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Get Your Home Ready For Summer Fun With A Junk Removal Session

If you had to pick one of the four seasons that is dedicated to having fun it would most definitely be summer. That is especially true in Southern California. There are just so many opportunities to enjoy everything from the beach to the mountains and everywhere in between. It could be that this summer you’ll be entertaining a lot of guests. Whether that’s friends from the neighborhood or out of town family, you want to make sure your home is in good shape. This doesn’t mean you have to repaint or remodel anything but it could certainly make a huge difference if you get rid of all the clutter. That is where hiring Junk King Contra Costa will be a big help.


That help begins with how easy it is to schedule an appointment with junk King Contra Costa. That can be handled on the phone or online. If you book online, you’ll be getting a discount right from the start. The time of your appointment depends on your schedule. Junk King wants you to pick the best day for you to set aside a two-hour window to get this job done. It probably won’t take two hours to load up everything you want to get rid of. Those two hours are meant to provide a buffer for the crew to get from one appointment to the next.

When the crew does show up at the appointed hour, you’ll show them all the things you want to get rid of. This gives them a chance to size up how that will all fit on the back of the truck. That helps them come up with the estimate for your fee. A lot of folks wish they could get a lock down estimate over the phone. Although you might be able to get a range of fees, it really can’t be the final price until the crews have had a chance to see it all for themselves. Plus, you might add to your list between the time you set up the appointment and the actual work gets done.

With Junk King it’s all about the volume and not about weight. This makes it the best deal in Contra Costa for this type of work. Your home will be ready for summer fun once you get rid of all the junk. That can happen with one call to Junk King Contra Costa

Get Your Home Organized By Clearing Out The Clutter First

How many times have you uttered the statement, “I’ve got to get things organized around here?” One of the biggest reasons why our homes feel disorganized is because of all the clutter that piles up. It’s not just the random stacks of old magazines and junk mail but also all those things you could easily get rid of if you just had a little help. Thanks to Junk King Contra Costa, you’ll get all the help you need to turn your home into a clutter free zone in no time at all.


Between the time you set up your appointment and the actual crew from Junk King Contra Costa arrives of your home you’ll have the opportunity to finalize your “throw out” list. All Junk King needs to know is whether or not they’ll be dealing with an average clean up or a hoarder level type of cleaning. They want to make sure you’re going to have enough manpower to get the job done in a single session. They won’t have any problem sending over extra crews and trucks if what you’re clearing away amounts to a lot of rubbish.

Knowing that you’re going to have two hard-working movers at your disposal can make a huge difference with deciding what you want to get rid of. That means all the heavy things like sofas and recliners that aren’t being used can be carted away. That same crew can also take apart bigger things like a pool table or treadmill. Even something you built inside your home like an entertainment center that you’re done with can be easily dismantled and loaded up. All you have to do is ask!

Once all that clutter is cleared out you’ll be able to organize everything you’ve got left. This will make a huge difference in your closets and garage especially if you put everything in boxes or bins that have been labeled. Now you’ll know where everything is and have easy access to it without tripping over clutter. You might even discover that your mornings aren’t as rushed when you don’t have to fight through your closet to find an outfit to wear! Put Junk King Contra Costa to work on decluttering your home. You’ll be glad you did!