Vital Recycling Facts

We can all agree that recycling is very important to our planet. The goal is to keep as much stuff out of landfills as possible. By recycling, we also become more energy efficient. Although it seems like everyone is recycling there’s actually a lot more that we can be doing. To understand why recycling is so vital consider the following facts:


How many aluminum cans did you recycle or toss out today? Every three months, Americans throw out enough aluminum into landfills that could build the entire commercial air fleet in the country. That’s a lot of metal going to waste. Over the course of your lifetime, you have the opportunity to recycle at least 25,000 cans. What can one recycled aluminum can do? A single aluminum can that’s recycled saves enough energy to power up a television for three hours. And the entire process of recycling it can use is 95% less energy and water and it would to build a can from raw materials.

Paper is another commodity that is popular to recycle but even there we can do better. Americans today throw away enough office paper to build a 12-foot high wall from Seattle to New York. That would be a new wall every year. Whenever a company makes paper from recycled paper it produces the contribution to air pollution by 95%. Just one stack of newspaper 3 feet high saves a tree. Right now up to 40% of fiber used to make new paper products in the US comes from recycled sources. Anytime you buy a car board package you should check to see if it’s made from recycled paper. If you are a loyal customer to that company and they aren’t recycling, then you should let them know.

Classes of recyclable material that can be remanufactured literally thousands of times. Making glass from recycled material cuts back on related water pollution by up to 50%. Just recycling one glass jar saves enough electricity to light a lamp for 20 hours.

All of these recycling facts should have you fired up to do even more recycling. That becomes a factor when you want to get rid of things like appliances, electronics or old furniture. Yes, all of that can be recycled to as long as you hire the right junk hauler. Junk King Sarasota is dedicated to keeping as much stuff out of landfills as possible. They’ll drop off your stuff to a recycling center or charity at no extra cost. If you’re looking for the perfect recycling partner to haul away your junk, then Junk King Sarasota is the call to make.

Make This A Clutter Free Holiday

Is your home the family “hub” for the holidays? This is the place where all the families gather. The bigger the family, the more your home can feel like Grand Central Station but its all good. Even though it is family, you still want things to look nice. That is why you should consider setting up a session with Junk King Sarasota. These are the junk removal experts who can make sure you have a clutter free holiday.


When it comes to general cleaning, you might treat yourself to a professional cleaning service. That would be nice if you’re hosting an open house. Those services can only do the scrubbing, dusting and mopping. To get rid of the junk, you’re going to need some extra help and a big truck. That is just what Junk King Sarasota is going to provide. You’ll be working with a pair of strong movers who will arrive in a big truck. That is pretty much all you need to get rid of just about any piece of unwanted rubbish or clutter. Now is your chance to get rid of that old couch or futon. You can make a lot of room in your closet once you’ve sorted through all the outfits you’re not going to wear any longer. Take that same approach to your kitchen cabinets and you’ll come away with all kinds of storage.

Junk King Sarasota doesn’t have to stop with clearing the clutter from the inside of your home. The crew can also do a sweep around the yard to get them clear of any debris. This is a terrific way to get your home ready for outdoor decorations.

Everything that is collected by Junk King might end up being donated to a family in need. That’s because Junk King Sarasota would rather drop what they collect off at a charity than a landfill. It is also how they save you money on your final price. That’s because they won’t be charged the hefty fee a landfill charges by weight. Junk King never charges by the pound and that makes it a very good deal. Before guests show up for the holidays, let Junk King Sarasota clear away the junk fast.

How To Prepare For Your Next Move

It’s very exciting to consider moving into a new home. Once the initial search phase is over and your offer has been accepted, then it’s time to literally pack up your life. This holds true if you’re moving from apartment to apartment or into a new house. Here are some of the ways that help you prepare for your next move.


Don’t Wait to Book Your Movers

It’s no secret that everyone who moves does so at the first of the month. That means the last day of the month and that first day will always be the busiest for movers. Even though they say they’re open, chances are they will double book you because they know there’s no other option. That’s why you should schedule your movers on the same day that you turn in notice. You should also let those movers know you want to be there only job for that day. If they can’t accommodate that, then you should take your business elsewhere.

Pack a Little Each Day

The only time he gets very stressful is if you are five days after the big move and you still have most of the house left to pack. It’s not easy to pack when you still working during the day. However, if you can focus on just doing two with three boxes a night then you will be head of the game long before the moving day shows up. Just work through your house from all the nonessential things like books, movies, music and other keepsakes until you get to the stuff you use all the time like your clothing and your kitchen items.

Schedule Utility Switch

Just as you shouldn’t wait to book your movers you also shouldn’t way to switch over utilities. Changing electric and water is easy that is usually happens externally. But it is hooking up cable and telephone that is always a waiting game. You should book those companies for the day after you move in. Just make sure you identify which box has all your cables to hook up the TV.

Don’t Pack Junk

A big mistake that a lot of people make is packing up things that they would probably throw out once they unpacked them. If you’re taking along furniture that you know you’re going to replace, then you’re just wasting valuable space on your big moving truck. You also going to be taking up time with your movers to bring those things in and out. Instead, hire Junk King Sarasota to get rid of all your unwanted stuff. You can set up the session a few days before you actually move out. Or you can leave everything behind that you want to get rid of and let Junk King come in the following day. Don’t start a new chapter in your life with old junk. Give it to Junk King Sarasota.

More Great Reviews For Junk King Sarasota

It is easy to tell if a restaurant is successful. All you have to do is show up and be forced to wait for table. As for other businesses, you can know if their successful by the amount of positive reviews they receive from their customers. By that measure, Junk King Sarasota is extremely successful. Here are some of the great reviews that have posted within the last couple of days:


“From Day 1, it became obvious to me that Junk-King valued me as a customer. Although I was trying to deal with a very difficult situation from out of town, Eric and his employees made it as easy as possible for me and did an excellent job in addressing the needs of me and my family. Any questions or concerns I had were dealt with ASAP in a very professional and caring manner. Junk-King is truly a top-notch company with top-notch employees who helped my family deal with a very distressing situation in a very professional manner.” – Linda C., Sarasota

As far as junk King is concerned, removing your unwanted items is in complicated. It doesn’t matter to them how heavy or bulky something is or whether or not it has to be carried up and down stairs. Using their focused on is to make sure you are satisfied and that everything you want gone is safely loaded onto the truck.

“Junk King services responded to my HOA need for trash removal after a storage room clean-out. What a relief to learn of their services. The pile was gone practically overnight-within hours of our first contact. Everyone was very courteous, knowledgeable, swift and efficient. Highest recommendation!”- D.C., Sarasota

“All the guys were very professional, quick and clean up was outstanding. We would use you again.” – J.A., Nokomis

“Communicated with me about the appt. time and called when they knew they were going to be late. Also called 30 min. prior to actual arrival. Took care of my disposal easily and even added an item at no additional cost. Charge was exactly as quoted.” – C.D., North Port

You can see from these reviews that when it comes to professional junk hauling, the only call to make is to Junk King Sarasota. Are you ready to get rid of your junk?

Junk King Sarasota Provides Fast Hurricane Cleanup

Anyone who’s clean a bathroom in a regular basis knows that mold has a tendency to grow on shower curtains and around tubs. The best way to attack that mold is with a blast of bleach cleaner. After major storm like Hurricane Irma, the chances of mold growing has increased and it’s not just something you can spray away. Anytime water is left to dry in the human condition can create the perfect growing environment for mold. That is why any water damaged piece of furniture, carpeting or wall has to be removed and replaced. That can certainly create a major challenge for most homeowners. Thankfully, a company like Junk King Sarasota is standing by to spring into action and provide fast hurricane cleanup.


With the hurricane fast approaching, most homeowners and businesses scramble to make sure their property was as protected as it could be. Storm shutters over windows and removing patio furniture and other potential projectiles is a good way to get your home ready for storm. It’s also important to make sure your sump pump is working properly and that you have a backup in case the power goes out (which it did). But even with the best of prep work, you cannot predict what may get dumped in your yard or how high the floodwaters will rise. The cleanup effort is underway throughout Sarasota but it could take months for the city to get everything as back to normal as possible. You shouldn’t have to wait that long. And you won’t if you hire Junk King Sarasota today.

Junk King Sarasota is going to send over a pair of movers assigned to your hurricane cleanup task. This is a crew that is going to show up with a friendly attitude and who are great at solving cleanup challenges. If there’s something big or bulky that needs to be removed from your property, then Junk King is in above cutting it into pieces in order to get it onto the truck. The focus is to get all the damage stuff clear as quickly as possible and that can usually happen in a single session.

When you hire Junk King Sarasota for your hurricane cleanup, it’s one less thing you have to worry about. Make that call today.

Tips For Storm Preparation

Technically, every state in the country is susceptible to flash flooding. However, there are some states, like those along the Gulf Coast, that are even more prone to become potential targets of major tropical storms. We are currently seeing this play out in Texas in a very devastating way. Florida has certainly had its fair share of huge storms. Anytime there’s a hurricane in another part of the country, it is always a good time to make sure you are prepared for the next storm. Here are some storm prep tips you should put into action today:


Prepare A “Go Kit”

Although you might not like to think about this, there’s a chance if you ever had to evacuate because of a storm you could come home to a totally flooded house. That is why you need to prepare “go kit” that has all of your important papers such as copies of your insurance policy, emergency contacts, your home inventory, extra keys, powers of attorney and any other personal records you might need to access your finances. All of these can be in a small lockbox that you can essentially grab and go.

Consider a Generator

The first hour of a power outage you can make into a fun adventure for the kids. Break out the flashlights and maybe even setting up a tent in the living room. But as the darkness wears on, it becomes apparent that you really do need to have power. A backup generator is a good idea to have not only to keep your cell phones charge and some lights turned on but to ensure your sump pump is always running.

Check Your Homeowner’s Policy

There are many people living in Houston right now who have lost everything and didn’t have flood insurance. Part of the reason was because they were living in zones that were designated as flood areas. That all changed with Hurricane Harvey. You need to make sure you have the proper coverage for your home. Many insurers don’t provide flood insurance but you can get it from FEMA. You should also check to see if you are covered for accidental sewage backups. That is definitely a costly mess that you don’t want to be paying for.

It’s a good idea to include the contact for Junk King Sarasota in your cell phone as well. These are professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience cleaning up after storms. Municipal workers will be overextended. You can always count on Junk King Sarasota to provide fast storm debris and water damage cleanup.

Five Things Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Have you finally bought your first home? How long did it take to get to this place? There is certainly a lot to take pride in. There’s also a lot of things that you’re going to have to fix. Even if your home was perfect when you moved in, it’s yours now and there’s always room for improvement. There are a few things you need to know that you might not even have given a second thought about before owning. Here the five things every homeowner needs to know:


You Can Flush With a Bucket

If your plumbing is connected to a well pump or the city water supply, then you can still flush if those two things are shut off. All you need to do is have a bucket of water handy. After flushing, refill the toilet tank with that water. It works the same as the usual flush just don’t refill the bowl.

Shut Off Your Water Before Vacation

When you go on vacation the hope is that nothing will go wrong back at home. It helps to let your neighbors know you’ll be gone so they can keep an eye the place. But you can also take proactive measures to minimize the risk of potential damage. A big issue could be trouble with your plumbing. That’s why you should turn off your main water valve before going away. It’s a very simple fix and could save you major headaches upon your return.

Don’t Leave Your Garage Remote in Your Car

Most people who have a garage remote clip it to their visor for easy access. That might be setting yourself up for trouble from some unscrupulous characters. Anyone who breaks into your car can quickly check the registration for your home address and swipe the garage remote. That gives them instant access into your house. Look for remote that you can carry on your keychain or adapt your garage door opener to your smart phone apps.

Use High R-Value for Insulation

Your home needs to be insulated. That insulation is measured as an R-value. The higher the R-value the better you’ll be insulated. Even though insulation may to be the same thickness it is the density that matters.

Use Professionals For Junk Removal

No matter how big your home is you’ll soon find that it fills a very quickly with a lot of clutter. There are plenty of things that you want to keep in storage that you used throughout the year. However, they could be just as much if not more items that you’re never going to use again. This is all the junk you’re holding onto for no good reason. It can all be carted away with one call to Junk King Sarasota. These are the junk removal professionals that can make a huge difference when it comes to clearing rubbish from your home. It doesn’t matter how heavy or bulky something is. All that matters to Junk King Sarasota is that you want to get rid of it. Hire them to help today.

What Is Better For Property Development: Renting Or Flipping?

Real estate remains one of the number one investments you can make to enhance your financial before you. When it comes to developing a property, you have two options: renting or flipping? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. What’s the better pick for your needs? Consider these factors:


Discount Price

A home or commercial space that has been deemed “distressed” and in need of renovation could come at a discounted price. The only red flag would be the condition of that distress. An inspection could reveal a lot more work is needed to get that place habitable then you’re ready to invest into. The reality flipping shows makes it look easy. That might be true but you should enter into a project very carefully. Buying something sight unseen at an auction and “as is” could be full of challenges

Renting Revenue Stream

A rental property can set up a positive revenue stream. It might require a bigger initial investment just because you want something that is turnkey ready. However, if it is in good condition and you can rent it out right away, then those rental funds can pay for the mortgage. The only drawback is what happens if you don’t rent it? Can you carry two mortgages at once?

Landlord vs. Construction

Someone who makes a career out of flipping properties means they are always on the lookout for their next investment opportunity. It’s always a hustle to find new homes and set up the financing. Then there’s all that time that needs to be invested in the renovations. That means your funds are going to be tied up for several weeks if not several months. Plus, there’s no guarantee you will sell the home once everything is finished.

As a landlord with a rental property, you are entering into a long-term relationship with your renters. That means you are responsible for collecting rent, making repairs and screening those tenants. A lot of that work can be turned over to a property management company but they will charge you a fee. It’s not a stretch to imagine that several rental properties could become a full-time business. But it still frees you up with a lot of time during the day.

With either type of development, you’ll have to build a list of reputable vendors. When it comes to clearing rubbish from a property the only vendor you should think about hiring is Junk King Sarasota. This is a professional junk hauling service that has been in this line of work since 2005. Every Junk King appointment is staffed with two strong movers and a truck big enough to hold whatever you want to haul out. Before you can get any property ready for development, bring in Junk King Sarasota to clear it out.

Easy Ways To Bring In More Restaurant Business

The worst thing to happen for restaurant is to have to close early on any given night due to lack of customers. The goal is to have a steady stream of happy patrons. Although you can always count on your regulars, they might not be enough to sustain your business. That’s why you should always be proactive when it comes to bringing in more customers. Here are some easy ways to boost your customer base:


Put Out Smart Flyers

if your restaurant is located within a residential area, then you should be distributing smart flyers throughout that area on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean once a week but instead perhaps once a month. Those flyers shouldn’t be just generic copies of your menu but instead targeted specials just for the neighborhood. They can include a coupon that expires within a given time. Hopefully that will compel those neighbors to come in for a visit.

Set Up Partnerships with Local Businesses

If you have a delivery service for your restaurant, then every business within your delivery zone should be made aware of that. This isn’t just about menus under the door. Instead, take some fresh baked treats to the offices and introduce yourself to the staff. Let them know you are open for business and ready to serve them.

Offer Discounts

Competition for diners is fierce in Sarasota. That’s why offering discounts can help you cut through the clutter and bring in that business. Two-for-one deals, free appetizers on certain nights and a glass of wine in exchange for tagging of social media are terrific ideas for your customers.

Expand Happy Hours

If your restaurant has a bar, then there’s no excuse not to have a happy hour. This happy hour should feature special drinks and appetizers. You’ll will usually find that many people who come in for happy hour stick around for dinner. It’s a great way to introduce your restaurant to new customers.

Host a Cooking Class

If there are some unique offerings on your menu like fresh made pasta or pies made from scratch, then you could host a cooking class with those items. Throw in some wine and you’ve got yourself a nice little party of happy customers.

Make Sure Everything Is Clean

Part of your management would be to go through your establishment with the proverbial white glove test. Not only should your front of the house be spotless but also your storage areas and freezers. You don’t want to have clutter piled up anywhere that a customer can see. Here’s where junk King Sarasota can be a terrific ally. These junk removal professionals will send over a pair of movers and a big truck capable taken away all the rubbish you want to get rid of. Hiring junk King Sarasota to clear out the rubbish from your restaurant is a very smart move.

Your Guide To Enjoying A Sarasota Staycation

Are you dreading the idea of going on vacation? It’s not because you don’t need a break but because you don’t want to go through the hassle of flying, packing, unpacking and trying to find something to do in a town you’ve never been to before. That is why a staycation is a much better option. There are so many terrific things to do right here in Sarasota that you could easily fill up a week. Here is your guide to enjoying a Sarasota staycation:



The best approach to your staycation is to let your coworkers know you are going off the grid for a week. Even if they tried to call or send you an email, let them know before you go that you’re not going to be answering them. Binge watching your stored TV shows could be on your agenda but as for watching the news or constantly checking in on social media, perhaps you should forgo that as well. You’ll feel very refreshed to be sure.

Don’t Cook

When you go on a vacation, you don’t cook. The same thing should be happening for your staycation. This doesn’t mean you need to dine out every night but you can certainly get food delivered. That means no dirty dishes! If you do feel the need to cook, then make it something special that you’ve never tried before.

Sleep In

You should definitely plan specific adventures for your Sarasota staycation but none of them should start before 10 o’clock in the morning. Give yourself a break and sleep in. You can even go further by hiding all your watches and covering up the clocks. Do you really need to know what time it is?

Act Like a Tourist

There are many tourists to come to Sarasota and have a ball. They explore the city’s museums, shops and restaurants. You could take that same approach. Go to all those places you been hearing about but it never visited. When was the last time you actually went to the beach?

All of this staycation fun will be greatly improved if your house is in order. You might want to devote some time to clearing out the clutter especially the big stuff you always wanted to get rid of. If you hire Junk King Sarasota, you won’t have to devote that much time. These junk removal pros like to get in and out very quickly. You could have all your unwanted clutter picked up in the same amount of time it takes to enjoy breakfast. Make your staycation count by starting with a home that is junk free thanks to Junk King Sarasota.

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