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Home Downsizing Tips In Orange County

If you’re seriously considering downsizing then you should take the time to plan out exactly what you expect to get from this experience. This is especially true with all of your stuff. Once you have a true sense of where you’ll be moving into you can gauge what you can take with you. You might have some very lovely pieces of furniture or decorations but it’s time to either put them in storage, give them away or toss them out. Embracing downsizing means you’ll want to minimize the stuff you bring with you. Putting items in storage might defeat that purpose. You might also feels pangs of guilt knowing that you’ve got things waiting to be brought back out in a bigger place. That’s not what downsizing is all about. It’s about managing your time better, saving money and creating a cozier environment.

As you get ready to move, you should set a schedule of what you want to achieve in the coming weeks. This can be equal parts packing and eliminating. What you’re packing are those things you want with you and can’t live without. What you’re eliminating is all the junk. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t do this alone. One of the best partners in a downsizing project would be Junk King Orange County. These are the junk removal specialists who have set up an office here in Orange County to help residents and business owners get rid of the junk that is taking up valuable space on their property. With downsizing it is essential that you discard those things you’re not ever going to use again. Whether that is extra furniture, appliances, TVs, computers or sports equipment Junk King OC can pack it up on one of their sturdy trucks and haul it off for good.

Working with Junk King will allow you to reduce the amount of stuff a traditional move would be carrying. That’s going to save you a lot of money. With Junk King you won’t be charged by the hour but by the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. That’s a better deal than you would get with any mover. Junk King OC also makes it their number one priority to divert as much junk away from local landfills as they can. They’re happy to boast about their recycling record and you don’t even have to ask if they’ll recycle: Junk King will do it automatically with all those items that can be repurposed.

The best way to start off in a new home is without unnecessary clutter. Junk King Orange County can get you there without any hassle. Call them today to find out how they can help you achieve a junk-free world.

Orange County Moving and Junk Hauling

Making a move into a new home or apartment can be equal parts stressful and exciting. Fresh starts are always a proactive way of reinvigorating your life. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and experience the charm of a different neighborhood. But it’s also stress inducing in terms of getting ready for the movers, making sure everything is packed and nothing gets broken on the journey. This makes a move to a new place as the perfect opportunity to finally get rid of your useless junk. Why would you want to take that with you?

It’s amazing how quickly we can gather junk into our lives. Even the biggest of homes can become overrun with all the stuff we’re hanging onto. Garages get so full of this stuff that cars are forced to park out on the street! And forget about the closets; they are crammed from floor to ceiling. As you sort through your belongings you need to give some serious thought as to what makes sense to take with you and what you can let go of. Do you really want to drag along that old ping pong table or treadmill? Is that broken coffee table worth hanging onto? When you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to let go of all those useless items then it’s time to give Junk King Orange County a call.

Junk King is the Orange County business that has been helping homeowners and business owners make the transition from clutter into a junk-free way of living. You can use them for a “move before the move.” That would be moving out all of your junk. The difference is you’ll be saying good-bye to that stuff once and for all.

The Junk King OC crew consists of the same level of professional movers that you might be hiring for the big move. The big difference is that with Junk King you’re not going to be charged by the hour for labor costs or driving time. Your cost for removal will be based on the amount of space your junk takes up in the Junk King truck. It’s just that simple and no hidden charges. When you get rid of all that extra “baggage” then you’ll be saving money on your big move because you won’t have to pay for the extra time it’s going to take up. Plus you won’t have to pack any of that stuff.

The other thing to keep in mind about the Orange County Junk King is that they’re going to make every effort to ensure that your junk is recycled. This means diverting the stuff away from a landfill and towards the appropriate recycling facility. That should make you feel good about getting rid of your stuff! Start the next chapter of your life as a junk-free person.

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