Junk King Sarasota Frees Up Storage Space

The most popular thing that  homeowners wish they could add to the house is another bathroom. Next to that, would be more storage space. Adding the bathroom requires a lot of plumbing work had it may not be practical unless an entire edition is being added to the home or there is a basement with plumbing already established. However, when it comes to adding storage space that might be easier to come by especially when you get help from a company like Junk King Sarasota.

What is really standing between you and finding more storage space is deciding what kinds of things you can get rid of. This will mean going through every closet, the entire garage, the attic and any other area that you designated for storage. You want to take the time and review all the things you’re keeping in boxes and bags. Are these things that you’re going to use again? Are they broken beyond repair but you just didn’t want to throw them out? Are they some items that you thought you would pass on to other people but no one wants? This kind of sorting work can end up revealing large amounts of things that you can get rid of. What’s left can all be consolidated into a much tighter space. As for all the things you designated for removal, that is where Junk King is going to be a big help.

If you are just clearing out space for storage, then there will be plenty of room on the Junk King truck for whatever you’re getting rid of. The team from Junk King is going to size up all those items and no from just glancing at the how the pack up the truck. They will be worried about fitting things on. There are more focused on packing as much as they can into a little space as possible. That allows them to make more pickups in a day. It will also provide you with the low end of the price scale.

Freeing up more storage space is easy when you partner up with Junk King Sarasota. Get your rubbish removed today.

Great Ways to Use the Space After Junk King Sarasota’s – Garage Cleanout

We have a written guarantee with the Sarasota – Garage Cleanout services we supply here at Junk King. Once more, each and every member of our team is dedicated to making sure what can be recycled gets sent in the proper direction.

Here at Junk King, we also like to be an information resource. Many of our clients ask us what they should be doing after we help them clean out the garage. That’s why we’ve put together the following suggestions.

The Everyday Garage
Once you have the space all clean through our Sarasota – Garage Cleanout option, you might decide to keep using it as a garage. If that’s the case, you might want to start by changing the floor and putting in a poured concrete solution. These are nice and simple. If you get one with the right finish, cleaning up small oil and grease spills is a breeze.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to store everything on that new floor either. There are a variety of outstanding storage solutions as close as the Internet.

The Man Cave
Why not take a few minutes to book online today and save $20? Or, if you prefer, you can click online or call us at our convenient phone number located right on our landing page. Don’t forget to text us a photo so that we can get ahead of your garage cleaning needs.

A Place to Work
Of course, some of the other clients who use our Sarasota – Garage Cleanout department see things a little differently once the space is opened up. We’ve heard from people who say they’ve converted it into a workspace for an extra income or just a hobby on the side.

Everyone who loves to work with wood or tinker with cars knows the backyard and the inside of the house aren’t the places for that kind of work. If you’re looking at putting in a woodworking shop, a good suggestion is a cheap vinyl flooring since it’s easy to sweep up.

If you’re planning on using the space to work on cars, we would like to suggest something a little more permanent like a concrete floor that you can wipe up spills and oil stains from.

Regardless of what you choose in the end, Junk King Sarasota – Garage Cleanout services we provide are industry leading. Why not get in touch with us today?

Junk King Provides Dependable Junk Cleanup For Sarasota

The big issue that dominated Sarasota in 2018 was the impact from the red tide menace. Florida officials spent a whopping $17.3 million in emergency spending to bring the red tide under control. Of that amount, $14 million was spent on cleaning up the dead fish from the beaches. Coastal areas, like Sarasota, where the economy depends on tourism were hit especially hard. Unfortunately, these types of algae blooms, which are a natural occurrence, won’t ever completely go away. The goal is for scientists to look for ways to mitigate the effects of this phenomenon.

Did you have any cleanup that was directly related to the red tide? Hopefully, it was kept at a minimum. Looking ahead, are there any other cleanup projects you’d like to take care of in the coming weeks? If so, then you might consider bringing in the crew from Junk King Sarasota. These are expert junk haulers that can make short work out of all kinds of rubbish removal.

Start with the outside of your home. Do you have any big items out the front or backyard that you’d like to clear out? Junk King is going to send over a pair of movers. They will be able to handle taking away things like patio furniture, barbecue grills, planters and any other yard waste. Is something needs to be dismantled like a swing set, gazebo, toolshed or even a hot tub the crew from Junk King can take care of that as well. You don’t have to provide them with any special instructions beyond, “can you please take it away?”

When the crew is done removing all the unwanted items from the outside your home, they can turn their attention to the things you want to get rid of from the inside. They can help you clear out your garage and closets of all the unwanted clutter that is taking up valuable space. They can finally remove those big pieces of furniture and appliances that you’re not ever going to use again. You can hire Junk King to take away just a few things or an entire truckload full of junk. Their only focus is to leave you as a satisfied customer. For dependable junk cleanup services you can rely on Junk King Sarasota to move swiftly to clear your home of unwanted clutter.

Let Junk King Handle Your Christmas Tree Removal

The question, “what are we going to do about the tree?” is being discussed in homes all across Sarasota and the rest of the country. That tree would be the Christmas tree and the disposal of that seems to be a conundrum faced by families every year. It is quite easy to bring a tree into the house and get it set up for the holidays. But after New Year’s when the decorations come down that tree needs to be disposed of and that’s where the challenge comes in. Not every neighborhood has the same type of municipal services that provide a pickup. Of course, everyone else on the block is also getting rid of their Christmas trees which can cause a literal and figurative logjam. There is a way to cut through all the hassle and have your Christmas tree removed on your schedule. All you have to do is put Junk King Sarasota onto the task.


Junk King specializes in the removal of furniture, appliances and electronics but are not limited to those categories. They remove all kinds of unwanted items like pool tables and hot tubs. A Christmas tree is the least of what they can get rid of and as far as they’re concerned rather easy. You won’t have to bring the Christmas tree down to your curb. The Junk King crew will pick it up right from its place in your home. Once the tree is on the truck they’ll backtrack and sweep up all the needles, too!

Just getting the Christmas tree removed efficiently and on your schedule is a huge benefit but there’s a lot more the junk King can do the same session. What other items would you like to get rid of your home? There will be plenty of room on the back of the junk King truck to make that happen. All you have to do is point to what you want taken away and the crew will do the rest. They’ll also do an environmentally friendly disposal of all that stuff including your Christmas tree.

Christmas tree removal and junk hauling can be taken care of quickly with one call to Junk King Sarasota. Set up the appointment today.

Great Reviews For Junk King Sarasota

Whether you’re opening a show on Broadway or making a holiday dinner you want to earn great reviews. A business depends on great reviews to get the word out about what their company is doing in the hopes of attracting new customers. That’s why it’s so important for a company to not only share those reviews but to provide a space their customers to post them. Junk King Sarasota always appreciates what their customers have to say and they’re happy to report the vast majority of those customers are totally satisfied. Here’s the proof that was posted in the last couple of days:


“We were left in a lurch by another company that cancelled just before the promised pick- up window. I found Junk King online, saw the reviews and booked. A couple of hours later, your reps were here and did a fantastic job. This wasn’t just any mattress removal. I’m a disabled vet and your awesome representatives took our old mattress away so a new better one, where I will finally have comfort, can be placed. Forever grateful. Thank you! We will use you again!!” – Steven T., Bradenton

When Junk King says they do all the work you can take that quite literally. It’s never challenge to move something heavy and bulky for these experienced crews. And working fast is just how they operate.

“There is no better way to get rid of your clutter or heavy bulky furniture – I have used Junk King at least 4 times in the past couple years and they are always so friendly and efficient. I can’t recommend them enough and appreciate their service and kindness!! Thank you!!” – Alexandra B., Bradenton

Plenty of Junk King customers are repeat customers. Someone who clears out there closets a day might need a backyard cleanup tomorrow. Junk King can help with everything when it comes to clutter and rubbish removal.

“Quick response. Accommodating. Very nice techs who picked up the furniture. Would love to request same ones again in the future.” – M.T., Sarasota

“I called at the last minute needing a fridge hauled away. The scheduler was very polite and quickly got me a quote and was able to schedule a pick-up for that afternoon. I received a call a bit before I expected it, the 2 men who were coming said they were running ahead of schedule and wondered if it was OK if they came early which was great with me. They arrived, packed up the fridge and took several large bags of trash for an additional, nominal fee. They were polite, friendly and professional. I give Junk King an A+.” – S.C., Sarasota

Junk King Sarasota is confident that after one junk removal session you’ll be adding your own positive review to the growing list of satisfied customers.

Gift Yourself A Junk Removal Session With Junk King

If you are in charge of the holiday gift shopping for your family, then you’ll probably be very busy in the coming weeks. Whether you’re making the trips to various stores throughout the area or spending time online, your goal is to make sure that everyone on your list will have something nice to open on Christmas morning. Of course, there is nothing wrong with giving a gift to yourself. After all, who would know better as to what you would need? One great gift you could give to yourself would be a junk removal session from Junk King Sarasota. This will allow you to finally get rid of all the unwanted clutter and rubbish that you have in your home. You no longer have to wait for someone to do it for you because Junk King will do it right away!


You probably have a running list in your mind all the things that you’d like to get rid of from your home. You reminded of that list anytime across to the garage and see the piles of sporting equipment, boxes of household goods and maybe even a kayak that no one is using. You’ll think about the list of things to get rid of every time you open up cabinet or closet and have to sort through all kinds of clutter in order to find the one thing you’re looking for. One junk removal session with Junk King can make all of that stuff disappear.

Since you know what taken from the house it will be easy to show all those items to the Junk King crew when they show up for the appointment. After they’ve look over all the stuff you want to get rid of, the be able to present you with a written estimate for the fee. This will be a price that is based on how they going to pack up the truck. They have a lot of experience with getting a bunch of stuff into a small amount of space. That will always be good for the final fee.

This holiday, give yourself the gift of a Junk King Sarasota junk removal session and get the home cleared of rubbish. You deserve it!

Before The Decorations Go Up, Get Rid Of The Junk

Are the nails and hooks still hanging in the same place they were for your holiday decorations? Depending upon the situation it makes a lot of sense to keep those items up throughout the year. After all, why “reinvent the wheel” if you don’t have to? Before the lights go up you’ll want to check to make sure they are working properly. One burnt out bulbs can ruin the entire string. You certainly want to find that out before they are strung up outside the house. But even before you test out the lights or put up new hooks you should bring in Junk King Sarasota. They are not going to steady a ladder for you but instead make a great stride with removing all the rubbish from your yard and house. That is really the best way to get your home ready for the holidays.


If you were to stand across the street from your house, then what would you see that could be tossed out? There might be some items piled up on the side of the house or garage that need to be cleared out. There might be some old furniture planters of the porch that has seen better days. If someone in your house likes to tinker with cars, then there could be random auto-parts scattered throughout the yard. None of those items are going to make your home look very festive. In a matter of minutes, the crew from Junk King can have it all cleaned up.

Inside the house you could also have a few junk items that need to be cleared away. Remember, you’re going to have two movers and a big truck. That means tossing out that old recliner futon won’t be an issue. While you’re at it, you might as well take the time to go through all your closets remove clutter you have crammed in there as well. This is a great way to open up space and get ready for all those new how they outfits that might be coming in!

One session with Junk King Sarasota is all it will take to get your holiday preparations off to a great start. Make this a junk free Christmas.

Let Junk King Handle Your Attic Cleaning

It is always nice when you can handle the assignment off to someone else knowing they’re going to take care of it just like you would. Delegation is the best way to be productive in any work environment. Delegation also works around the house provided you can get all the family members on board! There are some tasks that you need to delegate to outside help. Getting your attic clean would certainly fall into that category. This is a job that can require a lot of trips up and down those attic steps. It also means maneuvering heavy objects down the steps or even a ladder. That is something that is best left for the professionals. And the perfect professionals for this type of work is Junk King Sarasota.


When Junk King says they do all the work they really mean it. If you hire them to clean out your attic, then they don’t want to see you bring down a single box even if it’s an empty box! When they show up for the appointment you’ll take them up to the attic and show them all the things you want removed. You can then go back downstairs and relax for a few minutes because that’s how long it will take for the Junk King team to clear everything out.

With two movers at your house you can also get rid of a lot of other unwanted objects whether they are inside or outside. This is a great opportunity to clear the yard of any old furniture, power tools or even a kid’s playset. if it has to be lifted, loaded or taken apart then the crew from Junk King will handle it efficiently.

Setting up the appointment with Junk King isn’t complicated. One phone call or a few minutes online gets it done. Just have the date and a two-hour window within that day ready and Junk King will be very accommodating. After years of collecting stuff in your attic it can all be hauled away in a single session with help from Junk King Sarasota. Make that happen today.

Scary Junk Isn’t A Problem For Junk King

Every city has their haunted house legends. There are even enterprising folks who pull together haunted house tours that are extremely popular this time of year. The worst thing that could happen is for your home to be mistaken for a haunted house because of some scary junk that might be piled up outside. Nothing wrong with leaving that up for Halloween, but as soon as you hand out the last piece of candy you should start thinking about hiring Junk King Sarasota for a complete scary junk removal session.


A lot of the junk we have around our homes we tolerate because there isn’t much to do with it. You can’t toss an old water heater out into the trash. The same can be said for a broken recliner or refrigerator. You’re either stuck with those things or turn them over to Junk King.

The way that Junk King can help is simple: They’re going to do all the work. So whatever heavy or bulky object that you want to have carried out of your home or off your property, the Junk King team is going to do the lifting and loading. That might have a positive influence on what you want to get rid of. After all, knowing that your back won’t be at risk can mean finally get rid of all kinds of unwanted clutter, big and small.

Since Junk King began collecting junk over thirteen years ago, they’ve managed to maintain a 60% diversion rate across the country. That means that 60% of all the things they collect get divert away from landfills and into recycling facilities or charity thrift stores. Add it all up and it represents tons and tons of stuff being keep out of those dumps. That is going to have a huge benefit on the environment. The team at Junk King Sarasota is proud to be a part of this green way of handling disposal. You should feel good giving your junk to Junk King.

Are you ready to say good-bye to your scary junk? Junk King Sarasota is standing by to make that happen.

The Best To Get Rid Of Your Old AC

The inventor of the trash can with the foot pedal got it totally right. The very first trash can was probably invented without a lid. All it took was one load of garbage to go in before some said, “Put a lid on it!” The kinds of trashcans we adapted for use in the home also came with lids and it was soon discovering that this wasn’t the most convenient way to get trash in to the can especially when you’ve got your hands full of it. Along came the foot pedal and everything changed. Now you can “stomp and dump” without spilling anything on the floor of getting the trashcan dirty. That’s great for the kitchen but there are still things you’d like to get rid of that no amount of foot pedal action can help with. That is true for tossing out your old AC unit. A job like that requires the kind of outside help offered by Junk King Sarasota.


The key component that would make getting rid of an old AC easy is having someone else do the work. With Junk King, that “someone else” is actually two people as in the Junk King moving crew. This is the team who is going to easily pull that old AC from the window and carry it out of the house. They also make it easy to get that appliance down any number of stairs. You literally won’t have to lift a finger.

Once placed on the back of the Junk King truck, your old AC will leave plenty of room for other unwanted items. What do you want to get rid of that would take two movers to lift and load? This is your chance to get rid of unwanted furniture, kitchen appliances and old televisions. All of those items, including the AC unit, can be dropped off at recycling centers and charities. This is the why Junk King should be your only junk hauling service.

When you put it all together, it is clear that Junk King Sarasota really is the best company to clear out your old AC and the rest of your rubbish.