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How To Make The Big Switch To A Toddler Bed

As a child grows, they tend to dictate all their milestones. You can’t get them to crawl as much as they will start doing that on their own. After that, they realize they can pull themselves up. It’s not long after that when they take their first steps. From that moment on, there is no turning back! When your child starts preschool and meets more kids their age, they will begin to make all kinds of new requests. One of those might be making the big switch to a toddler bed. That’s a good thing because if your toddler is asking for this, then they’re already invested in the process. Here’s how to help that along:


Pick the Right Bed

Some cribs folds open to become a small toddler bed but not every parent is thinking of toddler beds when they’re shopping for a crib. The right toddler bed will be slightly smaller than a single bed. It will also be lower to the ground. You have to expect there will be a lot of jumping on this new bed so you want to make sure it is sturdy. Having a box spring and mattress right on the floor isn’t a farfetched idea. If you do have a bed with a frame, then you might want to think about guardrails to keep from accidently rollouts.

Let Your Kid Select Bedding

If you put your toddler in charge of picking their own bed, then they might request a bunk bed in the shape of a fire truck or a hammock. Instead, put them in charge of picking their bedding. They are sure to find something they like based on their favorite TV show. Yes, every cartoon character has bedding!

Stick With the Schedule

You should already have a solid schedule worked out for bedtime. There are the occasional exceptions when you child simply refuses to go to sleep. For the most part, you want to keep with your current routine as you make the switch to the new bed. No reason to change the amount of book reading or storytelling.

To make room for the toddler bed, some of the old baby furniture needs to be cleared out. This is when you call in Junk King Contra Costa. Not only will the team from Junk King quickly remove those furniture pieces but they’ll also make sure they don’t go to waste. Junk King will happily drop those items off at a local charity so they can go to a family need. Making the switch to a toddler bed should begin with a call to Junk King Contra Costa. Make it a smooth transition.

Don’t Wait For Junk Removal

Any time you request as city service you’re going to enter into a waiting game. You definitely experience this anytime you have to deal with the DMV. What about garbage pick-up? Yes, you can count on your weekly delivery to happen on the same day provided there isn’t a holiday in the week. But when it comes to picking up those bulk items that won’t fit into your trash can you might find yourself waiting a very long time. If you don’t want to wait around to junk removal, then you need to hire Junk King Contra Costa.


Whatever bulk item service the city provides it is limited. You might be able to get rid of a single sofa in a year but the caveat is that you have to bring that sofa down to the curb on the morning of the pickup. What happens if you have more than a sofa to get rid of? Junk King Contra Cost won’t turn away junk. They will be showing up at your home in a truck big enough to hold whatever you’re throwing out. If you happen to have a huge clean up, then Junk King will happily send over more trucks. One recent job took three truckloads for the complete clean up. Not a problem for Junk King.

The added benefit of hiring Junk King is that you won’t be doing any work. No need to bring your items down to the curb with the experienced Junk King crew on hand. How heavy something is will never be an issue for them. The have the skills and the tools to move out anything you want from your home. That includes something you might have built in a room and can’t fit out the door. The crew will “cut it down” to size!

The cost for this service is very affordable. The labor, truck and transportation are all included in a single flat fee. That fee is based on how your stuff will be packed onto the truck. It’s about volume and not weight. When you need junk removal fast and affordable, you need Junk King Contra Costa on the job.

Where To Find Fast Shed Clutter Removal

What areas in your home have you designated as “storage zones?” Your closets and garage are the most obvious places but you might also have a spare bedroom and backyard shed that serves as storage. The big question for the New Year is how much more room do you need? It is one thing if you’re family is growing and you need extra bedrooms. But can you imagine moving to a new home simply because you need more room to store your stuff. A better approach would be to bring in Junk King Contra Costa for some serious rubbish removal.


Your shed clutter is a good place to start. How many items do you have out there that are broken and beyond repair? The only reason you’re holding onto those things probably has to do with the simple fact that they can’t be crammed into a trashcan. Without your own pickup truck to load them up, they’ll continue you take up valuable storage space in your shed. This is where Junk King is going to make a huge difference.

A junk removal session with Junk King involves a team of movers and a big truck. That’s really all you need to finally remove an old lawnmower or grill. That same crew can also load up things like old pool toys, gardening tools, planters and anything else in that shed you want to get rid of. The only restrictions are hazardous materials such as a propane tank or old paint. With those items, the Junk King crew will be able to tell you the best place for the drop off.

As for the rest of your unwanted rubbish, you can get the team from Junk King to load it all up on the same truck. It doesn’t matter if they’re taking away patio furniture from your deck or a futon from your living room. All that matters to Junk King is that you want it gone.

How fast you want it gone is up to you. If you know exactly what you want to remove, then call Junk King first thing in the morning. That might allow you to be next up for a same-day pickup. If that can’t happen, then you can expect Junk King to clear out your rubbish by the following day. Clearing out your shed and getting rid of your clutter is a perfect job for Junk King Contra Costa. Put them to work today.