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Contra Costa Refrigerator Disposal

What do you want to get rid of in your home? The easiest way to toss out unwanted items is to literally toss them out. If those things can fit in a trashcan, then they are as good as gone. However, when it comes to bigger pieces like furniture or appliances, you might find yourself stuck with those things for as long as you’re living in your home. At least you were stuck before Junk King set up operation here in Contra Costa. Now you’ve got the perfect partner for refrigerator disposal and all kinds of junk hauling.


Junk King is part of a national franchise. That means you could travel to over 30 cities across the country and you might spot the big red Junk King truck making its rounds. Here in Contra Costa, the Junk King crews have already helped homeowners and businesses cart away tons of unwanted items. These are the kinds of things that you need at least two capable workers to haul out of your home. That’s just what you’ll be getting when you’ve got Junk King on the job. Along with the two-man moving crew, Junk King is also going to provide you with a truck big enough to hold whatever you’re tossing out. Refrigerator disposal? No problem for Junk King.

Every member of a Junk King crew has been trained in proper moving techniques. They also are licensed and insured. That puts them head and shoulders above the kind of wayward day laborers in a rust pickup truck. You want workers that are dependable and who will treat your property with the respect it deserves. That’s what Junk King delivers.

Beyond handling your refrigerator disposal, Junk King can also take away the kinds of bulky items that have been taking up space for far too long. This isn’t just all those indoor items but anything you’ve got cluttering up your backyard. Already Junk King has removed hot tubs, sheds, swing sets, grills, patio furniture and even above ground pools. What do you have to get rid of? Don’t fret about the high cost of professional junk removal. Once again, Junk King provides the solution. You’re only going to be charged a single, low fee based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. They price is locked down before any work can begin. Whether you need refrigerator disposal or any type of junk hauling, Junk King is always the best option.

Contra Costa Yard Waste Removal

There are some big cleanup efforts underway in Hayward and San Leandro. A “citywide cleanup blitz” in Hayward will have 300 volunteers picking up trash around the city. Last year, this effort managed to remove 86 cubic yards of trash. That’s around 43 pickup trucks worth of garbage. Over in San Leandro, they’re holding a massive garage sale involving hundreds of homes. Of course, that could mean that the unwanted items are just being transferred to another property. Is that really getting rid of junk? There are many residents who are getting ready for summer by giving their front and back yards a landscaping makeover. Nothing beats spending the day in your yard getting the gardens dug and the grass mowed. There are some yards they might require a little extra TLC. For those jobs, it might be time to bring in the Junk King crews.


Junk King are the junk hauling experts who assist with removing all kind of bulky items from garages, basements, closets, attics and spare rooms. What many folks are learning is that Junk King is also the perfect partner for yard waste removal. The same Junk King crew that can lift and load you old sofa will be able to take away rusted lawnmowers, broken grills or busted planters. Those are the kinds of items that can’t be tossed out in your weekly garbage pickup. Also included on your potential yard waste removal list could be things like spare tires, lumber scraps, stones or dirt.

If you have something in your yard that needs to be taken apart before being taken away, then Junk King can help there as well. The Junk King crews have experience taking apart sheds, hot tubs and swing sets. If it has to go, then the Junk King crew will make sure it is gone. You might be thinking that having a two-man work crew and large moving truck at your disposal is going to cost too much. You would be wrong! Junk King offers extremely affordable pricing based on volume not weight. You have to agree to the estimate before the work can be done. By the time you get over the surprise of how cheap this service is all your junk will be loaded!