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Junk Contra Costa Climbs Up For Attic Junk Removal

There aren’t many homes in Southern California with basements. That is more of an east coast kind of design feature. Of course, if you can’t go down then why not go up? That is why you’ll find many homes with attic spaces. Some of these spaces are accessed by pull down stairs. Usually that means these areas are meant exclusively for storage. The low ceilings wouldn’t work for anything else. The homes with a walkup attic, are also used for storage. And like many basements back east, the attics are left unfinished. Whether you have a walk up or ladder access attic, the question becomes are you getting the most out of that space? The answer could depend on how much junk you have up there? Are you ready for some quality attic junk removal? Then gives the pros from Junk King a call.


The first thing you have to know about hiring a Junk King crew is that they don’t mind climbing stairs. Often it is easier to take something up to the attic than bring it down. That is why some much of the clutter up there has been long forgotten. You might need to make a trip up there to see just what you want to toss out. After that, Junk King will do all the climbing. You don’t have to feel guilty about making them make those trips. This is why you’re hiring them.

Your attic junk removal session doesn’t have to be the only reason for hiring Junk King. As long as you’ve got that crew and truck, why not fill it with stuff from every floor in your home! It doesn’t matter if you want to get rid of an old desktop computer or a bedroom headboard. Junk King will make sure that stuffs safely leaves your home.

As they load up all your stuff, the crews will be on the lookout for any item that might be repurposed or recycled. This is how they get rid of the stuff they collect. Junk King would rather go out of their way to make a drop off to a church thrift story or recycling facility as opposed to making a “deposit” into a landfill. Dumping in a landfill is not going to do anybody any good. That is just how Junk King operates. When you need complete attic junk removal and home decluttering, Junk King is the team to hire.