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Denver Computer Monitor Recycling and Disposal

Looking to swap out your old TV or computer monitor for a high tech new flat screen display? Awesome. One hitch in the plan: You can’t throw out the old set with the garbage. Sure, the garbage pickup crews were able to haul it off before but starting this July that will be against the law and it won’t just be televisions that you can’t throw away. Any item that would be deemed electronic waste would officially be classified as “non perishable.”

That’s because of the Electronic Recycling Jobs Act. This is actually a good thing. When e-waste ends up in a landfill, it becomes a ticking time bomb of hazardous materials. That’s why the law was passed to prevent that from happening. Does this mean you can never throw away and old computer or monitor? Technically, yes but only in your garbage.

Nowadays the proper way to dispose of e-waste is to either drop it off at a designated recycling center or wait for your community to sponsor a drop off day. Dropping it off could work if you’ve got the time to load up your car and get to where it needs to go. That’s not always convenient. The more efficient option is to hire Junk King Denver and let them do all the lifting, loading and dumping for you – in an eco-friendly manner.

Junk King will  go anywhere in the Denver area to pick up your junk. That means they’ll be pulling into your driveway and doing the load in from there. You don’t have to move anything from your home. If you want to get rid of a piano, the Junk King crew will hand that. Just let them know in advance! Most folks around Denver who have hired Junk King have done so to clear out the clutter in their homes and yard. As is often the case, they start with the idea of wanting to get rid of an old computer and then end up finding all sorts of things that should be removed from their homes. Once you’ve designated something as junk why keep it around? Yes, there is always the chance you might use that thing one day but how long have you been saying that? Could you make better use of the space? Even if you’re just cleaning out cabinets in the kitchen it’s still better to get rid of anything that is broken, out of date or has outlived its usefulness.

No matter how big your pile might become, the Junk King crew will have room on their truck. They won’t be making two trips! Best of all, Junk King promises to make sure everything that can be recycled in your junk will be. Clear out your home and reduce your carbon footprint. What could be better than that?

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