Interview Questions For Your New Roommate

Finding a new roommate is not a process you want to rush into. You need to find someone who is not only going to be responsible with regard to paying bills but also someone who is going to be respectful of your space and your possessions. It would also be nice if you can get along with that person! The process for finding a new roommate begins with interview questions. This is not unlike looking for a prospective job candidate. Here are some of the important interview questions you’ll need to ask your new roommate:


What is your employment status?

Your roommate needs to be working. That doesn’t mean the job they’re working in has to become their career but there has to be a steady source of income. If they tell you that their parents are supporting them while they pursue a career, then you need to speak to the parents and make sure they understand what their obligations are going to be.

What is your work schedule like?

If you and your roommate both work 9-to-5 jobs, then there could be some scheduling issues that have to be worked out in the morning with regard to bathroom use. Being on the same schedule as your roommate shouldn’t preclude you from having them move in. But it is something you need to be aware of before that happens.

What do you like to do for fun?

This question isn’t so much about finding out what you might have in common with your roommate but finding out what their habits are like. If the answer to this question is, “I like to play my trumpet until 3 o’clock in the morning,” then there might be a problem. Your new roommate might actually prefer staying up late at night. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as they don’t disturb your sleep.

Do you have references?

Your roommate should be able to provide you with references that aren’t just family and friends. Ideally, it will be great to hear from an employer or their former landlord. If there’s a problem reaching out to either one of those persons, then that might be a red flag.

Once you’ve completed your interview and selected your roommate you have to get the place ready. This is where Junk King Pittsburgh is going to be a huge help. All it would take is one session with these junk removal professionals to have all your unwanted furniture, appliances, e-waste and other household goods taken away. They’ll leave behind an empty closet and bedroom, which your new roommate will appreciate.

Ask your new roommate the right questions. And get help clearing out the clutter from Junk King Pittsburgh.

How To Keep Your Backyard Safe This Summer

The only reason to have a backyard to have fun out there. This is especially true during the summer when the kids are out of school. It’s important to take the responsibility to keep your backyard safe not only for children but for their friends who will be visiting. Here are some terrific backyard safety tips to keep in mind:


Establish The House Rules

Although you might not be watching over your children at every minute while they are playing in the backyard they should know the rules. This means establishing what is exactly allowed and not allowed. That includes designating what areas are off-limits like the garage or a tool shed. If you have a swimming pool, then you definitely want to establish the safety rules for that area as well. That means no roughhousing and no stunts.

Check for Hazards

Each day before the kids head out to the backyard you will want to do a quick survey for any potential hazards. Start with the obvious things like garden tools, ladders and chemical pesticides. Those should all be locked up and out of reach. You also want to check for natural hazards such as fallen tree limbs, holes, rocks and anything else the kids might trip over. If there is a sandbox in the yard, then check to see if there are any bugs or animal droppings left from the night before.

Install a Fence

A sturdy fence works both ways: it keeps unwanted guests out and keeps your kids in. You’ll feel a lot safer knowing the kids are staying within the confines of your property. Once that fence is installed, you might want to add extra protection with alarms on the fence to indicate when someone is opening it.

Remove Toxic Plants

As you probably no doubt have discovered by now, your kids love to put things in the mouth. Out in the backyard that could be leaves, plants and berries. Make sure whatever’s growing out there is not toxic. If it is, then dig it up. No sense running the risk.

Lose the Trampoline

According to surveys, over 1 million people visited emergency rooms for trampoline related injuries in the last nine year. The majority those injuries involved broken bones for kids under the age of 16. Although you might hear a lot of protesting, it is still a smart idea to get rid of the trampoline altogether to avoid the risk. This is not a job you have to take on by yourself. Instead, hire Junk King Pittsburgh. These the junk removal pros who can break down a trampoline and loaded onto their truck for quick disposal. After they’ve loaded up the trampoline, the Junk King crew can also load up any other items you want to get rid of from your backyard like a broken lawnmower, old tire or construction waste. With the help from Junk King Pittsburgh, your backyard can be a safe and fun play area for the whole family.

Junk Removal Pittsburgh – The Useless Junk We Haul Away

Here in the City of Bridges, we’re all about building bridges in the 21st century. Rather than fading away in the rust belt, Pittsburgh has been getting cleaner and more cutting-edge these days. Our junk removal Pittsburgh team drives all over this city, and we love the fact that the town is so laid back and affordable yet has all the parks, museums, and culture of the east coast.

Of course, Pittsburgh is also an old city with old neighborhoods, and that means there’s plenty of junk to be hauled off. Whatever you can’t get rid of in a garage sale, your local junk removal Pittsburgh service will take away!

Junk Removal PittsburghTaking Out the Trash, but Not Recycling?

As an early industrialized city, Pittsburgh has been improving its garbage collection and sanitation for a long time. Around the turn of the 1900s, the city had a cesspool and sewer problem that nearly ruined the Allegheny and Monongahela. Early on, Pittsburgh learned to handle its waste and garbage for the better. Today, the city handles almost 100,000 tons of garbage every year.

Way back in 1988, Pittsburgh set a goal of recycling 25% of all solid waste. As of 2017, we have not reached that goal, according to the Post-Gazette.

We do recycle more than 15,000 tons of junk each year. However, with green junk removal Pittsburgh can certainly do better.

Top 5 Items for Junk Removal Pittsburgh

Wondering whether Junk King will pick up your broken furniture or pile of weird junk? Yes, the answer is almost always yes! We take everything except some forms of hazardous waste.

Junk King Pittsburgh hauls away virtually everything, including trash and debris from homes, businesses, construction sites, storage units, apartments, and rental properties.

The most common junk removal Pittsburgh residents ask for includes:

  1. Furniture (couches, beds, mattresses, tables, chairs)

  2. Appliances (washers and dryers, refrigerators, Freon removal)

  3. Home improvement waste (yard waste and construction debris)

  4. Estate and foreclosure clean outs

  5. Electronic waste (e-waste such as computers, monitors, printers, TVs)

Junk Removal Pittsburgh Recycling and Donation Options

Want to see your useless junk get reused or recycled? Junk King agrees. Our company was founded on the premise that with junk removal Pittsburgh could be as eco-friendly as possible when getting rid of junk.

When you need help lifting heavy items or trucking them off to the appropriate facilities, you can always call Junk King. If you have a few items to drop off somewhere, we have a few resources for Pittsburgh donation drop-offs:

Why Junk King is the #1 Rated Service

That’s right, Junk King has been rated the #1 junk removal service in all of North America. When you call us for junk removal Pittsburgh customers can expect a friendly customer service team, upfront prices, and helpful advice. Best of all, our crews show up on time and get the job done very quickly!

Junk King guarantees the best service for junk removal Pittsburgh has to offer:

  • Guaranteed lowest estimate in writing

  • Professional crews of trained, experienced, and insured junk haulers

  • You pick the date and a two-hour appointment window

  • You decide whether to accept our guaranteed lowest price, and we can get to work immediately

  • We recycle or donate more than half of the junk we haul

  • No job too big or small

  • Locally owned junk removal Pittsburgh service with the backing of a national company with the #1 reputation

Free Online Estimate for Junk Removal

How much does it cost? That’s what you really want to know, and Junk King makes it easy by putting the best price estimator right at your fingertips.

Click here to use our online price estimator and get an accurate quote before you even contact us. You can estimate by the particular items you have, or by the volume of truck loads.

Say Goodbye to Junk Now!

Junk King serves apartment dwellers, homeowners, small businesses, and commercial properties with the friendly, full-service junk removal Pittsburgh has come to rely on.

Get your free estimate with a no-obligation appointment today. Just call 412.254.8437 or you can save $30 when you book online.

Junk King Pittsburgh Helps You Say Goodbye To Your Junk

How many things in your home could you point to and say, “I’ll be glad to get rid of that?” They could be a few items like an old sofa or recliner that have been a major point of contention around the house. Instead of getting rid of something like that, it often ends up in another room or down the basement. This is where the adage “out of sight, out of mind” comes into play. But sooner or later, you’ll want to take back that space and say goodbye to your junk. That can happen very fast Junk King Pittsburgh on the job.


The hard-working crews for Junk King Pittsburgh don’t like to waste your time. They want to get in and out of your house as quickly as possible. It helps when you know exactly what you want to get rid of before the crew shows up. This doesn’t mean you have to bring all that stuff downstairs or out onto the front lawn. Any junk hauling company that asked you to do that really isn’t doing you any favors. With Junk King Pittsburgh on the job the crews will be happy to pick up your stuff right from the spot. They’ll do this regardless of weight or size. You’ll be amazed at how easy day can get a large piece of furniture out of your house in no time at all.

You also be amazed at how tightly they can pack up the truck with all your stuff. This is important because that is exactly how you’ll be paying for this service. Before the work begins the crew will determine how much room your stuff will need of the truck. It might be one-third, one-half, one fourth or the whole truck bed. Whatever that estimate is will become the price you’ll pay. That’s also price is not to change once the job is done.

Take a moment to consider just how your home will look once all that unwanted clutter is gone. You could have a lot more room in your closet for storage. That might even be enough space in your garage to park your car there once again. All that can happen when you hire Junk King Pittsburgh. Won’t you be happy to say goodbye to your unwanted junk? Junk King Pittsburgh can make that happen today.

Take Care Of Old Swing Set Removal Today With One Call To Junk King Pittsburgh

How many years has it been since someone played on the swing set in your backyard? Has it been five or ten years? That’s a long time to have something out there that’s not being used. Perhaps this is the summer that your old swing set can be brought down. It could also be the summer that you clear out all the rest of your unwanted clutter from your home. That can all happen with one call to Junk King Pittsburgh.


Would be great to have help from your own private work crew? That’s exactly what you’ll be getting when you hire Junk King Pittsburgh. Every junk removal session is staffed by two capable movers. This is a team that has been licensed and insured. They also have training in how to take apart things like an old swing set. Those things have to be broken down before they can be loaded up onto the truck. It’s a bit of the labor-intensive job but one you’ll be paying any extra for.

Junk King Pittsburgh bases its pricing policy on volume. That would be the volume of your stuff on the back of the truck. It’s not a complicated formula. The Junk King Pittsburgh crews know exactly how to pack up the truck much stuff in as little space as possible. This is what they excel at. And that means you’ll get the low end of the price scale every time you hire Junk King Pittsburgh.

Although getting rid of your old swing set is a priority you don’t have to stop there when it comes to junk hauling. You can call in the team to take away all the rest of your unwanted furniture, appliances and other household goods. It doesn’t matter to Junk King Pittsburgh whether you load the truck up with a bunch of little boxes or some really bulky items. They just want to leave you with a junk free home and a satisfied smile!

Once all that clutter is taken from your home you’ll be able to reclaim that space. That can make a huge difference. If it is time for your old swing set removal and junk hauling, then it is time to call in Junk King Pittsburgh.

Is Your Garden Ready? It Will Be After Hiring Junk King Pittsburgh

Three basics for growing anything are dirt, water and sunlight. Of those two, dirt is the most challenging aspect. That’s because some soil can reject seeds and prevent their growth. Soil has to be in rich with nutrients in order for plants to thrive. That is especially true when growing vegetables. This doesn’t mean you need to have your backyard soil tested in order to plant a veggie garden. But it might help to remove a few layers of the top store or replace it with nutrient rich soil. What we do with all that dirt? That’s easy: give it to Junk King Pittsburgh. These are the junk removal pros that can help you get your garden ready for planting.


Technically, Junk King Pittsburgh isn’t a landscaping company. However, they can still do some amazing things around the backyard. Start with removing that pile of dirt you just dug up for your vegetable garden. That can be loaded onto the Junk King Pittsburgh truck for fast removal. The same can be said for any stones, rocks or bricks that you dig up as well. If you’re really getting serious and taking a jackhammer to a concrete patio to make room for garden, then those concrete chunks can also be lifted and loaded by the Junk King Pittsburgh crew. All that sounds like a very heavy truckload. But you don’t have to worry about that because Junk King Pittsburgh never charges by the pound.

Along with all that waste you’ve removed, the team from Junk King Pittsburgh can also take away things like patio furniture, umbrellas, clothes lines, spare tires and construction waste. Those are all the things you have piled up in your backyard that are just rotting away in the sun. You can say goodbye to that rubbish when you say hello to Junk King Pittsburgh!

After all your backyard rubbish has been loaded up, there will still be room left over on the Junk King Pittsburgh truck. You can fill up that space with the rest of your unwanted clutter like old furniture, computers, appliances and other household clutter. Just think of how that’s going to make things look a lot better around the house. Before you plant one seed bring in Junk King Pittsburgh to help clear your garden zone.

Antiques Vs. Junk: One You Keep The Other You Give To Junk King Pittsburgh

Have you found something at a yard sale that was worth way more than what you paid for it? That actually happens quite often. There been all kinds of treasures discovered at yard sales like works of art, ancient Chinese ceramics and even a copy of the Declaration of Independence. That is actually what makes going to yard sales a lot of fun. You never know what you’re going to discover. Of course, there’s also just a lot of junk. It takes a keen eye to distinguish between junk and antiques. That same approach should be taken around your home as well. How many things do you have that would be classified as antiques versus junk? Obviously, you want to hold onto the antiques but as for the junk there’s no reason to keep it. One call to Junk King Pittsburgh can make it disappear.


Junk King Pittsburgh is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers that have been cleaning out homes and businesses for over 10 years. They’ve certainly handle their fair share junk in that time. You’ll be assigned a two-man moving crew for your own junk removal task. This is a team that has plenty of experience moving everything from pianos to treadmills. They can quickly take away an old sofa or refrigerator. And if you got boxes of old shoes, shirts, dresses and hats, then turn that all over to Junk King Pittsburgh.

One feature that every Junk King Pittsburgh customer appreciates is how this company disposes of the stuff they collect. Instead of dumping it into a landfill like most companies, Junk King Phoenix would rather go the extra mile to drop your stuff off at a charitable organization. These are the groups that can refurbish an old piece of furniture or fix a broken appliance and given a new lease on life. It’s a great way of giving back to the community and protecting the environment. Best of all you will be paying any extra for that service. It could happen automatically. Go through your home and pick out all the junk. Then hire Junk King Pittsburgh to get rid of it. Easy.

Junk King Pittsburgh Helps You Finish Your Spring Cleaning

What is your standard for cleanliness? Do you have to actually clean every room in your house would you trust other family members to do that? Do you give things the white glove test to see if any dirt has been left behind? When it comes to spring cleaning, everyone has a different standard. How deep you go with your cleaning depends on how much help you have. If part of that cleaning is getting rid of unwanted items in your home, then Junk King Pittsburgh is going to be a huge help.


Junk King Pittsburgh is part of a chain of professional junk haulers that stretch all across the country. This is a trusted brand that has been in this line of work for over 10 years. Right from the start, Junk King established a high standard for customer service that every franchise needs to adhere to. Junk King Pittsburgh has been no exception. It didn’t take long before them to become the area’s leading professional junk haulers. The crews working for Junk King Pittsburgh go through a serious vetting process. They all have to be licensed, bonded and insured. That makes them the exact type of workers you want to invite into your home.

Every junk removal session set up by Junk King Pittsburgh will be staffed by two of those professional movers. This is a team has a lot of experience with heavy objects. Truth be told, it really doesn’t matter how heavy something is; the Junk King crew is going to move it either way. Before the team shows up you have to decide all the things you want to get rid of. Because they have a big truck, you can get rid of just about anything. There have been plenty of instances where Junk King Pittsburgh is been called on to clean out entire estate.

The Junk King Pittsburgh team will present you with an estimate for the work before they start loading. You may get a rough estimate by using the online price calculator but that final price can be locked out into the crew has size everything up for themselves. They need to make that determination about how your stuff is going to fit on the back of the truck. You’ll be amazed at how much junk they can put onto the truck! When you agree to the price it’s not going to change. Having Junk King Pittsburgh take away your unwanted rubbish is the perfect way to end your spring cleaning project.

Get Your Business Clear Clutter With Help From Junk King Pittsburgh

First impressions matter whether you’re selling a home, meeting someone for a blind date or trying to attract customers to your business. It’s those business customers that could be the most elusive to hold onto. You can provide exceptional customer service and a quality product but that doesn’t mean those customers will stick around especially if your store or restaurant is overrun with rubbish. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all kinds of discarded furniture, office equipment, promotional materials and unwanted inventory. You just have to be decisive about whether or not you’re going to hold onto those things. Once you’ve made the decision to get rid of that rubbish, the only call to make is a Junk King Pittsburgh.


That call to Junk King Pittsburgh puts a junk removal plan into action that you’re going to be very happy with. That begins with scheduling a session that involves a moving crew and truck. That’s really all you need to get rid of just about anything from your business. The Junk King Pittsburgh crew can remove objects of any weight or size. Even if you’ve built something inside your business that needs to be taken apart before going out the door, the Junk King crew can handle that. This is the team that are definitely problem solvers with a great attitude.

When you schedule your appointment with Junk King Pittsburgh, you’ll be asked to set aside a two hour window. This doesn’t mean that removal is going to take two hours. In fact, the Junk King crews can usually clear out a space in just under 20 minutes. That two hour window gives them a buffer between appointments. If your stuff is ready to go, then you could also benefit from the same day appointment. Most sessions are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. Yes, all your rubbish can be gone that quick!

The cost for Junk King’s helpful service is based upon truck space. How much room will your stuff take up on the truck? That will be determined by the crew once of it chances size of all the things you getting rid of. They will then present you with a written estimate that will be locked down. You will be very happy with that price and with the service. Make sure your business puts forth a positive first impression thanks to junk removal help from Junk King Phoenix.

Use The Professional Junk Haulers That Pittsburgh Contractors Hire: Junk King

On your remodeling project, your contractor is the most important person on the crew. Ironically, you may not see that contractor every day. That’s because a good contractor is often supervising several jobs other jobs. That doesn’t mean that your remodeling project isn’t getting done properly. That’s because contractors have hired the very best crews in order for them to stay in business. You should always have open lines of communication with your contractor so that they keep you up-to-date with every phase of the remodeling project. There should be progress every day.


On that first day, you’ll see a lot of progress when the team takes down the existing space. This is also the day that will create a lot of rubbish. For fast cleanup contractors know they can always count on Junk King Pittsburgh. These are the professional junk haulers cart away all kinds of unwanted rubbish. Not only do contractors use them but also so can you.

Think about all the stuff you have around your house that you could get rid of. Now think of having a moving crew at your disposal to get rid of that stuff. That’s just what you’ll get with Junk King Pittsburgh. The dedicated two-man crew assigned to your junk removal chore will have a lot of experience with lifting and loading. You don’t have to worry about them straining your back. This is something they do every day. That means you can ask them to move everything from a refrigerator to an old computer.

It doesn’t matter to them what you’re throwing out. All that matters is how much your stuff will take up on the back of the truck. When it comes to packing, Junk King Pittsburgh crews can be very creative. They do this because they want to take up the least amount of space as possible. That will allow them to do another pick up or two before heading back to the depot. It will also mean you’ll be paying the low end of the price scale. Junk King Pittsburgh fees are always based on volume and not weight. Put the same junk haulers to work that busy contractors use: Junk King Pittsburgh. You’ll be glad you did!

Junk King Crown

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