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Use Junk King’s Pricing Estimator For Fast Junk Removal

It has gotten a lot easier to order food delivery. It wasn’t too long ago when you would have to call into your favorite restaurant and put your order in over the phone. Often, that restaurant would be busy and have to put you on hold. Then they would send out your order when they had other deliveries to make. That could mean getting dinner up to 90 minutes later. Today, many restaurants use outside delivery services and online menu options. You click on what you want and a dedicated delivery person picks it up and rushes it over to your house. Simple and fast.


There is another service business that works the same way: simple and fast. That would be Junk King Orange Count. If you want rubbish removed from your home, then you only have to click over to Junk King’s pricing estimator to put the plan into action. The first step is to enter your zip code to make sure you’re in the zone. Once that has been established the pricing estimator lets you create a list of items you’re targeting for removal. That list covers just about anything you want to get rid of from every room in your house including the garage. You can also opt for the “truckload” estimation. Junk King knows that one of their trucks is equal to the amount of 6 pickup truck loads. Can you visualize how many pickups it would take to haul off your stuff?

The final step is to set up your actual appointment. What works best for you? Late in the afternoon during the week? Saturday morning? Today? All of those times could be available.

When Junk King arrives, they’ll have the estimate you created. It will be compared to the actual visualization of all your stuff by the Junk King crew. They can pack up things a lot tighter then you might think. That can result in an even lower price. Before you know it, everything you want gone will be cleared away.

Using Junk King Orange County’s pricing estimator means you’re not far away from having all your junk hauled away for good.

Don’t Keep Clutter On Your Backyard Deck

As you drive around any Orange County neighborhood you might notice that there isn’t a lot of “porch action” going on. Yes, many homes have a front porch but these are the kind of wrap around porches that you would find in the south or east coast neighborhoods. If SoCal residents are going to spend time outside, it will be on the backyard deck. This is where the BBQ grill gets fired up and evening meals are served. It’s also were you can keep an eye on the kids swimming in the pool.


The backyard deck is a true extension of your home’s living space. But that space isn’t going to be very relaxing if you find yourself surrounded by clutter. We’re not just talking magazines but big stuff like old furniture or appliances. Instead of having your backyard deck turned into a storage unit, bring in Junk King Orange County to get that stuff cleared away today.

Junk King can make quick work of clearing off your backyard deck. Even if you’re getting rid of the grill and dining set to replace it with a new one, they can still work fast. Two experienced movers know exactly how to navigate heavy objects down steps and out of the yard. In some instances, there might be dismantling involved and that won’t be a problem for Junk King either.

If you’re sitting on your backyard deck and imagining that all the clutter is gone from there, then what about the rest of the yard? Is there anything else you want to get rid of like an old swing set or tool shed? You might even have a hot tub left over from the previous own that you’d love to make disappear. Junk King can handle that challenge with ease.

Before the crew begins loading, you’ll work out the price with them. They will determine that price based on an estimate of how they’re going to pack up the truck. When your stuff takes up less space, then you’ll pay the lower fee. Don’t let this be the “summer of clutter.” Let Junk King Orange County clear out your backyard deck and yard today.

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