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Donate Some of Your Old Furniture This Holiday Season in Contra Costa

Professional organizers have developed a great way to sort through your stuff. You should put everything into one of three piles: Trash, donate or keep. The keep pile would be everything you are currently using or plan to use in the near future. This can also be all your keepsakes, mementos and holiday decorations. Just because you’re getting organized doesn’t mean you should throw out everything! As for the trash or donate piles, those can actually be turned over to the same company: Junk King. One call gets it done!


Junk King is a national chain of professional junk haulers that have been going green since they started collecting junk over ten years ago. Junk King is all about diverting rubbish away from landfills. Even though you might have something that could be considered trash, it could be recycled. This holds true for things like concrete, lumber, shingles and even dirt.

As for the donations, Junk King is happy to make drop offs to all the area charities who take in things like old furniture, appliances and other household items. These are the groups that don’t want to see anything go to waste. One group might take in your sofa while another can find a place for your old clothes. Even though this sounds like extra work for the Junk King crews, they are happy to make this happen.

Junk King will dispatch a two-man crew for your junk removal task. This is the team who can easily load up your old furniture. They will also gladly go upstairs to bring down any item you want removed. They do all the work and that means literally all the work!

When the Junk King crew is done removing all your unwanted items from the inside of your home, you can direct them to the backyard. This is a great opportunity to finally get rid of things collecting rust out there!

The price for all this hard work is surprisingly affordable. Junk King uses a price scale that is based on volume as it applies to your stuff being packed on the truck. That is determined by the crew once they’ve had a chance to look over all the stuff you’re getting rid of. When you’re ready to get rid of old furniture and other junk, then Junk King is the only way to go.

Get On Santa’s Nice List With a Junk Free Home In Contra Costa, CA

It’s a safe bet that Santa gets help from the elves when it comes to his “naughty or nice” list. In fact, they’ve probably got it all loaded up on a database for easy updating. Just because you were once on the list doesn’t mean you drop off completely. That’s why moms and dads need to be aware of their naughty or nice actions. One way to put a smile on Santa’s face is to make sure you’ve got a junk free home. That makes coming down the chimney a lot smoother! If you want to achieve that goal before or after Christmas, then Junk King is the call to make.


One call to Junk King put the junk free plan into action. Most appointments are handled within 24 hours of first contact. Because there are Junk King crews always on patrol, you could even benefit from a same day pickup. That will really get the junk out fast!

Between that call and the arrival of the crew, you’ll need to decide exactly what you want taken away. Just because you told Junk King you’re getting rid of a few things doesn’t mean you can’t add to the list. That’s because the final price can only be locked down once the crew has had a chance to size up your junk for themselves. They’ll be looking to see how much space your stuff will use on the back of the truck. This is a fee that covers all the labor and transportation. It is also a price that is not going to change. Even if your stuff takes up more room, you’ll still only pay that original fee.

Include in Junk King’s prices are all the recycling drops offs they’ll make on your behalf. Junk King wants to keep as much stuff out of local landfills as possible. That is why they’ve set up partnerships with charities and recycling facilities. Junk King knows exactly what those places are looking for. If you got something that they can use, then Junk King will strive to get it there. That’s just how they do things. Your junk free home is just a phone call away. Make that call to Junk King today!