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Responsible Old AC Disposal

The vast majority of trash we throw out is just that “trash.” You don’t really give a second thought about where it is going to end up. You just trust that the people collecting it will handle the disposal in a responsible manner. What about some other things you want to “toss” out like an old AC? Can you trust that something like that can also be disposed of in a responsible manner? Actually, you can if you hire Junk King Contra Costa for the job.


Junk King has been getting rid of the junk they collect in a responsible way since they began collecting junk over thirteen years ago. That responsible manner begins by identifying the certified recycling centers in the area. A facility that handles plastic might not be able to dismantle an old AC. But Junk King knows where the right facilities is. They also wait to make a drop off like this after they have a full truckload. You can bet that at the Junk King depot there is a growing pile of old AC units piling up!

All of that disposal action takes place long after the item has left your home. First, it has to be removed. For that part of the job, Junk King will provide a dedicated moving crew. This is the team who can easily lift that old AC out of the window or remove the bigger central air conditioning unit from the outside of the house.

All you have to do to put this plan into motion is to call Junk King. They like to move fast with every pickup appointment. That is why their average turnaround time from call to completion is 24 hours.

Getting rid of an old AC is also an opportunity to get rid of the rest of your unwanted items. There will be lot of room on the Junk King truck for furniture, appliances and other household goods. It will be worth it to spend some time going through your closets and garage to see what you can get rid of. Don’t let your old AC and junk linger around the house. Give it to Junk King Contra Costa today.

Take Care Of Debris Removal Today

Whenever a debris pile is created, that debris pile should be removed as quickly as possible. That is true whether you’re dealing with yard scraps or construction waste. Even a pile of old clothes that have been pulled from the closet should be considered debris and hauled away. The quickest way to handle your debris removal needs is to put Junk King Contra Costa on the task today.


Why does the debris pile need to be cleaned up quickly? Two reasons: Bugs and safety. When left alone, a debris pile becomes a perfect haven for all kinds of pests. It doesn’t matter what is in the debris. What the bugs care about is finding a place where they can burrow in and be safe from the elements. You certainly don’t want something like that near your house.

As for the safety, a debris pile could contain all kinds of rusty nails and other sharp objects. This not something you want around especially if you have kids playing in the yard. Here’s is where Junk King can make a big difference. One call to Junk King can put a debris removal plan into action that can have all traces of that debris pile removed within 24 hours, if not sooner. Yes, Junk King strives to complete pick up calls by the next day and also has same-day pickups available. They move fast!

The contents of your debris pile won’t be an issue unless they are deemed as hazardous materials like solvents or other chemicals. Anything else can go and you don’t have to worry about weight. The Junk King payment scale is based on how much room your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. It is all about the volume and not the weight.

You can also add a lot to your debris pile. The two man moving crew from Junk King can just as easily remove stacks of roofing shingles as they can furniture or appliances. Consider the improvements to your home when all that unwanted debris is gone for good. For fast debris removal, you can always count on Junk King Contra Costa to get the job done.