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Free Up More Space In Your Closets

If there is one area in your home needs more space, then it would probably be your closets. Whether that is a bedroom or hallway closet, they always seem to get filled up fast. If it has become a struggle to pull something out of the closet without causing an avalanche, then it might be time to dive into some serious sorting. That means removing every single item closet. This is the only way to know exactly what can stay want to go. When you’re sorting session is complete, you will be left with a lot of things that can finally be cleared away. That is when you want to set up your appointment with Junk King Sarasota. These the junk hauling pros that can help you free up more space in all of your closets.

The Charity Drop-Off Option

A lot of the items that you are getting rid of from your closets could be articles of clothing that might still be usable. There is nothing wrong with getting rid of clothes as long as they don’t end up in the trash. As part of Junk King’s removal service, many of those clothing pieces can end up being dropped off at a charity. That way they won’t go to waste. It should also make you feel good about getting rid of those kinds of things from your closets.

Even though freeing up space in your closets is the primary goal for your Junk King session you don’t have to stop there. You will have access to a team of movers and a big truck. That is all you need to get rid of just about any unwanted item in your home including furniture and major kitchen appliances.

Getting more space in your closets needs to involve a clutter removal session with Junk King Sarasota. Set up your session today.

Rubbish Removal With Junk King Makes A Great Holiday Gift

The best kind of gift to give is one that will last. It could also be a gift that improves the living environment. That’s why gifts like appliances and electronics are always popular for Christmas. But there is one gift you might consider that is an exceptional idea for improving the living environment. That would be a rubbish removal session with Junk King Sarasota. One appointment with these junk hauling pros can help clear out any size home or apartment of all the unwanted rubbish that has accumulated over the years. Imagine what a difference that could make to someone you know.

Crew Direction

A Junk King removal session is staffed by a team of movers who will be showing up in a huge truck. That truck can hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth of stuff. All of that means there is no limit to what Junk King team can remove from a single property in a single session. If you know someone who has struggled with getting rid of furniture, appliances and random boxes of rubbish, then this type of gift would be ideal.

When the Junk King team shows up, they will need direction. That direction consists merely of pointing to the things that need to be cleared out. In no time at all, every unwanted objects will be safely loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck and the job is over. As for the cost, that will be determined before the work begins by the Junk King crew. Junk King uses a flat rate pricing policy that is based on how everything gets packed up onto the truck. You can use the website price estimator to see the range of that fee. It is a very fair and competitive price for this service.

This Christmas, give the gift of rubbish from Junk King Sarasota to someone you care about. It will make a big difference.

Hire Junk King To Help With Garage Clean Out

Does going into your garage fill you with dread? The goal should be that you flip on the remote, the garage door opens and you are able to park your car inside with ease. You should also be able to get from your car and into your house without stumbling into boxes or other random items. If your garage has reached the point where it is overflowing with clutter, then it might be time for a thorough garage clean out. That is a job that hiring Junk King Sarasota will be a big benefit.

Park In or Park Out

Do you currently park your car in your garage or are you forced to be out in the driveway or street because of clutter? That should be a motivating factor to set up a rubbish removal session with Junk King. First, you have to sort through all of the things that you would like to get rid of. As you take the time to sort you might be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can get rid of. You could be equally surprised by discovering a few items that you forgot you had put into storage. Either way, you will be improving the conditions in your garage and allowing you to get it all organized.

When the team from Junk King shows up for your appointment, all you have to do is open the garage door and point to all the items that you want removed. There have been some garage cleanouts where the Junk King team was given the instruction “get rid of it all!” Whether you getting rid of a lot or a little it won’t matter to junk King. All that they are focused on is making sure you will be completely satisfied.

Always remember, that Junk King also will donate items that can still be used again. That way nothing has to go to waste that you are getting rid of.

Your garage clean out will go a lot smoother when you bring in the crew from Junk King Sarasota for the rubbish removal.

Junk King Sarasota Handles E-Waste Disposal The Right Way

Do you ever feel guilty when you can recycle a plastic water bottle? There are those occasions when you are out and about and want to toss out a plastic bottle but there aren’t any recycling bins. Occasionally throwing those plastic bottles into the trash is nothing to be upset about. However, there are some items that should never end up in the trash. That is especially true for e-waste.

It would be easy to toss out an old desktop computer or DVD player into the trash. However, if those items end up in a landfill, they could eventually release some toxic materials that are to be harmful to the environment. No one wants to be the cause for that. That is why we often end up hanging on to all of our e-waste until it becomes unmanageable. If you reach that crisis point with all of your old electronic gear, then it’s time to call in Junk King Sarasota. These are the professional junk haulers who always handle e-waste disposal the right way.

Not A Lot of Space

When you turn your e-waste over to the team from Junk King you will find out that it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the back of their truck. Even a large flatscreen TV that you’re getting rid of can be pushed to the back of the truck and literally just take up a few inches of space. If all you did was get rid of your e-waste, then you would be paying the low price point on the fee range. There is nothing wrong with that because Junk King is happy to remove any item from your house regardless of size. But thinking ahead you might want to consider putting that Junk King team to work to get rid of some larger objects. Not only can they take away furniture and major kitchen appliances but they can even go so far as to dismantle a backyard hot. There isn’t a junk removal challenge this team can’t tackle with ease.

Taking care of e-waste disposal and junk removal has never been easier. Just call Junk King Sarasota and watch how fast it gets done.

Make Father’s Day Special The Junk King Session

On Father’s Day, the goal is to make sure your dad is properly taken care of and honored. That might mean letting him pick the activity for the day. If it makes him happy to grill up stakes, then fire up that grill! If getting in a round of golf would put a smile on his face, then polish up the clubs! Maybe spending the day out on the boat going after the big game fish is something he’s always enjoy doing.

Of course, if there are grandkids in the picture, then just letting him spoil them run for the day would also be perfect. Outside of the actual Father’s Day holiday there is something else you can do that is special for him and that involves helping him around the house. One junk removal session with Junk King Sarasota can have a huge positive impact when it comes to clearing out all the unwanted rubbish in a single session. Just think of how happy that can make them, too.

Pick Out the Junk

Before the Junk King crew shows up for their appointment, you might have to help your dad pick out the junk that he wants to get rid of. Like most fathers, your dad might be some of likes fixing things. However, there comes a time when a broken appliance or piece of furniture is just going to stay that way. Instead of having it clutter up the garage you can turn it over to the Junk King team for responsible disposal. Just think of how much more room you can make around that garage workbench.

Quick Removal

The minute you call Junk King to set up your appointment you will set up a chain of events that will lead to a quick removal of all that unwanted clutter. How quick? If you know exactly what you want to get rid of, then Junk King might be able to swing by on the same day that you call to load everything up. The majority of appointments are finished with 24 hours of that first contact. That is the kind of quick removal that you can always count on the Junk King.

Give the gift of a junk free house to your dad with help from Junk King Sarasota. It will become a very special Father’s Day for sure!

The Less Junk, The More Value To A Home

Whenever you consider any type of home remodeling project, you also have to consider the return on your investment. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are the most popular projects and the ones that generate the most value. Improvements to landscaping and updating the windows, roof and electrical wiring are also smart investments to make on a home. However, all of those improvements can be diminished when you’ve got clutter and rubbish spread across the property. There might be one or two homes in your neighborhood with visible junk in the yards. You know just by looking at them that they are bringing down your home’s value. You don’t want to be that house and you won’t be as long as Junk King Sarasota is just a phone call away.

Loading Up the Truck

The two man moving crew who will be assigned to your cleanup task has one primary goal: Get all your unwanted rubbish onto their truck. Thankfully, that truck can hold up to six pickup trucks full of junk. That means it will have plenty of room for all the things you want to get rid of. Before the items can go onto the truck, they have to be brought out of the house. That is the work the Junk King team will be doing. You won’t need to bring anything outside. You also won’t need to bring anything up or down stairs. That is all for the Junk King team to do.

The way they pack up that truck will also be how your final fee is determined. You’ll want your stuff to take up as little space as possible. The Junk King crews know how they can pack up the truck and can provide an estimate after looking over all the things you want to get rid of. If you were to do this as a DIY job, then it might cost twice as much as what Junk King would charge.

The more junk you can get cleared from your home, the more its value has a chance to go up. Put Junk King Sarasota on that task today.

Get Ready For School With These Smart Tips

At long last, summer is over and school is beginning. Mornings will never be the same again! Getting those alarm clocks set for early rising is a top priority. Here are some other helpful tips to get the family ready for school:


Meet the Teachers

Don’t wait for the first open house to meet your kid’s teachers. They’ll probably be in their schoolrooms the day before school starts. You can also meet them if you’re picking up the kids. And meeting teachers isn’t just for younger students. There is nothing wrong with meeting the high school teachers, too!

Set Goals and Rewards

You should set goals for the coming year that can include anything from improving grades to more participation with afterschool programs. Along with those goals, there could be rewards. A little motivation goes a long way towards getting kids to stay focused.

Establish Homework Time

Along with the general goals of the year, you’ll want to get specific with homework goals and that starts with setting a homework time every day. The moment you allow a kid to put off doing homework until the last minute, is the moment they’ll get used to do that.

Set Up Carpools

Carpools are going to be a big help for you in the coming school year. They work especially better with older kids who are out of booster seats. It starts with finding out who your kid is friends with. It’s a safe bet those parents will be eager to share the driving responsibilities with you.

Prepare for Parent Teacher Night

Even though you’re meeting the teacher’s early, you probably won’t be able to ask them questions as they pop up unless it is an emergency situation. To prepare for the first parent teacher night, right out those questions and concerns you have so you can discuss them freely.

Toss Out the Clutter

The “getting ready for school each day” routine will be greatly helped when there is less clutter to sort through in closets and dressers. Along with buying school supplies, you probably have to buy a few new outfits because of all the clothes that have been outgrown. When you’ve created a pile of clutter, call in the team from Junk King Sarasota. They’ll be able to sweep through your entire home and remove all the stuff that is taking up space. You’ll feel better about getting back into the school routine in a house that is clutter free. Let Junk King Sarasota help with that task today.

Renting Dumpsters in Sarasota Should Be Easy and Quick

Renting dumpsters shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. On the contrary, the reason for a renting a dumpster is usually to make things easier. Perhaps you are doing a renovation of your home’s lower floor and want a place where you can easily toss torn up drywall, ripped out carpet, or other construction debris. Maybe you are getting your business ready for a move and want to pare down inessential items. Or perhaps you are doing a clean out of your home and want to speed things up by avoiding repeated trips to the nearest trash or recycling center. If you are renting a dumpster, you are looking for speed, efficiency, and convenience.

Why Renting Dumpsters Is Harder Than You Think

Renting Dumpsters Too often, though, renting dumpsters in Sarasota is a complicated process—one of shopping around between dozens of companies and trying to find one that provides the kind of service you need. There are two underlying reasons that renting a dumpster has become more difficult than it should be: dumpster size and sorting limitations.

  • The Size

Trying to pick the right size for a dumpster rental is, for many people, an exercise in futility. Many dumpster rental companies offer half a dozen different sizing options, with the goal of suiting the disparate needs of different customers. In theory, this concept is a great idea. A big renovation might need a 30 or 40 cubic yard dumpster, while a garage cleanout might not need more than 12 cubic yards of space. Making sure that customers have the option to choose a dumpster size based on the extent of their project helps avoid situations where people are overfilling or underfilling their dumpsters.

At least, that’s what a range of choices accomplishes in theory. Too often, though, the practical result is different. Especially for first-time renters, it can be challenging to estimate how much space they are going to need. That pile of junk different in your garage might look smaller when it’s spread out in a dumpster. That wall you want to knock down in your living room might create more debris than you think. These mis-estimates lead customers to rent dumpsters that are too big or too small for their needs. Usually, people skew toward renting more space than they need, which means they end up paying for dumpster space they won’t ever use.

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Another problem is that bigger dumpsters, while they provide a lot of space for junk, are not always realistic options. Even if you have 30 cubic yards of junk to get rid of, you might not be able to fit a 30-cubic yard dumpster in your driveway. It’s important to consider the size of the bin not just in terms of what you will be throwing away, but also regarding where the bin is going to live temporarily while you are working through the stages of your project.

  • The Sorting

One big reason that renting dumpsters in Sarasota turns into such a headache is the sorting problem. When you decide to rent a dumpster, you probably start by envisioning a situation where you will be able to throw anything and everything in the bin. Anything you pull out of your basement or garage that you don’t want, it goes in the dumpster. The problem is that most dumpster rental companies have a lot of limitations on what you are allowed to throw away. Day-to-day household garbage is fine, as are all those old, rusted, broken bicycles and childhood toys in your garage. However, a lot of everyday items are not okay—such as electronic waste, broken appliances, or old mattresses. On a similar note, a lot of dumpster rental companies will make you rent special bins for certain types of waste. For instance, if you are doing a renovation, you might need to rent a container that is just for construction waste.

Obviously, sorting waste into different categories makes the entire idea of renting a dumpster less appealing. This process is supposed to be fast and convenient, and nothing about sorting garbage is quick or convenient. Furthermore, many customers rent dumpsters because they have big, heavy, and unwieldy items that they can’t transport by themselves. TVs, appliances, mattresses, other furniture pieces: these items are probably the things you most want to drop into a dumpster and forget about. You can’t fit your couch into your two-door Honda Civic to take it somewhere for donation. As for your old TVs or electronics, you might not even know where to take those items locally for recycling purposes.

Dumpster rental companies have their reasons for not taking these items. They are difficult to dispose of in safe, hygienic, or environmentally friendly ways. However, by barring users from discarding these items, dumpster companies have eliminated much of the convenience factor that drives dumpster rentals in the first place.

Making Dumpster Rentals More Convenient

The best way to make dumpster rentals easy, quick, and convenient once more is to eliminate the factors that are causing confusion or complexity. That means getting away from confusing dumpster size choices and junk sorting requirements.

the complete summer cleaning guide

The good news is that there are dumpster rental companies—some of them active in Sarasota—that restore ease of use to the process.

One way that companies are simplifying matters is by not offering half a dozen different dumpster sizing options. Instead, the one size fits all approach is gaining popularity. While this path may seem limited, it is actually quite helpful for most customers. The freedom of choice in dumpster rental sizes has become stifling, just because very few consumers have the experience or knowledge to choose the right dumpster size. Everyone knows that a 12-cubic yard bin is smaller than a 20-cubic yard bin, but envisioning one of those bins is another thing entirely. The fact that most dumpster rental companies don’t offer meaningful guidance to help customers estimate junk quantity makes matters worse.

Having one dumpster size choice instead of five or six makes things a lot easier. It eliminates the guessing game and restores peace of mind into the mix. If your junk disposal needs align perfectly with the size of the bin, great! If you have more junk to throw away than can fit in the bin, just rent a second. The process is way simpler, which makes it easier to plan a move, renovation, or cleanout.

the do you really need it checklist

Another way that dumpster rental companies are simplifying things for their customers is taking the sorting process in-house. These companies meet customer expectations by offering dumpsters that you can use for virtually any types of waste. Whether it’s a TV, a couch, a bag of garbage, or a bunch of old ratty carpet, you can throw it in the bin. The company then hauls your junk to a sorting center, where they go through a separate everything. Not only do these companies make life easier for you, but they are also often the greenest junk removal services. Instead of taking everything to the nearest landfill, they pull out anything that can be donated, repurposed, recycled, or reused and make sure it gets to the right place.

Next time you are looking for dumpster rentals in Sarasota, look for a company that offers these services. With a one size fits all dumpster rental service, you can plan your rental and lock down your project plans faster. With no restrictions on what you can put in the dumpster, you can execute your cleanout or renovation faster. Both perks are huge and will make your dumpster rental experience as quick and easy as you hoped it would be.


How To Increase Your Home Appraisal Number

Your home is probably the biggest financial investment you’ll make in your life. There might come a time when you want to get a return on that investment but don’t just want to break even. The goal of any homeowner is that their property will go up in value. The only way to find out if that is happen is with a home appraiser. Much like a home inspector, an appraiser is going to tour your property to determine its current market value. A lot of that is driven by the prices that homes are selling for in your neighborhood. But there are plenty of other factors directly related to your home that will be taken into consideration. Here’s how to increase your home appraisal number:


Make Repairs

The longer you live in your home, the greater the potential for things to break. For your appraisal, you’ll want to take care of as many of those repairs as possible. It isn’t a broken chair leg but a hole in the wall that should be patched up. Any cosmetic cracks in plaster should also be filled in. Even small things like a jammed window or dripping faucet can have an impact on your final appraisal value. It is worth devoting an afternoon to making these repairs.

Freshen Up the Yards

If you keep well-manicured lawns and fresh flowers in the garden, then you’ll score points with the appraiser. This is all about the curb appeal to your home, which is extremely important. Along with the lawncare you’ll also want to make sure there are no problems with siding, shutters or the porch.

Write Out Major Renovations

What improvements did you make in your home and how much did they cost? Those are two important questions an appraiser might ask. You should have that information ready in a written-out list. Any renovation that cost more than $500 should be included.

Haul Away Junk

You want to present your home in the best way possible for the appraiser. That means giving everything a thorough cleaning. It also means getting rid of the junk. All those things you have out in the garage that you’ve been wanting to get rid of should now be hauled away. A company like Junk King Sarasota will be a big help with this task. One session is all it will take for their crew to go through every room and pick up the items you want taken away. Increase your home appraisal value with a junk removal appoint with Junk King Sarasota.

Make Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions Count

New Year’s resolutions are a way for you to “check in” with yourself to see where you’re at and where you might be headed. They are all about setting up achievable goals to improve your life. If you haven’t come up with a list yet, then you might want to consider adapting the following awesome New Year’s resolutions:

good-year-2751595_1280 - Copy

Meet New People

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? That could be because you’re stuck at home. Yes, you can make a lot of connections across social media but it’s not the same as meeting people face to face. If you’re part of an online chat group, suggest a party or meet up at a bar. On the business side, attend whatever expo or trade show that might be related to your business and don’t walk out unless you have at least a dozen new contacts. Great goal.

Become More Active

It is hard to imagine anyone getting through the holidays without adding a few pounds. The best approach to losing any amount of excess weight is to eat less and move more. It really isn’t all that complicated. Look for ways you can move more during the day. Pick the parking spot farthest from the office. Take the stairs. Walk to the store or restaurant. There are plenty of ways to get more active.

Earn More Money

Money is always a priority when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Earning more money doesn’t always have to mean taking on a second job outside of the home. You might be able to find some freelance opportunities online of data entry or caption writing. You could even sell stuff on eBay as a side job.

Be More Polite

We can all embrace the basics of “thank you” and “you’re welcome” but being polite doesn’t have to stop there. Saying good morning to folks you meet on your way to work or at the coffee shop is very polite. It’s all about leaving your home with a positive attitude.

Lose the Clutter

Speaking of your home, wouldn’t it be nice if you could come home to a house that wasn’t full of clutter? Make a goal to start the New Year by tossing out all that clutter. Don’t stop at the old magazines and newspapers but go big by removing all the things you’ve been desperate to get rid of. That is when you’ll need to hire Junk King Sarasota. One junk removal session is all it will take to clear out your garage, closet and spare rooms. You do the pre-sorting and the Junk King crew will do all the rest. Make a New Year’s resolution to get your clutter hauled away by Junk King Sarasota. Perfect way to start 2018.

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