When Tenants Move Out Bring In Junk King For The Cleanup

Most tenants conduct a walk-through with the landlord or property manager before turning over the keys. This is the responsible way to ensure that the tenant gets their security deposit back. If a renter doesn’t agree to a walk-through what claims they are too busy, then you can take that as a red flag warning that the apartment or home they’ve been renting might not be in the best of shape after they move out. Everything might still be working but it could be a lot of rubbish that those occupants decided to leave behind. That does mean they forfeit a portion of their security deposit but it doesn’t mean that the landlord or property manager has to do the cleanup. That is what Junk King Minneapolis is for. If you have a rental property that needs a quick cleanup after tenant moves out, then you want to bring in Junk King right away.

It All Can Go

Before you set up your session with Junk King you will probably want to assess just what kind of rubbish has been left behind. Once you decide that it all can go, then you can give those instructions to the Junk King. This is the team is going to do all the lifting and loading for you. It doesn’t matter if they have to get rid of a heavy futon and carry it down several flights of stairs. That’s the kind of work they do on a daily basis. It won’t be a challenge to them. The same can be said for literally shoveling up any kind of trash that’s been left behind to pile up. In very short amount of time to Junk King crew can make their way through every room of the property and through the front and back yards to clear out all that was left behind. Just imagine what a relief that will be!

Load In Estimate

The price for Junk King services is based on how the truck will be loaded. This is an estimate that the crew will put together once they’ve had a chance to look over all the things that they are getting rid of for you. When you agree to that price it will be locked down. They won’t be surprised charge is at the end of the job. It is also a price that is extremely competitive and affordable.

The fastest way to get an apartment ready for new renters is to have Junk King Minneapolis clean out the rubbish from the old renters first. They are standing by to help today.