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Monthly Archives:

College Student Cleanup Month in Pleasanton CA

If you have a kid starting a new semester away at college, then they’ll be going through a major period of adjustment. Not only will they have to contend with finding their way around campus and start tackling all their course work, but they also have to figure out how to live on their own. This is probably the first time they have to get all their meals and do all their laundry. No doubt, as parents you’ve taught them well. Of course, you’ll be going through your own period of adjustment. You might just have a lot more time on your hands. At first, it might be seem odd not to be constantly on the run. However, now that time can truly be your own to make with it whatever you want. That’s a good thing. A great way to kick off this new chapter in your life is to get your home decluttered. That can start with your college student cleanup of their room. To get that done, you might want to bring in the Junk King team.


A junk removal appointment with Junk King puts you in charge of your own private moving crew. This is the team who will do all the heavy lifting and stair climbing for you. Beyond your college student cleanup, you can tap that Junk King crew to take away any other bulky or heavy object in your home. Won’t it be nice to finally have all that old furniture and boxes of clothes taken away?

Don’t worry about your things going to waste. Junk King doesn’t like making a trip to a dump anymore than you would. Instead, they will drop off as many items as possible to the nearest charity. Many of these organizations have their own thrift shops that support their efforts. They also employ folks to help clean and fix items that are dropped off. Bottom line: This is a great way to get rid of your junk!

Along with clearing out the clutter from the inside of your home, Junk King will also be glad to help clean up your yards. If you’ve got piles of lumber or construction waste out there, then turn it over to Junk King. Hiring Junk King for your college student cleanup can result in a home that is 100% junk free!

How to Get Rid of Old Appliances in Pleasanton, CA

Sooner or later, there are many things in your home that could be targeted for disposal. Every day we each generate up to four pounds of garbage. Usually, that comes in form of food containers. However, if you were to go around your home, you could probably tag a lot of other items that might be too big for a garbage can. These are the things that you get stuck with because you don’t have extra hands to carry it out of your house or a truck to load it onto. Those two elements are readily available with a call to Junk King. This is the team who can safely remove old appliances, unwanted furniture and anything else you want to get rid of.


Junk King is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work for over ten years. The reason they become the leading junk hauler in ever town is because they know how valuable your time is. Junk King understands that once you’ve decided to get rid of something, you want it gone! That is why most of their pickups are handled within 24 hours of that first call.

When it comes to your old appliance removal, you might want to schedule that for the specific day when you new appliances are going to be dropped off. Junk King will make every effort to insure you can swap out the old for the new without missing a beat!

On that same appointment, you can take full advantage of the two-man Junk King crew assigned to your task. That means having them load up all the items you want gone. Whether they are in an upstairs bedroom or out in the garage, Junk King can make them disappear. They’ll even be happy to take away all your yard waste including stones, dirt, palm fronds and grass clippings.

Before the crew springs into action, they’ll present you with a final estimate of your cost. That will be based exclusively on how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. Junk King never charges by the pound. When you’re ready to get rid of old appliances and all the rest of your junk, give Junk King a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Give the Gift of Junk Removal In Contra Costa

There are some occasions when you have to make a last minute scramble to get a gift. Whether that’s for a birthday party or a Christmas gift you forgot to get, you end up compromising in the hunt for that perfect gift. Instead, you grab the first thing you can get your hands on and rush to the event. No doubt, that gift will still be appreciated even if you didn’t put a lot of thought into gift buying process. There is one great gift that can totally be a last minute idea. That would be the gift of junk removal from Junk King.


If you give a Junk King session as a gift, you can simply write the surprise down in a card. That’s because there is a little prep work involved with setting up this session. First, you’ll have to find out when the best time for the junk removal appointment might be. Junk King usually responds within 24 hours. That’s not necessarily getting a call back within 24 hours but having the actual job completed the next day! Of course, Junk King can also schedule out an appointment for the weekend. That will give the recipient plenty of time to decide what they want to get rid of.

Having Junk King haul away general clutter is easy. This would be things like boxes of clothes, shoes and household goods. However, since Junk King will send over two strong movers you don’t have to stop with just a few boxes. This is a golden opportunity to remove unwanted furniture, major kitchen appliances, sporting equipment and even bigger items. Junk King crews have been tapped to remove hot tubs, above ground pools, woodsheds, swing sets, patio furniture, lawn mowers and all kinds of construction waste. If your friend has any of that clutter around their home, then Junk King is just the ticket to get rid of it all.

You might even want to tap Junk King for your own junk removal session. They’ll help you reclaim all that valuable space in your home that is being used for storage. Is that what you really intended for the spare room? A junk removal session from Junk King makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

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