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This Father’s Day Get Dad Junk Removal Help

One of the great things that most dads have in common is that they hardly ever ask for help. Whether they’re fixing the car, patching a hole in the wall or plugging up a leak, dads like to get the job done. That is not to say they won’t take on the occasional “apprentice” but for the most part, dads work alone. That’s why this Father’s Day you can take the lead and give dad some help whether he asked for it or not. Bring in Junk King Contra Costa to help dad finally take care of all that junk removal around the house.


There might be several items around your home that you’ve asked dad to get rid of but it requires more than one man to get the job done. That is what Junk King provides in a the form of a two-man moving crew. But dad won’t be working alongside them as much as he will be supervising. All dad has to do is point to the things that need to be removed and the crew will pick them up right from the spot.

What about the bigger things that require some dismantling? The team from Junk King can handle that as well. They can take down a swing set, hot tub or backyard shed. They can also load up a pool table, piano or treadmill. Removing any one of those kinds of objects is going to clear a lot of space around the house and that’s a very good thing to have.

As the crew loads up the truck, they’ll be looking out for any item that might worked as a recyclable. That includes old clothing, books, toys and other household goods that can be dropped off at area charities. If Junk King can stay away from a landfill, then they’ll consider it mission accomplished.

You don’t have to schedule your session on Father’s Day. But any time you can get this junk hauled away, you’re going to free up a lot of time for dad. This Father’s Day, let Junk King Contra Costa help dad get rid of all the junk around the house. That will make him a very happy camper!

Dependable Junk Removal For Your Walnut Creek Home

If you have a trash compactor in your kitchen, then you know what an asset it is. It allows you to toss out more trash in a single bag. It’s also a lot of fun crushing things! Now that concept of trash compacting has hit the streets of Walnut Creek with the installation of Bigbelly trash bins. Bigbelly bins are solar-powered trash and recycling compactors that hold five times the capacity of regular-sized bins. So far, 35 of these unique trashcans have been placed around downtown Walnut Creek. With compacting like this, there are less pickups by municipal crews and that means lower fuel emissions.


“We are excited for Walnut Creek to join the ranks of cities in California, in the US, and across the world which are leveraging the Bigbelly system to solve the real problems associated with waste,” said Brian Phillips, CEO of Bigbelly to a local newspaper. “Walnut Creek is already showing their commitment to a smarter way of managing public space waste by replacing all traditional bins, deploying measurable recycling on sidewalks, and embracing the system on day one. We look forward to our continued partnership with the city to deliver a meaningful impact to the Walnut Creek community.”

It would be nice if you could compact all the rubbish in your home. But that’s not practical if you want to get rid of an old loveseat or futon. Instead, you can give that task to Junk King Contra Costa. They won’t be crushing your rubbish but they can certainly make it disappear from your home and that’s just as good.

Junk King Contra Costa will send over a pair of movers to facility the removal of all your unwanted items. You can depend on this crew to life and load just about object regardless of size or weight. They can handle a piano and pool table with the same ease as a box of old sweaters. Your only job in all of this is to show Junk King what you want take away. The rest you can leave up to them.

Make your Walnut Creek home a junk free zone with one session from Junk King Contra Costa.