Make Your Home Safe For Seniors

There might come a time when you’ll be inviting your parents to live with you. That seems only fair since you spent most of your formative years living with them. Having your parents around will be great for the kids and it will also provide you with the opportunity to see that they’re taking care of themselves. As we get older, mobility issues could become a concern. That is why you want to make your home safe for seniors. Here’s how to get it done:


In the Bathroom

In the bathroom, you’ll want to add grip bars in the shower and by the toilet. You might find yourself using these bars to help with getting in and out of the tub. You also want to make sure that tub has rubber treads to prevent slipping. There should also be a non-slip mat on the floor. If there are any outlets by the sink, then make sure they’re up to code. You’ll want to put things like towels, soap and tissue within reach.

On the Stairs

Ideally, there shouldn’t ever be anything on stairs. That means no books, shoes or anything else. If there is carpeting on the stairs, then you need to make sure it hasn’t worn down. Any runners should be secure and the railings shouldn’t wobble. Just imagine putting your entire weight on those railings. That’s a good standard. It is important that those stairs are well lighted. If there isn’t an overhead light, at the bottom or top, then consider adding motion sensor lights.

In the Living Room

You could probably navigate through your living room with your eyes closed. However, your parents won’t be as familiar with the furniture placement. That is why you want to make sure there are clear pathways. Footstools and ottomans might prove to be a tripping hazard. The same can be said for any other clutter. It should all be removed.

Making room for your senior loved one might also require converting a room into a bedroom. To get that job done, you can find help standing by with Junk King Denver. This is a professional junk hauling service that will provide you with a pair of movers and a truck. Those are the essential tools you’ll need to get rid of old furniture and other household items that are taking up space. The less clutter you have in your house, the safer it will become. Let Junk King Denver help you senior proof your home.