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Dependable Junk Movers In Contra Costa

When was the last time you cleaned under your refrigerator or stove? What about the sofa in the living room? It doesn’t take a lot of time for dust bunnies and grime to build up under those items. Fortunately, you should be able to move those objects a few inches to allow for cleaning. But a few inches is really all you’re going to get. Any further moving and you’re going to need help. What about getting those kinds of items outside of your house? How many hallways and steps would they need to travel. You’ll definitely need help for that type of operation. Thankfully, you’ve got some dependable junk movers standing by from Junk King Contra Costa.


When deciding exactly what you’d like to get removed from your home, you would be hampered by the notion that you would have to do the work yourself. That often translates into the things remaining where they are. The Junk King junk movers can change all of that. There isn’t a piece of furniture or appliance they can take out of your house swiftly and efficiently. Although most of what the Junk King team carries out isn’t complicated, there are those occasional objects that require a bit more finesse. And by finesse, we mean taking them apart.

There are all kinds of entertainment centers, book shelves and bedframes that get assembled in the room. That’s is convenient until you’re done with them. Then they have to be taken apart before they can go out of the door again. That is also something the team from Junk King can handle. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they can take even the biggest thing apart.

If you know exactly what you want removed, then you can set up your Junk King appointment today. Knowing exactly will count because depending on when you call, you might be able to have your stuff removed within a few hours. Yes, Junk King can move that fast.

Thanks to the junk movers from Junk King Contra Costa, you know longer have to live with any unwanted item. It can all be taken away today.

Proper Way Of Caring For Antique Furniture

Every piece of furniture was originally intended to be used. Whether it was a chair to sit on, a table to sit at or a dresser to fill those objects had a practical purpose. However, when a well-made piece of furniture survives decades of use, it might fall into the antique category. At that point, those pieces aren’t so much practical as they are investments. If you’re making an investment in antique furniture, then you’re going to want to take proper care of them. Here’s some good advice for that goal:


Avoid Spray Polishes

Regular dusting works wonders for keeping antique furniture clean. If there has been some dirt or grime build up, then use warm water and mild dish soap to clean. Just be careful not to use too much water and to wipe the piece dry with a soft cloth.

Apply Paste Wax

A high grade paste wax is recommended to protect the finish. Apply a thin layer and wait for five minutes. After that, buff lightly with a cloth. Wait for 30 more minutes and buff again with a bit more “elbow grease.” You should see the shine come back to the piece then.

Keep Furniture Out of the Sun

The sun that blasts through your window can reach temperatures of 140 degrees. That much heat can literally cook a fine finish. This won’t happen in a day but constant exposure over months and years can cause the finish on that piece to fade. The heat can also dry out the wood causing it to crack. Not only should you keep your antique furniture away from direct sunlight but they should also be at least two feet away from any heat vent or radiator.

Remove Hardware

If you want to polish the metal fixtures like knobs on a drawer, then you should remove them first. Anything you would be using to get those pieces clean can damage the surrounding wood.

As you take care of your antique furniture, you’ll probably be adding pieces to your collection. To help make room in your home or in storage, you’ll want to hire Junk King Contra Costa. These are the professional junk haulers who can swiftly take away all the furniture that would never achieve antique status. One junk clearing session with Junk King Contra Costa is all it will take to open up room in your home for special antique furniture pieces.