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Category Archives: Sarasota Junk Hauling

See Why Junk King Sarasota Should Be Your Junk Hauler

“This company is wonderful!!! I emailed them this morning before they opened and got a response within 10 minutes!!  They showed up a couple of hours later, loaded up & filled the truck to the brim!  Chris and Ashley were professional, efficient and 2 of the hardest working people I’ve ever encountered!!! Call them for all of your hauling needs!! Top notch!!!” – Michele, Sarasota

If you only read one review for Junk King Sarasota, then that review would convince you that this is the company to hire for all your rubbish removal needs. Fortunately, you don’t have to read just one review. There plenty of satisfied Junk King customers who are eager to share their positive experiences with Junk King:

“I called them for a quote on removing a hot tub. Chris came within the promised timeframe the next day and gave me a fair quote that I agreed with. He tore down and removed the hot tub in a little over an hour.  AWESOME! So glad to finally see it gone. Great service. Thank you!!!” – Lady H, Palmetto

The Junk King crews are awesome problem solvers. It might seem like getting rid of an old hot tub is an impossible feat. As it happens, this is something that the Junk King crews do on a regular basis. That same problem-solving skill is applied when a bulk furniture item needs to be carried down a narrow hallway or a flight of stairs. If it needs to go on the back of the truck, then the Junk King squad will find a way.

“Chris and Ashley were awesome. Very efficient and pleasant. I called at 11:30 and the item was hauled away by 3 the same day. Showed up on time, called when they were on their way, provided great service, and very reasonable price. Highly recommend this company.” – Christopher, Sarasota

You’ll be ready to write your own positive review after one junk hauling session with Junk King Sarasota. Call to set that up today.

Get On Santa’s Nice List With a Junk Free Home In Sarasota

Although it hasn’t been proven, rumor has it that Santa schedules his toy drop offs so that he ends up in a place like Sarasota. That makes sense. After working all through the night, Santa is going to want to relax in the warm sun on a soothing beach. What better place than Sarasota. Of course, you might have been working just as hard to make sure you stayed on Santa’s nice list this year. One sure way to make Santa smile is to show him a junk free home. That can happen with one call to Junk King.


Junk King Sarasota is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. This is a company that was founded in 2005 on the principles of providing homeowners and businesses with a fast, efficient and affordable way of getting rid of junk. Junk is defined as anything you’re done with. That can be an old sofa or recliner. It can be a bunch of clothes. It can be exercise equipment or tires. If you’re never going to use it again, then it’s time to turn it over to Junk King.

Part of the reason folks hang onto their junk is that they don’t have the means to get rid of it. Often it requires two strong movers and a big truck. You could go out and hire your own crew and rent your own truck but why go through all that hassle when Junk King provides everything you need?

For every Junk King junk removal session, you’ll be put in charge of a two-man moving crew. You’ll only have to point to what you want taken away and the crew will handle it from there. That can have a huge impact on your final list of unwanted stuff. In other words, anything goes! That includes anything you have around the backyard that is creating an eyesore. Give it all to Junk King.

What about the cost? Junk King has a fair pricing policy that is based on volume. It all comes down to how your stuff will fit on the back of the truck. Since the crews like to pack it all tight, you’ll benefit from the low end of the price range every time! Turning your cluttered home into a junk free home is easy when you give that job to Junk King.

Sarasota Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

Are you ready to get serious about your workouts in 2013? You’ve probably already answered a resounding “Yes” to that question which is why you invested in a home treadmill or other type of exercise equipment. But look what happened? You got enthusiastic for the first couple of days and then there were distractions or simple boredom. Unless you live alone it’s hard to imagine being able to squeeze in a workout in your home when you’ve got so many other responsibilities. That’s probably the primary reason for joining a gym: You can dedicate the time for a proper workout.

In terms of the boredom issue, joining a gym will probably help with that as well. That’s because the typical gym has a lot of variety. At least that’s what you should be looking for when searching out gyms. You want a place that has all kinds of cardio machines, free weights and weight machines. But you also want to keep an eye out for a gym that offers an array of classes. Whether you take them up on that offer is another thing but at least those classes will be there when you’re ready.

Another motivating factor is the sense of community you’ll get by joining a gym. If you pick out the same workout time each week you’ll probably be running into the same folks on the same schedule. Nothing wrong with striking up a conversation and asking for some pointers. Who knows? You might even discover you new best friend at the gym!

Best of all you’ll be getting into shape. Your doctor has probably already told you to start working out to lose weight and improve your cholesterol and blood pressure. The idea is to get your heart pumping. With a steady workout you’ll be feeling better and looking better in no time!

Just to make sure you’re not given any reminders of exercise failure you should make arrangements with Junk King Sarasota to get rid of the treadmill in your garage or anything else that you’re not using. Since it took more than one person to bring that treadmill into your home it’s going to take more than one person to get rid of it. With Junk King you’ll be getting a very capable two-man crew and a big enough truck to fit that treadmill on. But you don’t have to get rid of unused exercise equipment alone.

You can take advantage of hiring Junk King Sarasota to remove all kinds of oversized items in the same appointment. This will be a terrific opportunity to take back the storage space in your home and remove all the “eyesores.” You’ll definitely want to make room for a new mirror because working out will have you looking at yourself a lot more!

Sarasota & Bradenton Bulk Item Pickup

Just what is bulk waste? According to the city of Sarasota, any kind of furniture (except for sofa beds), mattresses, box springs, lawn mowers or barbeque grills would fall under the category of bulk waste. You could schedule a pickup of those items through Waste Management but there is no guarantee you’ll get through or have the pickup happen when it is convenient for you. Plus there is that matter of getting the object out to the curb. How are you at lugging a sofa out of your home?

Then there is the category of what the city refers to as “oversized waste.” These are items that won’t be picked up by Waste Management for free. That list includes: “basketball poles, bathtubs, Christmas trees over 6 feet tall, construction debris, garage doors and openers, large glass windows and tabletops, large mirrors, exercise equipment, mailboxes on posts, picnic tables, riding lawn mowers, pianos and organs, playground equipment, sheds, sliding glass doors, tree debris that exceeds 40 pounds or is unprepared, vehicle seats or fencing.” What happens if you have that kind of stuff you are desperate to throw out? Are you stuck with it? Not as long as Junk King Sarasota is around.

Junk King is Florida’s professional junk removal expert. As far as that list of “oversized waste” those are exactly the kinds of things the Junk King crews pick up every day from all around Sarasota. What’s great about hiring Junk King is that they’ll do all the work from the heavy lifting to the final dumping. They also come equipped with all moving equipment like a dolly or cart. And don’t forget their big truck. That’s where all your junk can be piled up. It’s probably the best part about hiring Junk King: you don’t have to hassle with renting a van or borrowing a friend’s pickup to do the job.

The Junk King workers are all licensed and insured. That goes back to that issue of being professional. These aren’t the random day laborers who cruise the neighborhood looking for trash to pickup. That might seem like a bargain but it’s not something you can depend on or trust. Junk King is part of a national franchise which means they have standards of excellence to live up to. They pride themselves on a job done well and the success of their Sarasota business is built upon their solid reputation. Without a positive word of mouth from satisfied customers, Junk King wouldn’t be in business very long.

Get a jump on 2013 by clearing out the clutter in your home or office. Let Junk King Sarasota show you the way!

Sarasota Grill Disposal and Junk Recycling

It appears that the organic food and recycling products wave is spreading far beyond the specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Now the big boys in Florida like Publix, Winn-Dixie and Sweetbay are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon by offering a wide range of items like recycled paper towels and organically certified diary, fruit and veggies. Even paying a little bit more doesn’t seem to be a turn off for those folks who want to stay green with everything they do. It’s all about reducing the individual carbon footprint. This is the estimate of how much you “contribute” to the depletion of the ozone layer. By doing simple things like walking or taking the bus instead of driving and recycling you’re doing your part. The issue becomes how far do you want to take your green policy?

When given the opportunity, most people are happy to recycle their household by-products such as plastics, papers, cardboard, magazines, glass and soda cans. But what about the big ticket item stuff that you want to toss out? Things like old appliances, e-waste or backyard grills. Can they be recycled, too? Actually they can when you hire the right junk removal specialist in Florida and that would be Junk King Sarasota.

Ever since Junk King set up operation in Sarasota, they have been helping the local homeowners and business owners with all kinds of junk removal. They also strive to make sure the majority of what they collect ends up at a recycling center instead of a landfill. Business have benefited from hiring Junk King when they wanted to get rid of old office furniture, equipment and files. That’s because with Junk King’s recycling policies, those business are able to proudly proclaim they are going “green!”

Homeowners who hire Junk King for those kinds of items mentioned above also benefit. Not only are they getting rid of those eyesores but they can officially claim their carbon footprint has been reduced. After a day of collecting, the Junk King Sarasota crews will take their trucks to the appropriate recycling centers located around town. It doesn’t matter if that means a bunch of separate drop offs for different materials; Junk King is happy to comply.

Imagine if you had to do that work? You might find that you’d have to take your old grill to the metal recycling center and your old sofa to the material recycling center. Do you really want to be driving all around town looking for those places? Could your stuff even fit on the back of your SUV? The answer is “no” and “no.” That’s why you need Junk King. Call them today to see how they can help with all your junk removal needs.

Thanksgiving Junk and Clutter Cleanup Sarasota

Welcome to the official kick-off of the holiday season. Despite the desire of department stores and television commercials to start the Christmas season in August, most people hold that the traditional kickoff is really the Thanksgiving Day weekend. This means if you’re willing, ready and able you could be opening up your home to friends and family visiting from out of town. At the very least, you could have some of those college bound kids returning home and bringing their new dorm-mate with them. The big issue becomes will you be ready? Put aside the menu for Thanksgiving and consider what you have to do to make your overnight guests feel welcomed. It all comes down to the little touches.

Top of the list is making sure they’ve got a comfortable place to sleep. If you’ve got a designated guest room then make sure you swap out the sheets for clean linen. Even if nobody has slept in there since the last holiday, you’ll want to freshen things up a bit. Also, put out some magazines or books you might think they would want to pick up and glance over. Even if you don’t have a spare room you can designate an area for your guest whether that’s in a kid’s room or downstairs sofa or air mattress. The goal is to give them a space they can call their own. If you’re guests are brining young ones who might be “explorers” you’ll want to do a child-proof run through of your home. Put away all those keepsakes that might end up in the wrong hands.

You should have some extra bathroom supplies on hand as well such as soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Get a little basket and make it like a hotel room. That will definitely put a smile on your guest’s face.

Depending on how long your guests are planning on staying you might want to clear out some space in the closet or dresser for them. You could also get a small folding luggage rack to put in the corner of the room which makes living out of a suitcase for the weekend a lot easier. If you’re going to clean out the closet, you should also be looking towards getting rid of all the clutter in your home. This is where reaching out to the Junk King Sarasota can be a big help. Junk King can be your perfect holiday prep partner.

With a call to Junk King you can arrange for the removal of all your bulky and unwanted items that you can’t throw out in a single garbage can. They could help you clear out the guest room if it has become your “storage locker.” Junk King Sarasota will take away all your stuff in a single trip and in just under an hour or so. That gives you plenty of time to spruce things up and be ready to welcome your holiday guests. Next holiday, you get to do the traveling!

Sarasota Landscaping Cleanup

On many levels, Sarasota is a divided community. We’re not talking about “red” versus “blue” but permanent residents versus seasonal residents. Many folks enjoy making Sarasota their winter home away from home and why not? There is an abundance of wonderful weather and activities to keep everyone happy. However, when a storm like the recent Hurricane Sandy ripped through the northeast some of these seasonal residents worried about their homes caught up in the storm damage. All they can do is wait and hope for good news. Ironically, these same folks spend their summers up north watching storms roll through Florida.

Whether you are a seasonal or permanent resident, you can still benefit from the reliable services provided by a company like Junk King. These are the folks who make junk removal their specialty. One of the areas where they really shine is helping residents with landscaping cleanup. This is often back breaking work that can put a real strain on the muscles.

With Junk King on your side, you won’t have to lift a finger… literally! They will do all the work of hauling, carting and removing any item you want taken from your yard. Suppose you once had gravel pathways but now want to make the switch to grass? Junk King can gather up all those rocks and load them up. The reserve is also true; if you want to replace your grass with a more manageable landscape option like gravel or wood chips let Junk King take away the sod!

Junk King can also help you remove those big items like patio furniture that has seen better days or a hot tub in need of replacement. In both of those instances, it’s clear that removing that junk is a two man operation (at least!). Even if you require extra help, Junk King isn’t going to charge you will labor costs or travel time. They’ll be charging you based on the amount of space your junk will take up on their truck. No surprises!

After Junk King has cleared out your yards they can help you do the same in your home. Having a Junk King removal appointment is the perfect opportunity to finally get rid of all that useless stuff you’ve been hanging onto. Isn’t it time you take back your closets and your garage? Surely, you can find much better uses for those spaces than storage of junk you want to throw out. When you’re ready, just call Junk King to set the ball in motion. And if you are heading back north, call Junk King when you get home. Chances are their will be a branch office of Junk King right where you need them!

Sarasota Debris Removal

There was a recent pile up on I-75 involving 47 vehicles. Fortunately, there were no fatalities reported but this crack-up resulted in 52 people being sent to local hospitals. It was in the middle of the afternoon with a light rain falling when apparently one fender bender at the bottom of an incline set off a chain reaction of smashes. Eighteen units from the Sarasota Fire Department responded to the scene which resulted in backups and road closures which lasted for hours. Now imagine if you were charged with the task of cleaning up that mess. All that scrap metal, broken glass and wrecked cars needing a tow. That’s a major clean-up effort. Clearly, you’ve never had to deal with that kind of debris pick up… or have you?

We all have a bad habit of holding onto stuff way past its prime. Most organizing experts will tell you that if you have something in your house that you haven’t used in six months or don’t plan to use it in another six months then get rid of it. Right off the bat, that would clear out a lot of clutter in your home. We’re not talking about keepsakes or things like books or DVDs. But there’s probably a lot of junk you never intend on using. Think of the seasonal stuff.

If you’re one of the fortunate who have moved to Sarasota from up north then you might have brought some winter items which you’ll surely never use again. Things like an old sled or snow shovel could have gotten pack with all you belongings in the big move and simply carted off. Now you’re stuck with them. Maybe you tried taking up surfing or kayaking but it just wasn’t you thing. Now you’re stuck with the board and boat taking up valuable space in your garage. Then there is a whole list of other potential items like pieces of furniture, mattresses, old TV sets, kitchen appliances and books of garbage that have been piling up for years. Do you really need to keep hanging onto those things? Of course not! Get rid of them once and for all with a call to Junk King Sarasota.

Junk King is the local Sarsota & Bradenton company who makes it their business to help folks get the junk out of their lives. With Junk King on your side you’ll have a capable team of movers and huge truck to fill up. This is the kind of back-breaking work that you shouldn’t have to take on by yourself and with Junk King you won’t. They’ll do all the work. They’ll even handle all the proper disposal. What would take up your whole weekend will now only last an hour thanks to Junk King Sarasota. Call them today and find out how they can help you with your major cleanup project.

Signs That It’s Time to Call a Sarasota Junk Removal Specialist

When you think of hoarding you probably have visions of the popular reality show the takes you into the home of these types of people. Inside are mountains of clothes, garbage and useless junk just rotting away. While that kind of hoarding can be a health hazard to the occupant there is another type of hoarding that endangers helpless creatures. That would be animal hoarding. Recently, Sarasota animal control authorities were called to a home and discover 263 dogs in an extreme state of neglect.

If you’ve ever owned a single dog then you know how much attention and care they need. They don’t ask for much: food, water, a walk and lots of love. That’s easy to give. But could you ever imagine devoting that much care to 263 dogs all at once? This is a serious violation of the law. Among the breeds found in this one location were Chihuahuas, Maltese, Bichon Frise, Poodles, Bouviers and Schnauzers. Authorities suspect that the owner was original a breeder but clearly things got out of hand. The good news is that all of these dogs have been rescued. Thanks to some hardworking veterinarians and volunteers, the pups have all been cleaned up, checked out and are not being put up for adoption. The community is responding in kind by bringing these dogs into loving homes.

All of this points out the need to keep your “collecting”  tendencies in check. That goes for pets and for junk. There is nothing wrong with being a collector of memorabilia or keepsakes but when you are holding onto items that serve no purpose then you’re just wasting valuable space in your home. When you’re ready to take the plunge and get rid of that stuff then you should call on Sarasota’s leading junk removal specialist: Junk King Sarasota.

Junk King Sarasota is a business of professional junk haulers. Their fleet of crews and trucks can be dispatched to any home, apartment or business in the Sarasota or Bradenton area. Once on the scene, the Junk King crew will be able to take away whatever you want removed no matter how big or heavy. Yes, we’re talking piano heavy! With Junk King on your side you won’t have to strain your back lifting an oversized item. They’ll carry up and down whatever stairs there are. A Junk King crew also works fast and efficiently. There will be many people they’ll have to help on any given day so you can bet they won’t be wasting your time. Find out what your friends and neighbors have already discovered: When it comes to junk removal, Junk King Sarasota is truly the king!

Sarasota Junk Removal Prices

When it comes to keeping the beaches around Sarasota clean, Mother Nature can only do so much. The natural ebb and flow of the tides do a lot of work in terms of smoothing out the shores and keeping the water circulating and thereby breaking up the flotsam. However, when humans are added into the mix it’s a safe bet that garbage won’t be far behind. Along a shoreline a single aluminum can actually take up to 200 years to decompose. That’s too long to wait for garbage to disappear. That’s why a group of dedicated volunteers recently took to the shores to do a little beach clean-up.

If last year’s efforts are any indication, the volunteers can expect to collect upwards of 300 bags of garbage and that’s just along the Sarasota County beaches. While there might be a lot of disgust aimed at the careless folks who drop their garbage along these pristine shores, at the end of the day the volunteers are happy to have brought the beach back to life. Maybe some “slob” will think twice about dumping garbage along the beach.

Heading inland from the shore will find that there is another helpful group standing by to lend you hand with getting rid of all your junk. That would be Junk King Sarasota. If you haven’t heard of Junk King Sarasota you’re in the minority. Hundreds of your Sarasota neighbors have already turned to Junk King for their professional junk removal services. Thanks to Junk King, homeowners have reclaimed their garages and can actually park a car in there again! They’ve taken back their spare rooms and made them habitable. As for closet space, it’s amazing what a little junk removal will do for opening up those storage areas.

What’s your junk situation like these days? Are you tripping over boxes? Grimacing every time you have to pass by a piece of furniture that should be tossed out? Can’t find any place to put anything because every available corner is stuffed with junk? Then give Junk King Sarasota a call. They’ll send out a supervisor who will size up the amount of junk you want to get rid of. You merely have to show them your stuff and they’ll figure out the rest. They’ll then come up with an estimate based on how much space your stuff would take up on the back of one of their trucks. That will be the price you’ll pay. No other surprises like dumping fees or travel time. And no labor costs. So if it takes the Junk King crew an hour or ten minutes to load up your stuff, you’ll only be paying that one rate. With prices like these there is no excuse not to get junk free today!

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