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Use Junk King For Your Washing Machine Disposal

How often does the phrase, “how am I going to get rid of that thing?” come up in your house? It might be that you are currently dealing with a challenge of removing an old washing machine. That would certainly be something that you can’t throw out in the garbage. It is also something you can’t donate to a charitable organization. And you would be hard-pressed to find someone who buy that washing machine especially if it is no longer working. The best option for your washing machine disposal is to use Junk King Birmingham for the task.

A Daily Occurrence

Hauling away an old washing machine from a home is practically a daily occurrence for Junk King. Along with things like old sofas, mattresses and recliners, major kitchen appliances are the most popular item to hire Junk King to remove from a home. It will only take the moving crew from Junk King a few minutes to navigate that old washing machine out of your front door. They will complete that process with no damage to your walls or floors. This is what makes Junk King the number one junk hauling service in Birmingham. Their attention to detail and support is unsurpassed!

That old washing machine won’t take up a lot of space on the Junk King truck. If that is all you were getting rid of, then you would be paying the low-end of price scale. That price is always based on how much volume is needed on the back of the truck for the things you are getting rid of. You can definitely use Junk King for a “single item” pick up. But as long as the moving crew and that truck will be at your disposal you should take full advantage of them. That might even mean just loading up a bunch of boxes of old clothing or other household goods. In other words, it doesn’t just have to be heavy objects that you hire Junk King to get rid of. It can be all your unwanted stuff.

When you hire Junk King Birmingham to take care of your washing machine disposal you will know that it will be done right.

Garage Cleanup Works Best With Junk King

When was the last time you did a thorough cleaning of your garage? To really get rid of the clutter and organize it would mean pulling out every single item onto the driveway. That way you can make a complete assessment of exactly what should go back in and what should be tossed out. Before you bring those items back into the garage you have the opportunity to install shelving or peg boards to help with the organization. As for all the stuff that might be left out in the driveway that is easily taken care of thanks to the help provided by Junk King Birmingham.

Quick Pick Up

Junk King provides professional junk hauling services for homes, apartments and businesses. All of that happens very quickly. If you were to make a call today to set up an appointment with Junk King, then you will most likely be presented with two options. The first might be to have your items removed today. Junk King often has time available for same day pickups. Those can only happen if you have free time and you know exactly what you want removed. Otherwise, the majority of sessions are completed within 24 hours of that first phone call. Of course, if you need more time to sort through all the items in your garage, then you can schedule your session accordingly.

As far as Junk King is concerned, a garage cleanup is one of their easiest jobs. That’s because they can literally backtrack right up to the garage door and swiftly loaded with all the things that you want hauled away. This doesn’t mean you are limited to just the things in the garage. The team from Junk King will be more than happy to go through the rest of your house and clear out any of your other unwanted items. You have the movers and you have the truck space. That means there will be no limits to what you can clear out.


A lot of the items that you are getting rid of might be able to be reused again. The Junk King crews have been trained to spot those kinds of objects and make sure they get donated to nearby charities. That is always the preferred method of disposing of unwanted items from your garage in the rest of your home.

Your garage cleanup will work best when you give that job to Junk King Birmingham today.

Junk King Provides Hassle-Free Kitchen Appliance Removal

Taking out the trash isn’t complicated. Yes, it is a bit of a chore to tie up the garbage bag and make sure it is not leaking as you carry it out to the trash can. Then once a week, that trashcan has to go down to the street and then back again once it has been emptied. Overall, it is a simple process and one that is awesome when you get to delegated to your kids!

There are other removal tasks in your home that are a bit more challenging. That would certainly be the case if you needed to replace any of your large kitchen appliances. This is not something that can easily be taken down to the curb. If you want to get a kitchen appliance removed from your home, then Junk King Birmingham is offering a hassle-free approach.

Easy Unhooking

Your big kitchen appliances are all hooked into a lot more than just an electric socket. If the refrigerator has an ice machine, then there is plumbing going into the appliance. The same can be said for your washing machine and dishwasher. Your gas oven obviously is hooked up to a gas line. All of that means is that those appliances need to be unhooked before they can be hauled away. It is not complicated and something that the crew from Junk King will be able to take care of for you. You may be inclined to make things easy for the Junk King crew but it is not necessary. They will have the right tools and the right skill sets to unhook those appliances and safely carry them out of your home. This is why you’re hiring them in the first place!

Onto the Truck

The goal for the Junk King team is to get all those kitchen appliances onto the truck safely. Before they load up anything they want to make sure that they present you with an estimate. That will be based on how they intend to pack up the truck with all your appliances. The Less space those things use, the better off it will be for your bottom line. There are never any extra charges like weight overages when you hire Junk King. It is all about the volume.

Taking care of a kitchen appliance disposal won’t be a challenge when you give that job the Junk King Birmingham.

Furniture Removal Is Easy With Junk King On The Job

As you drive around Birmingham you might notice that some porches have sofas and chairs that would be more appropriate for inside a living room. Often when you see a sofa on a front porch it means that the owner has replaced that sofa but didn’t have any way to dispose of the old one. Pushing a sofa out to a porch is a lot easier than carrying it down a flight of stairs, loading it onto a truck and then driving it around to find a place to dispose of it. That is certainly a daunting task especially if you attempted to do it on your own. Instead of putting your back at risk and potentially damaging your floors and walls, you should hire Junk King Birmingham. These are the professional junk haulers that make furniture removal easy.

Wherever It Is

There are some so-called professional junk haulers that would be happy to take away your old furniture provided that you bring it down to the curb. That defeats the purpose of hiring a junk hauler! You will never have to move your furniture what you have Junk King on the job. They go to where the furniture is. Whether that means bringing up a futon from the basement or carrying down a sofa from upstairs the moving crew from Junk King won’t be challenged by those steps.

They also won’t be challenged by how heavy something is. They can just as easily remove a sectional sofa as they can a few dining room chairs. Everything they are taking from your home is going to be loaded onto the Junk King truck. How they pack up that truck will determine how much you will be paying for the final fee. Their goal is to get as much of your furniture and other discarded items into as little space as possible. That will let you pay the low end of the price scale.

Not Wasted

The furniture that you are getting rid of won’t be wasted. Junk King has set up partnerships with local charities that taken furniture in all kinds of conditions. There are even some organizations that a hire local folks to reupholster and repair furniture in order to put it back into circulation. That is always the best approach when it comes to getting rid of your unwanted items.

One call to Junk King Birmingham will show you how easy it is to take care of your old furniture removal. Make that call today.

Hire Junk King Birmingham For Your E-Waste Disposal Needs

Every home that has at least one television often has one old television set that is tucked away in storage. That is the TV that doesn’t get the same quality picture as the new HDTV flatscreen. It might also not have the same kind of hookups required for a sound system. Depending on the age of the TV, it could also be an old tube type which means it’s very bulky and heavy. There could also be a lot of other random electronic gear that has also been replaced in your home. Anything from an old laptop to a computer monitor that isn’t being used can be considered e-waste. You made the right decision not to toss those things into the trash. But that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto them forever. The best way to get rid of your e-waste is to hire Junk King Birmingham. These are the junk hauling pros who know the responsible way to handle e-waste disposal.

A Certified Center

e-waste needs to be dropped off at a certified recycling center. These are the facilities that know how to properly dismantle these pieces and break down the components into reusable parts. Nothing from an old TV or DVD player ever end up in a landfill. Sometimes these facilities aren’t located in the state but there are recycling centers that ship e-waste for dismantling. This is a good factor know but not one you have to concern yourself with when it comes to getting rid of your e-waste. Junk King has identified where those certified centers are and what type of devices they accept. When they have a full truckload of e-waste that is when they’ll make the drop off. This is the type of eco-friendly disposal that Junk King has been engaged in ever since they began collecting junk.

What Else?

After the Junk King crew has loaded up all your unwanted e-waste, you might have some other items that you would like to get rid of. You should take full advantage of the crew and the truck to get rid of old furniture, appliances, clothing and other household goods. Do a full sweep of rubbish from your home!

Responsible e-waste disposal is good for Birmingham. That is what Junk King Birmingham can provide for your home or business. Set up a removal session today.

Fall Prep Should Being With A Junk King Session

It won’t be long before the trees in your neighborhood will be bursting with color. The annual fall foliage show is about to get underway and that means it is time to break out the sweaters and the rakes. Every homeowner has a list of tasks to do in the fall. The air conditioner is flushed and the furnace inspected. Air filters are replaced and the rain gutters have to be cleared out. This is also the time of year where rubbish can be removed all the storage areas in your home. For that task, you might want to bring in some help from the outside from Junk King Birmingham.

The Ultimate Cleanup

With the team from Junk King at your home, you can conduct the ultimate cleanup of your property. Start with the outside. What kind of debris items do you have in your yard that could be loaded onto the Junk King truck? Yes, the team from Junk King can toss those bags of leaves onto the truck but they don’t have to stop there. They can also help you get rid of things like an old hammock, BBQ grill and even a swing set. If some of that requires taking things apart, then the Junk King crew can take care of that from start to finish. That will make a huge difference when it comes to deciding what you want to get rid of. Essentially, anything can go!

When the backyard is cleared out, you can have the Junk King squad turn their attention to the inside of your home. That is where they can help bring out old couches, recliners and appliances. Once again, the goal should be to open up as much storage space as you need by getting rid of the all the things that you’re never going to use again.

Book Today

If you know exactly what you want to get rid of, then you can set up your session with Junk King today. In fact, you might even be able to get rid of your stuff today. Junk King often can offer a same day pickup. The sooner you call Junk King Birmingham, the sooner you can get your home clear of rubbish. That’s a great way to kick off the fall.

Keep Your Renovation Site Clean With Help From Junk King

Once you have set up your remodeling project there are two things you will always be keeping track of: time and budget. You can expect there to be occasional overruns with regards to spending and that is why you should always building a contingency for your budget. As for the time, a lot of that depends on how efficient your work crew will be. The hope is that they can finish the project in the amount of time that they projected. One way you can help with that is to support the project with the kind of help that keeps those workers on the job. That would mean turning over the renovation site cleanup to Junk King Birmingham.

Independent Help

When you hire Junk King Birmingham for your renovation site cleanup task you are essentially adding a new contractor to your remodel project.  Fortunately, the team from junking won’t need a lot of supervision. They have one mission and that is to get rid of all the debris that has piled up around your yard and driveway during the course of your renovation project. You can set up your appointment with Junk King and you probably wouldn’t even have to be there to supervise them. They will know just what kind of debris has to be picked up especially if it’s been piled up somewhere.

The other option would be to rent a dumpster from Junk King. This would provide a place where your work crew can toss out the debris as they created and not make a mess in your backyard. This will also keep them at the job site as opposed to taking time off to haul trash away. That will go a long way towards keeping your project on schedule.

The cost for a renovation site cleanup is the same as all the other type of junk hauling services provided by Junk King. You will be charge a flat rate based upon how much space your stuff fills up on the back of the truck. One fee covers all the labor and the disposal. You know what that price is the moment the Junk King crew has a chance to look over all the stuff that you getting rid of.

Keep your renovation site clean with a little help from Junk King Birmingham and things will run a lot smoother for the remodel project.


Clear Out The Clutter For Back-To-School

All across Birmingham, families are getting ready for the annual tradition of back-to-school time. This means making some serious adjustments in scheduling. That begins with making sure everyone is now setting their clocks for “school time.” There will be no more sleeping in! Schedules also have to be worked out with regard to pick up drop-offs. Pretty soon, the after school activities will kick in a high gear which will require even more adjustments. Once things settle in, you’ll be able to handle the new schedules with ease.

It also helps if the house is in order as well. You are going to experience a lot more clutter in terms of books, backpacks and sporting equipment being dropped everywhere. Keeping all that organized will ensure that your home is never overrun with clutter. You might also want to kick off this time of year with a thorough decluttering of the entire house of all those objects that you been wanting to get rid of. Making storage space available in garages and closets are going to help everyone in the family. To get that task done you want to bring in Junk King Birmingham. These are the junk removal pros who know exactly what it takes to de-clutter home from top to bottom.

Big Stuff and Small Stuff

You are not going to hire Junk King to carry out a stack of old magazines and newspapers. That is only practical if you have an entire basement full of old magazines and newspapers! What you want Junk King for is the big stuff and the small stuff that can’t be tossed out in the trash. Big stuff like random pieces of furniture that need to be replaced because there worn out. There might also be some huge appliances like an old washer or dryer down the basement taking up space.

As for the small stuff, Junk King can take away all the old computers, gaming systems and other electronics that need to be disposed of at a certified recycling center. In one session, the team from Junk King will gather up all of that stuff and swiftly loaded onto the truck for fast disposal.

Back-to-school time will be a lot more pleasant when all that clutter is removed from the house. Let Junk King Birmingham help with that task.

Get A Dumpster From Junk King For A Big Cleanup

When Junk King Birmingham first began operations, they followed the company model of doing all the work. That means you could call them for any type of clean up appointment and the crew that would be dispatched for the session would do all the lifting and loading for you. That is certainly helped many Birmingham homeowners, apartment renters and business owners clear out tons of rubbish and debris from their properties. But there are some cleanup jobs that could benefit from having a dumpster on site. The good news is that Junk King Birmingham also rents dumpsters. How would that work? This quick video shows you the way.

Ongoing Cleanup

One of the primary uses for a dumpster rental is when you have the need for an ongoing cleanup. For instance, any remodeling project is going to generate a lot of demolition on the first day. After that, each day will have its fair share of debris created as the crews work to finish the project. Being able to dump all that trash into a dumpster at the end of each work shift will make sure that the beginning of the next day can start in a clean space.

You might also benefit from having a dumpster parked in your driveway if you are cleaning out your garage. This is a project that will take a lot of sorting. As soon as you find something you don’t want you can toss it right into the dumpster. This way you’ll be able to track your progress of getting your garage cleared out of all your unwanted clutter.

Easy Drop Off and Pick Up

As you see in the video, Junk King makes renting a dumpster hassle-free. They provide the easy drop off and pick up of the dumpster unit. If you get to a point in your cleanup project when the dumpster fills up but you still have more trash, then you can call for a replacement. Junk King will be happy to swap out the full dumpster for an empty one. You don’t even have to be home when the exchanges made!

When you’ve got a big cleanup that requires a dumpster, then let Junk King Birmingham provide the container for you at a great price.

Junk King Helps Bring Down The Cubicles

The goal for every office is for the staff to get along. This doesn’t mean they have to be best friends for life but for the duration of their time at the office they should be productive together. Too often, the design of an office can get in the way of that productivity. That is what a lot of designers found with cubicles. Although they been around for decades, office cubicles are being taken down in favor of an open office space where workers can easily communicate with each other. This is fostering a more productive atmosphere for office staffs. If you are ready to make the move to bring down the cubicles in your office, then you need to bring in Junk King Birmingham.

A Truck and A Crew

When you hire Junk King to help with getting rid of your office cubicles, you are actually hiring a crew and a big truck to get the job done. You would expect any professional moving crew you hire to be able to efficiently haul away whatever you want to get rid of. What you might not expect is that the crew would be able to dismantle those structures as well. The Junk King crew won’t have any issues when it comes to taking down the cubicles that you want to get rid of. It doesn’t matter how many pieces there are or what configuration they might be. This is the type of dismantling task that the crews have a lot of experience with. They won’t need a lot of supervision. You just show the what needs to be taken away and they’ll handle the rest.

Set the Price

Before the crew gets to work you want to set the final price with. That fee will be based upon how they will pack up the truck with all those cubicle walls. When stacked up together they may only take up half of the truck space. That will reflect on the fund see that you pay with Junk King. The less space that your junk uses up, the less you will be paying.

Bringing down the cubicles in your office won’t a challenge when you put Junk King Birmingham on the job. They’re standing by to help.