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Junk King Offers Responsible Junk Hauling

Would you ever go hiking on a pile of trash? Actually, you may have the opportunity to do that once the Arlington landfill has been developed. Right now, there are sections of this landfill that sore 600 feet above sea level. That provides great views of the Fort Worth and Dallas skylines. Each day, work crews diligently add layers of clay packing down the dumped trash to seal it into the ground. Once that has been done, vegetation is planted and trails are formed. All of this makes for a nice nature preserve on what was once literally amount of trash.

It is a safe bet, that some of your garbage has probably ended up at the Arlington landfill. However, if you ever hired Junk King Dallas Mid Cities to pick up some bulky rubbish items from your home, then you might not be “walking” on them. That’s because Junk King does everything in his power to avoid making the trip out is landfill. Instead, the items they collect get sorted for disposal and environmentally friendly way.

The ultimate goal in cities like Dallas and throughout the rest of the country is to permanently shut down landfills by achieving the goal of zero waste. That would mean that every scrap of garbage that is collected will find its way to be either recycled or repurposed. Junk King has been in front of this goal ever since they began collecting rubbish over 14 years ago.

What would you like to get rid of from your home? The Junk King crews who will be assigned to your session will be able to remove anything regardless of size or shape. They were also happily climb any number of stairs to get to those objects. This means you can finally clear out the upstairs guest bedroom or even the attic.

How quickly would you like all the stuff removed?  When you call Junk King, they may be able to offer a same day pickup. All of this means is that you just need to decide exactly what you want hauled away. That shouldn’t be too hard!

For fast and responsible junk hauling, count on Junk King Dallas Mid Cities to get the job done right every time.

Get More Storage Space In Your Home With One Call To Junk King

Are you looking for more storage space in your home? Of course, you are! From the moment we move in we begin to fill up closets, the garage and any other open-space. You might have had big plans for the spare room in the back of the house but how quickly did that room become your family’s “storage unit?” There’s nothing wrong with keeping things in storage as long as those are the things you can use again. The problem becomes when you start stacking up stuff that you know will either never be used or is broken beyond repair. Then it’s just taking up valuable space. That’s where Junk King Dallas Mid Cities can make a difference. One session with these junk hauling pros and you will have all kinds of available storage space in your home.

Your mission is to sort through all the things you have tucked away throughout the house. They might already be some big pieces of furniture that you know you definitely want to get. But you should take full advantage of the truck and the movers from Junk King to get rid of all the unwanted stuff. Remember, the goal is for more storage space in the more you can get rid of the more you can open up. Don’t worry if you think something is too heavy or bulky. Leave that for Junk King to take care of. You are going to like how quickly they can lift a sofa and get it out of the house!

All the things you’re getting rid of might still have a little life left in. In that case, Junk King will strive to make sure those items are dropped off at a local charity. There are even some organizations in the Dallas area that fix up furniture and appliances for reuse. This is giving back to the community on many levels.

You might find that sorting through your closets and a few pieces of old furniture is enough for one Junk King session. Many of our customers are repeat customers like to take the time sorting through all the things they want to get rid of. When you want to open up more storage space your home, Junk King Dallas Mid Cities will be standing by to help make it happen. Put them to work today.

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