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Monthly Archives:

College Student Cleanup Month in Cleveland, OH

With your college student off to a new semester of higher learning, you will be going through a period of adjustment. This is where many parents experience empty nest syndrome. Although you will certainly miss you kid, you should embrace this time as a chance to do all things you’ve been putting off over the years. Before you start working on that buck list, you might want to take on your college student cleanup of their bedroom. Even though they might still be coming home in between semesters, you can still tackle removing all that clutter. The perfect help can be found with Junk King and they are just a phone call away!


Obviously, if you can throw out all the clutter in your trashcan, you won’t need Junk King. However, if you’re dealing with bigger items like furniture, boxes of clothes, shoes and books then Junk King is the perfect partner. They’ll provide you with a two-man moving crew who will be doing all the lifting and loading. That also includes climbing any stairs.

Don’t think for a minute that everything you turn over to Junk King is going straight to the dump. Far from it! The Junk King crews have been trained to spot those items that can be repurposed. Most of what Junk King collects actually ends up at some local charities. This way your stuff won’t be going to waste.

Along with your college student cleanup, you can also tap Junk King to help declutter the rest of your home. That Junk King team will be rolling up in a truck big enough to hold an entire home’s worth of furnishings. Surely, they’ll be able to haul off whatever you’re getting rid of.

Also included in the junk removal session would be any yard cleanup you might need. The Junk King crew isn’t afraid to get dirty. If you need to send them under the porch to pull out lumber or behind the garage to removed auto parts, then that is where they’ll go. They can also take apart any big item like a swing set or tool shed that you want loaded up.

The flat fee you’ll be paying Junk King covers all the costs of labor and transportation. It’s also based strictly on volume. Your college student cleanup and home decluttering just got a lot easier thanks to Junk King pitching in.

How to Get Rid of Old Appliances in Cleveland, OH

Any kitchen remodeling project can’t be considered complete until your upgrade your appliances. Although you might be spending a lot of money with that remodel, those new appliances could end up paying for themselves over the course of several years. That is because they will be energy efficient models with the Energy Star rating. That can mean your power bills will go down a bit. That will certainly be welcome news! Of course, a kitchen remodel project will also create a lot of debris not to mention the need to get rid of your old appliances. All of that cleanup help can be taken care of with a single call to Junk King.


Junk King will provide the manpower and the truck space needed to facilitate your junk removal. Often the Junk King crews are called on to help with some of the demolition. They’ve taken down drywall, pulled up carpet and removed tiles. If something needs to be taken away, just show it to Junk King and they’ll handle the rest!

As for your old appliances, they will either be busted beyond repair or have a little bit of life left in them. If they are busted, then Junk King will see to it that they are dropped off at recycling center. That way the metal and/or plastic can be melted down and repurposed. For the appliances that just need a little TLC, Junk King can drop those off at a charity that specializes in refurbishing. Even though that might sound like a lot of extra work, it’s nothing you have to be concerned with. It is all covered on the same flat rate.

That rate is based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King and that’s a good thing!

This is your chance to take full advantage of that crew and truck to remove all the unwanted items from your home. Your closet, garage, attic and basement can finally be rid of clutter. That will allow you to put those spaces to better use. Even if it just means having better access to the things you’re going to keep in storage, it will be worth it. Junk King takes all the hassle out of removing old appliances and junk hauling. Put them to the test today!

Give the Gift of Junk Removal In Cleveland

Gift cards have become an increasing popular gift to give. You’ll find that nearly every grocery store now has a gift card display featuring a wide assortment of cards for many businesses and restaurants. Just as popular are websites who will redeem those gift cards for cash. It won’t be the exact dollar amount but its still money in the hand. Of course, the person who you gave the gift card to would never tell you they cashed it in! One gift that will most certainly won’t need to be “cashed in” would be a junk removal session from Junk King. This is a gift that will be put to great use by the recipient. After all, Junk King will be helping them clear away the clutter in their life. Who wouldn’t want that gift?


To set up a junk removal appointment you only have to make a single call to Junk King. They’ll need to know the scope of the job. Are they dealing with a small garage cleanout or removing the junk from a hoarder’s house. The first can be handled by the two-man Junk King crew. The other might require more teams and trucks. In either scenario, Junk King will get the job done!

There will be plenty of time to decide what you want removed. In fact, you don’t have to make a final list until the Junk King team actually shows up for the appointment. That is when they’ll make an assessment of all the stuff they’ll be loading up. Keep in mind that you won’t have to bring anything up from the basement. The Junk King crew is going to do all that work for you! Once they’ve looked everything over, you’ll be presented with an estimate that is based strictly on volume. How much space will your junk take up on the back of the truck? That is how the crew will base your rate.

This fee includes all the costs for the junk removal. That includes all the extra effort involved with recycling your junk. The crews might be making several additional drop offs to various charities or recycling facilities. It depends on what those organizations are looking for. You don’t have to ask for this extra service. It will happen automatically. Junk King’s junk removal service is the perfect gift for any occasion even if that occasion is for you!

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