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How To Handle Remodeling Cleanup

The moment you commit to remodeling your home, you’ll be looking for ways to save money. Although you certainly want the very best for your new kitchen or deck, there are always way to shave some costs. For instance, how much of the work can you do on your own? Maybe not the rewriting or plumbing, but you could certainly do a lot of the demolition. That might be able to save an entire labor day. Of course, if you’re going to take on the tear down then you should arrange for the remodeling cleanup. That is easily taken care of with one call to Junk King Pittsburgh.


Most of the junk removal sessions set up for Junk King have to do with taking out common items like couches, tables, mattresses, appliances and TVs. However, the Junk King crews can really take away just about anything. It doesn’t matter if something is exceptionally heavy or it’s just a box of clothes, you’ll still be working with a two-man crew. That helps get things moving out of your home very quickly.

As for your remodeling cleanup, the Junk King crews know how to handle this type of trash. They’ll be on the lookout for broken glass and protruding nails. This won’t be their first time at this kind of junk removal.

Although your contractor might offer remodeling cleanup services, you could end up paying extra for the privilege of having him set it up. Instead, cut out the middleman and hire Junk King directly. There are plenty of contractors who turn around and hire Junk King anyway for the same type of work! One thing the contractor won’t be able to do is clear away the rest of your unwanted items. Junk King will be happy to load up the truck with anything you want disposed off.

Once the crew has taken everything away that you want gone, they will sweep up and say, “So long.” Of course, their work is far from over. They still need to sort through your junk along with everything else they collect. They’ll be looking to fill up pallets of things that can be donated or recycled. Junk King is helping keep Pittsburgh green, one collection at a time! Fast and affordable remodeling cleanup happens when Junk King gets involved.