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Get Your Junk Hauled Away Today

You have recently relocated your house but worried about the cleaning process. Well, your worries end here as junk removal services takes care everything for you now. Junk King offers you just the kind of services you are looking to get rid of the leftovers of the previous owners of your new house. Moving to a new house is no more a nightmare. You can leave all the worries to Junk king men and they will take care of all your trash removal trivial issues.

The staffs of Junk King provide eco-friendly disposal solutions and make sure necessary precaution is taken while removing the trash. They are well equipped and have adept knowledge of their work. All you need to do is giving a call to them and say take my junk in Palm Beach to free yourself from the horrors of old garbage littering your new home. Junk king has pocket-friendly prices to suit their customers as well as interesting budget package to retain their clients. So what are you waiting for? Try their services today!

Tackle That Garage

A great weekend project is a garage cleanout!  Memorial Day is quickly approaching and many people are getting ready to entertain family and friends.  With a little time and energy, you can turn that eyesore of a garage into a clean, organized space.   That could mean additional space for entertaining, a place to house your vehicles (again) or additional storage area that doesn’t have to be hidden from guests!


The Huffington Post ran a great article this week on tips to organize your garage (you can check out the article by clicking here).

In the meantime they suggest the following steps:

1.  Assess and analyze

2.  Clear it out

3.  Categorize into keep, donate, trash or recycle

4.  Take inventory and determine your layout

5. Label, sort and put away.

This is a great list to help you on your way.  At Junk King Palm Beach, we have done many garage cleanouts!  When you decide what is on you “go list,” give us a call.  You don’t even have to organize  everything in one area, just point us to what needs to be taken!  Now, start your list!




Palm Beach County’s Greenest Junk Removal Company


When Junk King started, the founders wanted to create a junk removal company that was dedicated to being green.  In 2005 they pioneered recycling-based junk removal and have been going greener ever since.

metalWhat does that mean exactly?  Well, unlike other companies we sort all of our junk in our warehouse (located on Aragon Avenue) before heading to the dump.  We separate anything we might be able to salvage. We pick out scrap metals and then make trips to our local scap yard.  Palm Beach Metal is a great local business that we have a working relationship with.

Additionally when we come across household items that are gently used and are worth saving, we try to find new owners.  We have formed a great connection with Palm Beach Harvest.  This worthy community-based, non-profit organization has been feeding the hungry in Palm Beach for over 16 years.  Often they help people get back on their feet after experiencing hardship.  We have been fortunate to pass along furniture and other household wares to this great group.


In honor of Earth Day, we would encourage all of you to make an effort to be a little greener.  Whether it is recycling or conserving water or carpooling…try to adopt one new green concept in your life.  We will do the same! Happy Earth Day!


Maybe Your Valentine Doesn’t Want Junk in His/Her Trunk, or Home, or Garage, or Yard…

We can help with that!

junk king truck

This Valentine’s Day consider giving the gift of Junk King!  What?!  Yes, you heard me right.  I know it’s a little outside the chocolate box but hear me out.  Valentine’s Day is a great time to honor the people you care about.  So many of us feel overwhelmed by junk cluttering up our living spaces.  The extra stuff or leftover materials affect our peace of mind.  Imagine if someone came in and took care of it for you.

At Junk King we pride ourselves on doing our jobs quickly, efficiently, professionally and cost effectively.  We have removed hot tubs, flooring, furniture, clutter, mattresses, old electronics, and construction materials just to name a few!  Often when we leave our clients are so happy!  They have regained their space and feel a sense of calm.

When gifting Junk King you not only gift peace of mind but you also may gift additional living space, a prettier view and time better spent  for the homeowner.

Just think of the possibilities without that extra junk in your trunk or home or garage or yard!  And, Happy Valentine’s Day to all our great customers.

Palm Beach Junk Pickup – Get to the Beach After the Clutter Is Gone

Palm Beach is one of those wonderful cities where it is hard to find a native-born resident. Most folks are here from someplace else. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, that is what gives Palm Beach its charm. Of course, being close to all those pristine beaches doesn’t hurt either. The hope is that everyone living in Palm Beach gets to spend time along the shore. That could mean a much-deserved day off from work or a sunset stroll with the dog. In either scenario, you still need some extra time. It’s hard to find that time when you’ve got a lot going on. This is why you need to call on help from Junk King. When it comes to getting rid of your household clutter, Junk King can get the job done and get you to the beach with plenty of time to spare.


When you set up your junk pickup appointment with Junk King, you’ll be asked to set aside two-hours. This doesn’t mean it will take the crew two hours to load up your stuff. Instead, they need that window to get from appointment to appointment. If you ever had to spend the entire day waiting for the cable or phone company then you know how frustrating giving up that time can be. We appreciate how valuable your time is and want to get in and out as quickly as possible.

As soon as the Junk King crew shows up, they’ll be ready for work. You’ll give them a quick tour showing them what you want removed. If it is the simple “grab and go” type of junk pickup, they’ll your stuff will be loaded in no time. If there are more labor intensive tasks like yard cleanup or dismantling objects, then the crew will provide you with an estimate. Remember these movers are extremely experienced. They know how to size up a job right away.

The last thing the Junk King crew will do is sweep up the areas they’ve just cleared. As they pull away, you can head to the beach. Of course, the Junk King crews will still be working to make sure your junk is disposed of in a responsible manner that is good for Palm Beach’s environment. When it comes to a junk pickup, Junk King won’t waste your time.

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