removal pros from Junk King Pittsburgh.


The hardest part about hiring Junk King Pittsburgh to clear out your garage is the time you need to devote to sorting through all the stuff you got in there. There will probably be some obvious items to toss out like old computers, furniture or appliances. If you’ve got boxes that are stacked up then you’ll probably want to devote the time to go through and consolidate. Even though Junk King is happy to come out to your home as many times as you want, you should approach this job as a one-shot deal. The goal should be to get rid of everything you want gone in a single trip. Junk King provides the manpower and the truck space to make that happen. You just have to provide the junk.

Clearing out your garage might also inspire you to tackle your closets and the rest of your house. Once again, Junk King Pittsburgh will prove to be the perfect partner for this decluttering. The two-man crews won’t have any trouble climbing stairs or moving heavy things. This is what you’re hiring them for! You could even extend that work out to the backyard. This is a golden opportunity to get rid of a broken lawnmower, spare tires, crusty grill, rusty patio furniture or anything else that is creating an eyesore out there.

The sooner you get Junk King Pittsburgh to clear out your garage the sooner you can get organized around the rest of the house. Make that call happen today.

Are You Ready To Redo Your Child’s Bedroom?

It’s a safe bet that your child will get a new bedroom before you do. That’s just a matter of practicality as they make the transition from crib to toddler bed and then from toddler bed to teen room. All in all your kid could go through three or four bedrooms before they head off to college. That might seem like a lot of makeovers but its all part of the growing up. If you’re ready for the next redo of your child’s bedroom, then junk King Pittsburgh is ready to help.


The first thing you need to know about hiring junk King Pittsburgh is that the two-man crew assigned to your task is going to do all the work. They mean that quite literally. What if all the furniture you want from your child’s bedroom is on the second or third floor? That will be a problem. It also won’t be a problem taking apart those pieces in order to fit them out the door. This is something that the junk King crews do on a daily basis. Actually, taking apart a crib is a lot easier than taking apart a hot tub!

Knowing that you’re going to have dedicated movers and a huge truck might influence what you want to get rid of. Since your back won’t be put at risk, you can finally get rid of all the heavy furniture and appliances you have been keeping in storage. That same crew can also be directed to head out to the backyard and remove whatever rubbish you want gone from there. They can load up old patio furniture, barbecue grills and all kinds of yard waste. Just think about how your home can be transformed with one session from junk King Pittsburgh.

If you were to price out this job on your own as a DIY project you might end up spending twice or three times as much is what junk King Pittsburgh would charge. Your flat rate will cover all the labor costs, transportation and drop off these. It’s also a surprisingly affordable amount that is based on volume and not weight. If you’re looking to redo your child’s bedroom and clear out all your rubbish, then junk King Pittsburgh is the best option in town.

Before The Vacation Clear The Clutter

As you get ready for your next vacation, the last thing you want to think about is all the junk you got cluttering up your house. Who wants to think about that when you’re buying bathing suits and packing suitcases! The problem is that if you come back from that relaxing vacation you’re still going to have to deal with all of that clutter. In order to extend the good vibes from your vacation, why not clear all that clutter before you leave? That is easily accomplished with one call to Junk King Pittsburgh.


Every appointment set up by junk King Pittsburgh will be staffed by a two-man moving crew. You’ll have access to those whether you’re clearing out your entire home or just removing a few old computers. Junk King Pittsburgh wants to make sure you don’t do any of the lifting and loading. That even means you can leave alone all those things upstairs or down in the basement that you want to get rid of. When the Junk King crew shows up you’ll just show them what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. You should never think that something is too heavy or bulky to take out of your house. If it was brought in, then Junk King can take it away!

Part of your vacation might also include sticking around the home. That means you’ll want to enjoy as much of your backyard as possible. Here is where Junk King Pittsburgh can also be a big help. That same crew that is hauling away your old furniture and appliances can also take away things like rusty patio furniture and a crusty barbecue grill. You can create a great space in your backyard with a little help from Junk King Pittsburgh.

You should also understand that hiring junk King Pittsburgh means you’re hiring an eco-friendly company. Since they began collecting junk over 10 years ago, junk King has dedicated itself to keeping as much collected rubbish out of landfills as possible. They make sure that happens by dropping off items at charities or recycling centers as opposed to those dumps. It’s just the way they like to do business. Get the most out of your summer by creating a junk free home. Junk King Pittsburgh can get you there.

Get Your Spare Room Ready For Renters

Everyone can use a little extra cash now and then. Whether that money goes towards paying off bills or into a saving account, it’s nice to have a steady flow of money you can count on. That doesn’t mean taking on a second job but instead finding a way to generate revenue right from your home. That can happen by opening up your spare room to a renter.


You don’t have to rent out that room year-round but instead make it available for the occasional out of town visitor. There is a growing cottage industry dedicated in hooking up travelers with homeowners who want to make money by renting out there guestrooms. You’re only responsibility is to make sure that room is clean and comfortable. That process starts with a call to Junk King Pittsburgh. These are the junk removal pros that can get the clutter gone from that spare room in no time at all.

Junk King Pittsburgh will provide you with all the manpower and truck space you’ll need to clear way any amount of unwanted stuff. There are some people who use a spare room as a storage locker. It’s not uncommon to have that space filled to the rafters with boxes, electronic gear, furniture and other household goods that are either broken or never going to be used again. Instead of holding on to all that stuff just turn it over to Junk King. Once that happens you can set about fixing up that room for those paying visitors.

Renting out a spare room doesn’t mean you have to move out of the house. There are plenty of travelers who appreciate sharing the space with someone who lives in the area and can make recommendations for places to see and visit. You might also find that these travelers aren’t spending a lot of time in the house. But their money is just as good!

In addition to getting your spare room ready the two-man moving crew provided by Junk King Pittsburgh can also do a sweep throughout the rest of the house. This is the perfect excuse to toss out all the unwanted things you’ve got taking up space down in the basement, up in the attic or crammed into your closets. All it takes is one call to Junk King Pittsburgh to help get your spare room ready to become a moneymaker.

Reclaim The Space In Your Office

When you have company coming over have you ever quickly shoved clutter into the closet just to get it out of the way? Everybody’s done that at least once! What about when an important client is scheduled to come around the office? Do you engage in the same kind of “decluttering?” If so, then sooner or later you’re going to run out of storage space. That would be the same storage space that you’re paying a monthly rent on. Are you really getting the best use out of that space by keeping it full of useless clutter? You can change all of that with one call to Junk King Pittsburgh. These are the junk removal pros that can help you reclaim the space in your office.


In terms of office clutter, one of the big issues is what to do with all that outdated office equipment? Everybody knows you’re not supposed to throw computers, monitors or printers in the trash. Some states like New York have gone so far as to make dumping e-waste illegal. The only solution is to make sure that stuff is handled by a certified e-waste recycling center. Great idea but they are not always easy to find unless of course you’re Junk King Pittsburgh. These are the e-waste handlers that know exactly where the drop those kinds of things off at.

As for the rest of your discarded office furniture, junk King might be able to drop those items off at a charity where they can be put back into circulation. It’s just another way to ensure that nothing goes to waste and it’s all disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

You’ll be happy to know that the cost for this type of junk removal is very affordable especially when you consider one fee covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. That fee will be based strictly on volume. It all comes down to how much’s your unwanted office stuff is going to take up on the truck. You’ll know that cost before the crew starts loading. That way there won’t be any surprises at the end of the job. For fast and affordable office decluttering, junk King Pittsburgh is a great deal!