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Smart Ways To Motivate Your Staff

The purpose of cheerleaders is to fire up the fans and the players. It helps keep everyone engaged in the game. At your company, you might be the official “cheerleader” trying to keep your staff motivated. Here are some ways you can make that happen:


Recognize a Job Well Done

There are too many managers who feel like they don’t have to recognize an employee’s good performance because that is what they’re getting paid for. Maybe when robots are doing the work they won’t need praise. However, when you recognized someone for their efforts, you’re making a vital emotional connection that helps with everyone’s need to be recognized. Don’t you like being told you’re doing good?

Give Your Team Autonomy

One of the big complaints from workers is being micromanaged. They don’t want a supervisor standing over their shoulder checking how things are done. If you provided clear instructions and you trust this staff member, then you can leave them alone to do their job. You might build into those instructions reporting on different progress goals but beyond that let them do their job. That generates trust which is a proven motivator.

Get To Know Your Staff

Some managers want to keep their distance from their staff when it comes to personal lives. You don’t have to become best friends with everyone you work with but it helps to know what their priorities are outside of work so that you can find a way to support them. It might be that leaving early on a Friday for a little league game is important. Build that into the schedule and watch how fast they can get work done!

Create an Awe-Inspiring Work Environment

Your staff should never feel like they’re working in a prison. There are some companies who don’t want any cubicles or offices “personalized” but that actually robs the entire company if personality. It also helps if your staff have an inspiring work environment that isn’t full of clutter. A store room that is overrun by old equipment or discard furniture scattered around the workspace isn’t going to inspire anyone. If you’ve got that kind of rubbish, then you want to bring in Junk King Minneapolis for a thorough clearing. These junk hauling pros can haul out all kinds of office junk regardless of size or weight. Let Junk King Minneapolis help motivate your staff by giving them a space that is clear of rubbish.

More Positive Reviews Posted For Junk King

Most companies know how important it is to allow customers to share their personal reviews. However, you have to wonder what is going on if the last review posted was several years old. Does that mean no one was satisfied since then? That’s not a worry with Junk King Minneapolis. As proof consider these reviews that have all been posted within that last couple of weeks:


“People were quite friendly from the get go! On the day of service, Trent, Tori, Pat, Chaney, and Kalvin showed up and made quick work of an entire household of “stuff” that needed to be hauled away. They bagged up what loose items there were, and safely carried out the large items (like a piano and breakfront) without damaging walls or floors. They could not have been more professionally, friendly, and courteous throughout the time. I would not hesitate to use them again and will be recommending Junk King anytime someone I know is moving or simply needs some things disposed of. I can’t recommend them highly enough. In today’s day and age, it is hard to come by companies that perform as they promise. Junk King delivered!” – G.A., Minneapolis

Yes, Junk King can move all kinds of items regardless of size or weight. And they’re treat your home like it was their home: Always respectful.

“Junk King was very accommodating with us. They came out even earlier than originally arranged, were very polite and professional, and efficient. They were so helpful for us, which was greatly appreciated!” – J.C., Minnetonka

“The workers were incredibly professional. They covered their shoes when in the house and removed my unwanted items as quickly as possible without damaging my walls.” – A.T., Minneapolis

“Highly communicative. Pleasant workers. They were on time, efficient, charged me less than I anticipated and sent me a picture after the job was done to ensure me that they got everything. First time using a service like this and was very impressed.” – R.A., Minneapolis

Junk King is always fair and accommodating. That’s how they became number one in this area.

“Excellent service – on time, polite, and helpful. Picked up and removed a mattress and moved another and placed it on the bed, even though that was not a part of the expected service. Quick, easy, and careful. Highly recommend.” – J.D., Scottsdale

If you want to get rid of all the junk in your home, then it’s clear that Junk King Minneapolis is the best option. One session and you’ll be adding your positive reviews, too.

How To Handle Junk Removal In Edina

The Edina City Council just approved a $4 million restoration project for a neighborhood park that includes Minnehaha Creek. The project is going to revitalize Arden Park which is situated tat the 50th and France shopping corridors. The restoration will involve remeandering the creek. In other word, they’re going to make it flow differently. The hope is to give the area more natural feel and allow fish to thrive.


This is going to be a major undertaking that will probably stretch out over several months. Do you have any big projects around your home that will take up a lot of time? Maybe you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel or a landscaping makeover? Those are all great ideas to improve your property but you’ll probably need a little help like the kind provided by Junk King Minneapolis. These are the leading junk haulers in Edina that can help you remove just about any rubbish item from your home.

A remodel project is going to create a lot of trash on the very first day when you tear down things. That is a perfect day to schedule a pickup with Junk King. By clearing out that demolition mess your crew will have a clean space to do their work. As the trash piles up, you might schedule another session at the and of the job to get everything totally clean.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a big project to call in Junk King. They’re also the perfect company to hire to clear out your garage of all kinds of unwanted rubbish. The same can be said for your closets, basement, attic and any room in your home. Junk King provides the manpower and the truck, you provide the rubbish. Yes, it might take you some time to sort through things but it will be worth it when you consider how cleaner you home will look and how much storage space you’ll reclaim.

Once you’re ready, call Junk King for an appointment. They might be able to swing by within a few hours. Yes, they work that fast. The easiest way to handle your junk removal in Edina is to turn that job over to Junk King Minneapolis today.

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