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Tackle That Garage

A great weekend project is a garage cleanout!  Memorial Day is quickly approaching and many people are getting ready to entertain family and friends.  With a little time and energy, you can turn that eyesore of a garage into a clean, organized space.   That could mean additional space for entertaining, a place to house your vehicles (again) or additional storage area that doesn’t have to be hidden from guests!


The Huffington Post ran a great article this week on tips to organize your garage (you can check out the article by clicking here).

In the meantime they suggest the following steps:

1.  Assess and analyze

2.  Clear it out

3.  Categorize into keep, donate, trash or recycle

4.  Take inventory and determine your layout

5. Label, sort and put away.

This is a great list to help you on your way.  At Junk King Palm Beach, we have done many garage cleanouts!  When you decide what is on you “go list,” give us a call.  You don’t even have to organize  everything in one area, just point us to what needs to be taken!  Now, start your list!




Palm Beach County’s Greenest Junk Removal Company


When Junk King started, the founders wanted to create a junk removal company that was dedicated to being green.  In 2005 they pioneered recycling-based junk removal and have been going greener ever since.

metalWhat does that mean exactly?  Well, unlike other companies we sort all of our junk in our warehouse (located on Aragon Avenue) before heading to the dump.  We separate anything we might be able to salvage. We pick out scrap metals and then make trips to our local scap yard.  Palm Beach Metal is a great local business that we have a working relationship with.

Additionally when we come across household items that are gently used and are worth saving, we try to find new owners.  We have formed a great connection with Palm Beach Harvest.  This worthy community-based, non-profit organization has been feeding the hungry in Palm Beach for over 16 years.  Often they help people get back on their feet after experiencing hardship.  We have been fortunate to pass along furniture and other household wares to this great group.


In honor of Earth Day, we would encourage all of you to make an effort to be a little greener.  Whether it is recycling or conserving water or carpooling…try to adopt one new green concept in your life.  We will do the same! Happy Earth Day!


Junk King of Palm Beach, The DIYer’s Best Friend

Are you a DIYer?  What’s a DIYer?  So glad you asked!

DIYers (pronounced: Dee-eye-why-ers) are do-it-yourselfers!  These crafty people take on home projects and renovations that might normally (ahem, don’t look at me) be reserved for a professional.  DIYers are taking America by storm.  Heck, there’s even an entire network on television dedicated to these resourceful folks.


At Junk King we have partnered with many great DIYers.  Before, during and after renovations, we have hauled flooring and other construction debris away so that the do-it-yourselfers can focus on their tasks at hand.  Many homeowners who take on construction projects lack the resources we have available to haul junk away.  Whether you’re adding hardwood floors, creating a new backyard oasis, taking out kitchen cabinets or performing a home flip, we can be there to help!  Rather than deal with an unsightly dumpster that can often be expensive, give us a call to remove the debris in a swift and cost effective manner!

So all you ambitious renovators, plan you next project and call Junk King!





Palm Beach Junk Removal Reviews

In journalism school, they teach you about writing reviews. One of the first rules is to find something negative even if your overall review is positive. That is supposed to show that you’re objective. Of course, that is a rule that applies to the professional reviewers. As for the general population, we can pretty much say whatever we want. Thanks to the Internet, we have a golden opportunity to share our opinions for every restaurant we eat at, TV show we watch and company we hire. That’s how it should be because knowing the public is ready to share its instant opinion keeps businesses on their toes. It also helps you make an informed decision about who to hire. If you were looking for a professional junk hauler and were basing your decision strictly on reviews, then its clear Junk King is the only company you should hire. Consider these recently posted comments:


August 23, 2014 — Rated 10 out of 10 by J.K.

“On time! Very friendly! Would use their service again! Thank you.”

August 19, 2014 — Rated 10 out of 10 by Michelle Kuhn

“Very professional and upfront about all charges. Nothing hidden. After dealing with movers and everything else that goes with moving, it was refreshing to deal with such an honest business. I wish I could have hired them to move my stuff.”

July 22, 2014 — Rated 10 out of 10 by Brad Kropp

“Prompt service and very reasonable compared to the competition. I would highly recommend Junk King!”

July 5, 2014 — Rated 10 out of 10 by Roger Orcutt

“Dave and his crew did a great job. I’m recommending them to a friend.”

This handful of rave reviews manage to hit all the highlights of hiring Junk King. The big issue is being prompt. You’re hiring Junk King to do the work for you but that doesn’t mean you should be kept waiting all day to get the job done. Junk King will schedule your junk removal session around your schedule. All we ask is a two-hour window. Often, we’ll be done long before that window can close!

Junk King is also an honest business. You’ll be given an estimate based on the volume of your stuff not its weight. This is a very price that is not going to suddenly change when the job is done. If you want junk removal done right for a fair price, then Junk King is the only way to go!