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Junk King Birmingham – Junk Removal Team Highlights Garage Safety Hazards

We want to supply Junk King Birmingham – Junk Removal help that’s safe, environmentally friendly and effective. If you’ve dealt with us before you know we take away almost everything. However, we go one step further and supply excellent information people can use.

That’s why we made this blog all about the kind of garage safety hazards you’ll want to avoid when you’re cleaning that space out.

Bad Wiring
Bad wiring in the garage is one of the biggest causes of residential fires. This type is particularly dangerous because it doesn’t usually get discovered for long periods of time. If you’ve got a lot of trash and flammable materials in your garage, these fires also spread quickly.

If you’ve lived in an older building, it’s a good idea to talk to an electrician about the wiring in your garage. While you’re waiting, there are several things that you can look for that can serve as red flags.

For example, if you’ve got an outlet that sparks every time you use it, you’ll need to pay attention. If you live in a rural setting, there’s also the chance that rodents have been chewing on the wiring. That can make the situation even worse.

Our Junk King Birmingham – Junk Removal teams can help you to de-clutter your garage so you’ll see any of these telltale signs.
Improperly Stored Liquids

Lots of homeowners use their garage as a storage area. While that’s not generally a problem, it could become an issue if you’re not properly storing combustible liquids. Gas, as well as lawn care products and even paint, can become a real issue. It’s important to store these types of liquids in clearly marked containers that are durable and airtight.

We have even seen improperly stored propane tanks left in the garage. Whenever we see this, we always suggest that homeowners store the barbecue in the garage but leave the tank outside.

Finally, it’s a good idea to make sure that your garage floor is clean and free from obstructions. In the winter, snow and ice that’s melting can become a hazard. If you do oil changes and small repairs inside the garage, make sure to clean up any oil and gasoline that’s left over.

When you decide what you want to throw away, give us a call. Our Junk King Birmingham – Junk Removal services are industry leading.

Professional Junk Removal Services To Clean Foreclosures

Do you deal in the real estate business? Anyone dealing with rentals or property selling knows the complexities involved in clearing a place—whether it was occupied previously or newly constructed. It becomes difficult for them to deal with the large amount of wastes accumulated at these properties. Dealing with foreclosure wastes can be a tedious task for anyone and finding a skilled labor to take away all the waste is even more difficult. If you are also looking for assistance in cleaning foreclosure properties, it is always a good idea to seek help from professional junk removal companies.

Junk King also offers Birmingham professional junk removal services as they have been in the business for decades. They have earned reputation in junk clearing of foreclosed properties and can ease your task as well. They come and quickly clean up the space so that you can show it to customers or sell it off at the earliest. After Junk King’s cleaning services, the place is ready for sale and occupation.

Our customer reviews are testimonials to the fact that you enjoy professional services with utmost satisfaction. All of this at really cost effective prices.

Birmingham Junk Removal Company

There are certain jobs around your home that you can’t avoid. The lawn will need occasional mowing. The rain gutters will need occasional cleaning. The roof will need occasional repair. If you plan things right, you can stay on top of those home maintenance chores so they don’t all pile up at once. A great plan would be to spend at least an hour each weekend doing some required project. Hopefully, that won’t be every weekend! Of course, just because you have a home maintenance chore doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own. You can hire someone to mow the lawn and fix the roof. You can even hire someone to haul away all your unwanted junk. That is the perfect job for a company like Junk King.


When Junk King proclaims, “We’ll do all the work,” they really mean that. Suppose you decide to get rid of the old sofa that is currently taking up space in your basement. Obviously, this is a job that will require a moving crew and a big truck. That is exactly what Junk King provides. You don’t have to worry about bringing that sofa up the basement stairs. Leave it right where it’s at and just show the Junk King crew. They’ll take care of the rest. That holds true for any junk item you want to get rid of. If they need to climb up in the attic, crawl under the porch or head out to the garage, then that is just what the Junk King crew will do.

Before any job starts, you’ll be provided with a free estimate in writing. This will be a price based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. It’s all about volume and not weight. When you agree to that price, the work will begin. Even though you might get a rough estimate over the phone, the final estimate can’t be locked down until the crew shows up to check out the situation. You are under no obligation to use them even if they do show up at your home. However, you’re sure to get a price that would be a lot lower then if you tried to pay for a crew and truck rental on your own. Junk removal isn’t complicated when Junk King is part of the equation.


What To Avoid In A Birmingham Junk Removal Company

Over in nearby Bessemer, a group of dedicated volunteers are showing up again for the annual Valley Creek Clean-up. This is an event held on a Saturday morning. Cleanup supplies and T-shirts will be provided to everyone who shows up. Last year’s cleanup resulted in over 34 tons of trash and debris removed from Valley Creek. Take a moment with that figure. Thirty-four tons of trash were dumped in the creek. That means that hundreds of careless people went to the trouble of loading up their cars or trucks with their trash and then drove to the creek thinking this was the perfect place to dump it. If only there were cameras along the creek to catch these illegal dumpers.

Birmingham Junk Removal

Thankfully, most Birmingham residents will take the responsible path when it comes to junk removal. That means hiring a professional company like Junk King. As you start your research for a junk hauling company, you’ll be presented with a lot of options. One company that should rise to the top is Junk King. They’ve been in the junk hauling business since 2005. Since setting up the standards for junk removal, Junk King has grown to over 60 franchises in 22 cities. Everywhere that Junk King sets up shop, they quickly become that area’s number one junk removal service.

The company you hire needs to work around your schedule. Junk King provides a two-hour window for a junk removal appointment. That is a lot better than the cable or gas company that will keep you waiting all day. You’ll be given a call when the crew is 20 minutes out. That way you know when to expect them.

The crews working for Junk King have all been trained in the proper moving techniques. They are also all insured. These are the only type of workers you should have on your property. The Junk King crews will be moving your junk from its current location. You shouldn’t have to bring anything out of your house. If a company asks you to put something on the curb, then they’re really not working for you.

Junk King is also dedicated to making sure Birmingham stays green. Much like those Valley Creek cleanup volunteers, the Junk King crew will be looking for opportunities to recycle what they collect from your property. You don’t have to ask for this service and you won’t be charged extra. Ask around and you’ll find that Junk King delivers the best junk removal service in Birmingham.