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Finish Your Spring Cleaning With A Call To Junk King Contra Costa

How much time did you take up with spring cleaning this year? Was it a floor to ceiling dusting and mopping? Did you have to bribe the family to get them involved? Most importantly, how great did you feel once the house was clean. Nothing beats coming home to a clean house like that. The question then becomes did you accomplish all the things you wanted to for your spring cleaning like removing junk and rubbish from the home? If you left that part undone, it is probably because you didn’t have the help you need it with regard to a truck. That can all change with one call to Junk King Contra Costa.


The truck that Junk King Contra Costa roles up in his big enough to hold anything you want to toss out. That can include a treadmill, piano and hot tub all on the same truck! Don’t be worried about how your stuff will get onto the truck. That is a task performed by the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your session. Every junk removal session with Junk King Contra Costa will be staffed by at least two very capable movers. Sometimes there is even a third mover who’s along for the ride.

The goal with Junk King Contra Costa is always to get in and out as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your day. Many customers have benefited from a same day pickup appointment. To make that happen you just need to call early in the morning and be ready with your stuff. That doesn’t mean bringing in outside the house but just knowing exactly what you want removed. You don’t want to be sorting through your closet while the Junk King Contra Costa crew is waiting. If you need more time to go through your storage zones then book a session for the weekend.

The list of what you’re tossing out does not have to be finalized until the crew roles up. That is when they’ll be able to look over everything and provide you with an estimate based on how it will all fit onto the back of the truck. It’s a volume base pricing policy that is very reasonable and fair. Finish your spring break cleaning with a call to Junk King Contra Costa today.

Customers Share Their Appreciation For Junk King Contra Costa

Companies should encourage their customers to share comments about their service. It’s the best way to make improvements and to see if they’re on track with all they promise to do. Based on the reviews posted by Junk King Contra Costa customers this is a business that is getting the job done in many ways. Here’s a sampling of what a few Junk King Contra Costa customers recently had to say:


“Very satisfied. Great job! Starting with the phone call. The receptionist was very helpful and set everything up for me and scheduled the pickup the next day. The two guys were the best; professional, nice, quick and made this very easy for me. Gave me a reasonable price. Can’t thank them enough. I will definitely be calling on them again and I highly recommend the Junk King. Thank you.” – Linda Pittsburg

The goal for Junk King Contra Costa is to take care of your junk removal as quickly as possible but that really depends on your schedule. Most sessions are completed within 24 hours but if you need your junk removed even quicker, then you could score same day pickup. If you have to wait a few days, then Junk King Contra Costa will be happy to come by on Saturday afternoon.

“The gentleman were friendly, polite and extremely accommodating.” – J.C.

The crews working for Junk King Contra Costa always get high marks for customer service. They’ve also been licensed and insured. That means before the show up at your house there already working at a level of professionalism that is very much appreciated.

“On time and great crew took care of a difficult job and kept the “can do” attitudes until it was completed.” – Willy Gragg

Junk King Contra Costa crew is pride themselves on being problem solvers. Whether it’s something heavy that needs to come down a flight of stairs or something bulky that has to be taken apart before it can be loaded, they’re going to handle the task with a smile.

“My first time using them. Didn’t have a lot to throw out but I got an appointment immediately. I know now who to call when I’m doing a cleanup of my garage. Good Job.” – Paula Harris

Whether your junk removal job is big or small you can always count on Junk King Contra Costa to get the job done.